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Never written a Twilight story before so this is my first time as I usually write Harry Potter. My other story's are not neglected just needing some kind of inspiration.

Will contain lesbian romance and OOC Characters. Don't like don't read. Not beta'd, so may contain mistakes.

One moment the room was filled with overwhelming happiness as the Cullen's presented Bella with her birthday presents and the next the world tilted as a firm body barreled her out the way of danger just to end up crashing through the glass doors leading out to the back yard. The smell of blood drifting from her shallow cuts enticed five of the vampires in the living room to a frenzy. Their inhuman growls of hunger and their eyes slowly replacing the golden color that she had come to love into a never ending sea of black if not for their coven leader and father figure Carlisle crouched in front of her for protection they would be on her.

"Get up. We have to leave." Edward grunted, yanking Bella by the wrist. The sudden whiplash of wind battered her bruised form as he sped them out to his car. Once he was seated the car roared down the long driveway.

Bella watched the rain slash at the window, the pitter patter of drops echoing around her silent room. She rested her head pressed against the cold glass, the cold seeped down in her exhausted body but she didn't care, it kept the numbness that had taken over her to leave even just for a brief moment.

One month since her world was taken away, since the family she had come to love left her alone. Alone without a goodbye, without a reason to their sudden change of heart. The day their left was the day she stopped existing, the pain of their betrayal buried so far down that she had no hope of it ever going away.

A sharp knock came from her bedroom door. "Bella, I know you don't want to talk right now," her father Charlie sounded defeated as he spoke through the wood separating them. "Billy and I are heading out now.. but I don't want to leave you alone not when you're like this."

Bella sighed, rubbing the back of her neck. Her father had planned a fishing trip with his old friend Billy Black, it would take them away for a week. They had the trip planned for a while, before the sudden departure of the Cullens. Charlie had watched his daughter suffer from afar unable to found a way to help her, to ease her grief. She couldn't ruin his well earned break with the dark cloud hanging over her head.

"I'll be fine dad. Just go, Billy will be waiting for you." She could hear him shuffling outside her door, trying to decide what to do. Bella didn't want her father around, not now. "Just leave."

Darkness had settled upon Forks sleepy town. The rain still coming down hard and she barely left her perch on the window seat even when the Billy Black's truck pulled away with Charlie.

The rain was picking up and an incoming storm was on its way and in that moment Bella knew what she had to do.

She watched his back as she followed him deeper into the woods that backed on to her house. Even in the darkness she trusted Edward would keep her safe.

"Why here Edward?" Bella asked through chattering teeth. The chill of the night air was dropping.

Bella bitterly laughed, gripping the steering wheel with both hands in a deadly grip.

His golden eyes fixated on the night sky, barely sparing her a glance. "We're leaving. My family and I need to leave town."

"And me?" She swallowed down the lump that formed from his stone cold expression.

"What about you?" Edward held up his hand, stopping her from responding. "Did you really think I would keep you a human around my family? After everything that happened at that party you expect me to what exactly?"

Tears slipped forbidden down her pale cheeks, the cruel words that the boy that stole her heart spat at her, the same boy that ripped it from her chest and crushed it beneath his boots, swirled around her muddled mind.

"Pathetic. You really believe my family loves you Bella. You were but a toy to us, a fragile human girl that intruded into our lives. We should of gotten rid of you ages ago, when you first found out about us."

"That's not true" she whimpered. "Alice and Esme.."

He laughed, he turned to face her and laughed. "They have no interest in seeing you Bella. What don't you understand about any of this? We don't want you. We don't love you. You are a pathetic little girl that was obsessed with trying to fit in with my family." He knelt down in front of her, his long fingers gripping her chin, forcing her to meet his dark and stormy gaze "I never loved you. I only wanted your blood." His leant in and sniffed her hair "even your scent no longer appeals to me."

He shoved her hard away from him. The force flinging her into the tee behind her, her back colliding with the rough bark, her head spinning from the collision.

"Edward.. please don't leave me."

"Pleaseā€¦.. I.. I love you."

The truck slipped on the narrow wet road, barely swerving out the way from an incoming car speeding the other way.

"Begging won't help Bella. Live your life and stay away from me. Forget we ever existed."

Stumbling out the cabin of the truck, catching her foot on the roots of a overturned tree slamming painfully on to the muddy ground. "Fu.." she whimpered clutching her right arm against her chest as she wobbled to her feet.

Looking up through the rain was the large town house that Esme Cullen designed looming over her. Taunting her with their absence, mocking her at her complete stupidity.