Hello everyone, it's Abyss here with some news for you. First off, I hope everyone enjoyed the re-uploaded chapter for my NaWen story "When Fire and Sky Come Together" cause I am a little nervous about it since its one of my first stories, so please leave me a review of how you feel about it and if I made any grammar mistakes. Secondly, the poll results ,as you can see it is closed/deleted and the results have been made. If you didn't get to see I'll put them here in this note.

Poll Results: 14 voters

1st-Loropecha- 10 votes

2nd-Mereoleona and Sol- 9 votes

4th-Kahono,Marielle,Fana(elf)- 8 votes

7th-Grey- 4 votes

8th-Dorthy- 3 votes

9th-Nebra- 2 votes

So, I have to take out Grey,Dorthy and Nebra and don't worry they will get there own pairing. Now, sadly I will have to take out Loropecha-chan and here's why. Originally, she was just a filler for the poll cause there were not many woman the I could think of to put in the poll. I've got nothing against her ,she is adorable, I was having a hard time trying to make a relationship between her and Asta work but, it couldn't be done since they're in different kingdoms with her being the Queen of the Heart Kingdom and I wasn't sure how the war was gonna go. Lucky for me, the manga chapter for last week gave me a way out. Not gonna say what it was for those who are not caught up with the manga ,so go check it out.

So, here is the harem for Asta.


Noelle Silva

Mimosa Vermillion

Nero/Secre Swallowtail

Mereoleona Vermillion

Sol Marron


Elf Fana


I hope for no haters about this harem cause it is gonna be a B!tch of a job to write as it is. Third, if any of you were wondering how my job hunt was going ,well, wonder no more. I am now a full-time associate at the Wal*Mart near my house.

Okay, that's it for now hope you guys have a good day and stay safe.