Veruca stopped the car in front of her childhood home. As soon as she had stopped the car, she had immediately gotten out of the car to walk herself up towards the door that would lead her into the Salt Mansion.

By the time that she had walked up and stood facing towards the door, she had lift her hand up as she always did and made it to a fist. This helped her to keep alert to any problems once she was in.

After a long period of her knocking, the old butler she had grown up with had answered the door.

"Ah Veruca...",said William, the butler.

"Teavee, it is Veruca Teavee now.",said Veruca.

Since William hasn't been at the wedding he didn't even know Veruca changed her last name to match with Mike's last name.

"Teavee...what can I do for you?",asked William

"I would like to see my father please.", asked Veruca.

"Are you sure? Veruca,he is in the middle of something.",said William

"William, I'm his daughter, I just need to talk to him."said Veruca.

William was silent for a few moments before leaving the door wide open a little bit more to let Veruca in...things are not going to end well.