As the day progressed, Veruca stayed in the house with baby Emma taking care of her. She fed her,changed her diaper and putting her to sleep whenever she felt tired. Doing all the basic care that helps new mom's get used to their lives, Veruca,also, had to fit in some work stuff. So she was checking all the emails she has been getting from celebrities who had heard that she had given birth to her daughter,

"Okay..Hmm..thanks, Mindy,Angelina,Demi for the love and support. Suddenly, what the heck,Kim how did you get my email!?",shouted Veruca.

She still hated it whenever Kim tried to bother her. They just don't get along.

They weren't even friends anyway...this time, of course, Kim wants a picture of the beautiful baby, Emma ,who is now sleeping in her crib. There was NO way she was doing that. Veruca was the one this time, tricked her and then, was blocking her...

"Ha...wonder how long it will take her to realize that I blocked her.",thought Veruca to herself.

She smirked a little while putting her phone aside. As soon as she heard Emma waking up from her nap, there was a fair amount of giggling and laughing coming from the baby monitor. The baby was gurgling and waited to be picked up.

Veruca, who planned to wait until her daughter is old enough, then, maybe she would post pictures about her daughter online, had no interest in answering personal requests for pictures.

So, while carrying Emma around the house, Veruca was getting ready to feed her, when she heard a knock on the door. Veruca went down the steps to answer the person at the door it turned out to be a...middle age married couple

"Who are you guys?",asked Veruca.

"Oh my name is Lauren and this is my husband Jimmy were here for "our" daughter.",said Lauren.

"What do you mean "our" daughter?",asked Veruca confused.

Veruca reached for the "panic" button that she is supposed to press in an emergency. Who were these people?

"Oh we were sent by your father. He said you were planning to put your baby up for adoption.",said Lauren

Veruca's eyes were widened up,

"Oh no, where did you hear that I think I need to get going..." ,said Veruca an nervously as she tries to shut the door

"But wait is that her in her arms...",before there was any discussion.

Veruca screamed, "I SAID I NEED TO GET GOING!"

Her hand slammed the door on them after a while on waiting for the couple to leave the housekeeper,

"Whats wrong ?" She asked

"Uh I need to go speak to my father now I'll be right back can you watch Emma for me while I'm out?" asked Veruca kindly as she hands over Emma to Nancy as Nancy responds with a nod while as Veruca grabbed the keys