Jake lied battered, beaten and bloody on the cool wet grass. His lungs were sore, he couldn't breathe, his muscles, torn and ripped The American Dragon Jake Long was at the mercy of the Dark Dragon.

"so American Dragon we have reached our inevitable ending you should have accepted my offer boy, perhaps your sister will be smarter"

The Dark Dragon snaked his tail around Jakes neck and lifted him into the air savouring the sight of the broken boy in his grasp before flinging him into the far reaches of centeral park pond. Jake crashed into the water vanishing from sight.

As the light of the sun was engulfed by the darkness of the water Jake could only sink and reflect about the events that brought his greatest nemesis back to this dimension and how he failed to stop him.

Hong Kong, the day after the 1000 year celebration.

Jake and rose sat on her buildings roof balcony watching the ships in the harbour. Enjoying their much missed time together.

"i still can`t believe you went through that for me Jake, even knowing if you did reset everything i wouldn`t remember you, you still wished i was never taken by the Huntsclan" Rose said with grateful smirk.

"well, i did promise i to help you find your family after we destroyed the skulls. However you turning around and destroying the Huntsclan was a bit of a curve ball" Jake replied "but i couldn`t lose you i thought at the very least if i could still see you maybe you could fall in love with me again...wasn`t expecting you to move across the planet though" he added with a chuckle.

Rose rested her head on Jakes shoulder and linked her arms around him. As always Jake was unusually warm, which after learning his secret she chalked up to Jakes inner fire.

"what happens now Jake? You go back to the states and i stay here, that doesn't seem fair"

Jake didn't look at her just stayed focused on the horizon this was a question he wasn't ready to deal with, he was losing her, again. With a heavy sigh Jake forced himself to look at her "i honestly don't know Rose i want nothing more than to be with you again but...(huh) i want nothing more than to stay Rose and i know it's not a possibility with us and honestly it is killing me having to accept it"

Tears formed in his eyes, Rose only just remembered their past. jake had to endure through it. "well make it work. No matter what" he told her. "c'mon your parents will be getting worried that we're out past curfew" with that Jake swooped Rose up in his arms and glided down to the alley behind the building and changed back into his human form. He walked Rose back to her apartment, hand in hand until they reached her door..

"I'm not going to get arrested again am I?" Jake sheepishly joked "because i kind of broke the police van yesterday and i can't afford to replace it..." Rose quickly placed a kiss on Jakes lips putting his nerves at ease.

"no jake you won't be next time you're in cuffs i'll be the one to put them on you" Rose smiled. She was going to miss Jake in the worst way. "Jake, i..." she was stuck. Yes she and Jake a history but at the same time they didn't so the words she wanted to express didn't quite seem right.

Jake smiled at her as he cupped her cheek "I know."

"you did not just Han Solo me!?"

"oh, i so did. And kudos to you for the star Wars reference"

Once more they were laughing together, one last time as Rose stepped into her appartment "good-bye dragon boy" as the door closed.

Jake returned to his hotel where everyone was packing or finishing packing. His grandpa was sitting with Fu sipping on tea while Hailey sat with their parents playing go fish. Spud and trixie were watching tv no one paid any mind to Jake as he crept to his room.

"hey Jakester, how'd your date go?" asked his dad.

"Johnathan, it wasn't a date. Jake was saying good bye" susan quickly interupted. "Jake there's some dinner for you in the fridge when you're hungry"

Jake was already gone though. He managed to sneak away he just wanted to be alone for a few minutes. Hopping Rose found the gift he slipped into her pocket before sliding his own charm braclet onto his wrist "we'll make it work" he said with a grin.

(8 Days later)

The Longs returned home to New york City where almost instantly Lao Shi insisted on upping Jakes training.

Jake soared high into the clouds trying out race his grandfather only for his grandfather to circle around him and steal the wind from under his wings causing Jake to freefall and crash to the ground in centeral park.

"Something is distracting you young dragon. Never lose your focus young one the Dark Dragon is gone but Chang is still skulking about and she will never stop until she's brought him back so you must be at your best"

Grunting and groaning Jake pushed himself up. Even after a victory his grandfather was still hard him "i get it G i do but seriously this is whack the Dark Dragon is gone and so is the Huntsclan Chang will hide away forever so are we out here?"

"you don't yet get it young Dragon and it will come to haunt you, but for tonight we are finished go home and rest young one"

"see ya tomorrow Gramps" Jake replied before flying off. With only a few weeks of summer holidays left Jake was eager to spend some time with Rose even if just a few minutes.

The dream nexus, the only known way for long distance couples to see each other. Was now a place where Jake and Rose could meet anywhere in the world. Tonight in particular was a familiar setting, Jake's private homecoming setup. Rose was wearing her purple ball dress while Jake had redawned his suit with a purple tie.

He saw Rose as the door opened. She was a mix of nervous and excited, "hey" Jake happily greeted.

"hey yourself" she smiled back "Jake this is..."

"Our homecoming, i thought maybe we could have the night we never got"

He offered up his hand asking for a dance which Rose happily accepted before letting Jake pull her in close. They danced, silently but happy. Getting a chance to experience the night they were robbed of last year. "i don't think i could top this one, thank you Jake" Rose whispered in his ear.

Jake smiled and nuzzled against her head "It's not a contest Rose and you don't have to thank me truth be told i was being kind of selfish when i thought of this. Just reliving a happy memory"

"cheesy line Jake but still sweet" Rose chuckled "soo, will i be seeing you in home room when we move back?" she asked, knowing jake wasn't prepared for her question.

Jake's eyes sprang open in shock. His whole world stood still as Rose's words sunk in "you're moving back to New York? Rose that's incredible! But how? Why? Mostly how?" the excitment over took quickly and Jake found himself speaking without thinking.

"haha. I'll take that to mean you're happy?" she giggled "but yes Jake my families moving back, shortly after you left my dads boss came and offered him a vice role at the New York building we'll be together again and get a normal love life you can meet my family, properly this time no police, and i can meet yours and better yet we can have real dates not secret dream getaways" Rose finished.

"this is honestly the best news ever lovers by day magical creature protects by night"

"slow you role dragon, I'm not back yet so lets just enjoy our dream date"

The music played on the background as the two teens continued their dance. Rose stepped a little closer to Jake as the song grew softer she was happy for the first time in forever it felt like but the music was quickly cut out by her alarm clock ending their dream connection.