It was a beautiful sunny morning. The expensive car drove down the streets near all the big and fancy mansions. It turned into a gated driveway, When they pulled up in front, the man who stepped out of the car was no other than Mike Teavee and his beautiful wife, Veruca .

"Well here we are, home sweet home, right?" Asked Mike kindly to his wife

"You say that again ,Mike,here we are indeed.",said. Veruca sweetly.

The two of them turned around who is in the backseat of their car, it was a beautiful baby girl strapped in the baby car seat. They named her, Emma. Emma was looking up at them giggling and smiling. Emma observed as Veruca started waving at her daughter with a bright smile on her face and Mike puts a arm around both of them.

Shes going to grow up to be wonderful.",observed Mike.

"So ready to take her home?" Asked Mike

"Yeah..." Before Veruca could open the backseat of the car door Veruca took one look at the mansion with a glum look on her face

"What's wrong Veruca?",asked Mike.

"Oh it's just done, you think to live in a mansion, having a lot of money and being famous is a little too much for Emma?",asked Veruca.

"What are you talking about Veruca ? I mean you grew up living in a mansion and you were fine with it right?" Asked Mike

Veruca grew silent when Mike brought the idea that a mansion is like a dream home for every child to live in. In reality, the mansion she lived in was a "bad" environment for her to grow up in.

her father would have her everything. She wanted maybe a little too much of everything...

"Yeah but somehow I feel like the worst mother in the world...",whispered Veruca.

"What Veruca ? Your're not the worst mother.. I know your father didn't treat you right. I mean we promised ourselves while you were recovering were not going to treat Emma the way we were treated as children we're going to give her the life that we should've to have we'll teach her kindness, generosity and even learn how to independent.",said Mike.

"Right.",said Veruca now remembering those moments in the hospital.

"Now who are her amazing parents?",asked Mike.

"We are..."smiled Veruca

"I can't hear you.",said Mike.

"We are!" ,cheered Veruxa even louder

"Don't you forget it.",said Mike closed the door to the car that's when he realized he made a mistake...

"Did we just locked our baby in the car?",asked Mike

"Did you put the keys in the back?"asked Veruca

"I put the keys in the back.",said Mike

"Oh Mike I told you not to put the keys in the back!"yelled Veruca

"Don't freak out.",Mike Eek Mike

"Emma it's okay!",shouted Ver

Mike starting singing the alphabet song to think it would calm her down while Veruca tries to see if she could find another way in "

You have all three-door locked!?", shouted Veruca

Veruca angrily things gotten so bad when Veruca tries to see if she could break the window by using a trash can she found as a battering ram while Mike did the responsible thing to call 911 for help all that 911 suggested they should check to see if the door was opened so Mike told Veruca they should check the door after a few minutes I try to see if it would open the door swung open as Veruca leans in to carry Emma in her arms Veruca and Mike looked info each other's stares and started laughing

"I guess this was our first mistake as parents." Laughed Veruca as both of them started walking into the mansion where they are going to make happy memories as a family.