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"I have a secret that I think you should know." Isabella fidgeted in her seat, squirming under the intense looks received from the Cullens. Tanya kept a close watch over the group, her fingers intertwined with her mates coaxing the young human to relax.

Emmett smiled, eyeing Edward with mischief sparkling in his doe like eyes. Rosalie seemed to take notice of her mate and laid a firm hand on his bicep, keeping the childlike man in his seat.

"I have an older sister who was adopted when she was a baby. Charlie never knew though as mom kept it a secret until I came across an adoption certificate. I showed mom what I found and she told !e that Hermione wasn't Charlie's which is why she send her child to live in England with two of her closest friends."

"Are you in contact with her?"

Isabella nodded, "She's furious with the treatment I received from Edward and your family but she couldn't come here as she was on the run with her two friends."

Esme winced shifting her focus on the young human that she had come to love. "On the run?"

"A war where she lived broke out and people like Hermione were treated harshly. She and her two friends were searching for a way to end the so called Dark Lord that was trying to take over the world. I haven't heard from her in a while and I'm afraid."

Tanya brought Isabella into her embrace, the need to protect her mate from fear was overclouding her rational mind.

"You're talking about the wizarding world?" Carlisle confirmed his theory, continuing after the slight nod from Bella. "Your sister is a witch and seeing as both your parents do not she is what magical folk call Muggleborn. I knew a great wizard who was murdered two years ago due to that war. He was on the forefront of both wars with the same tyrant. I even went to his funeral, thankfully being supernatural I was able to attend. The world will be a bleaker place without Albus's flamboyant personality."

Isabella tried to smile but failed at the daunting thought of her sister not returning home to her. She needed Hermione more so than ever, she needed the comfort her sister brought and her calm rational mind.

"Magic is real?" Emmett was particularly jumping in his seat at the thought though disbelief was etched clearly upon his handsome face.

"You're a vampire Emmett and you think magic is unbelievable." That brought a laugh out of Isabella. "But yes magic is very real, Hermione showed me a few spells and I helped her with a simple potion for pain relief."

Tanya nodded to Irina and Kate. Both her sisters understanding her meaning, took off from the large group leaving the rest looking confused. "Don't worry about them. What's your sister's full name?"

"Hermione Jean Granger. Her middle name is after our Grandmother. Mom named Hermione before she was adopted. Why?"

Tanya smiled indulgently at her mate. "I know a few magical folk from Britain. My sisters will meet them, Kate and Irina will find out anything and everything on your sister. Why don't you go and get some rest, you still need it."

As night fell both Delaney sisters returned with bright smiles on their pale faces. They found the rest of their Coven and the Cullens minus Isabella drinking in the kitchen. Both helping themselves to a glass of wine from Carmen.

"One file on Miss Hermione Granger. I tell you now it wasn't easy to get hold of, those fools are tight fuckers and took far to much pleasure making us wait." Irina exclaimed, slumping down on the beach next to her very amused sister.

The file was thicker than Tanya expected. The paper used was something she was very familiar with, parchment from back when she was a young girl.

Hermione Jean Granger

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Age: 19 (18 but age increase due to use of time turned in her third year)

House: Gryffindor

Known associates: Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley. Order of the Phoenix (Well known Terrorist Group led by one Albus Dumbledore (deceased) former Head of Hogwarts). The Weasley family.

Undesirable No° 2, likely armed and dangerous. Do not approach alone. Patronus Ministry immediately. Likely in the company of Undesirable No° 1 and 3.

"This is beyond ridiculous. What on earth does any of this have to do with a teenage school student?" Kate groaned, frowning at the transcript.

Carlisle leant over Tanya's shoulder to read the file. "The opposing side must of managed to gain complete control of their government. As the Albus Dumbledore I knew wasn't a Terrorist nor is the order that he formed back then. Miss Granger was close friends with Harry Potter, the lad was an orphan and the symbol of the light. She was targeted due to her association of the boy."

"What is the order of the phoenix?"

"An order created to taking down the self claimed dark lord and his armies. I was part of the order back then."

Last known sighting of Miss Granger was during the Final Battle, unable to locate her body if there is one. Her wand was found in a search of Malfoy Manor and the wand she won from a duel with the late Bellatrix Lestrange, well known Death eater and Voldemort supporter was located on the battlefield of Hogwarts.

Further investigation into the whereabouts of Miss Granger has turned up her adoption. Formerly known as Hermione Jean Swan though her father is unknown. Her adopted parents are unaware of having a child since being oblivated by Hermione Granger herself. This will be brought up if she is found alive. May be taken to trial for using magic against muggles.

Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley both deny knowing where their friend is. It's possible that they are truly unaware but close watch has been permitted at this time due to increase concerns of Hermione Granger's wellbeing. The torture she received by late Bellatrix Lestrange may have left her mentally disturbed and in need of treatment. Will be recommended if she is alive.

Will suggest sending Aurors out to Phoenix Washington to talk to her younger sister Isabella Swan and her father Charlie Swan. Though not of blood relation Mr Swan has taken Miss Granger in during the summer months since she was a child and may be of use.

"So who's telling Bella?"