Rose awoke from her sleep a little on the irritated side. She didn't get alot time with Jake and what time she could get was always cut short "stupid time difference" she moaned.

Despite her internal protest rose got up quickly gathering her clothes and racing to the bathroom before her twin sister beat there. With her swift and silent acrobatics having come back to her Rose leaped from her door onto the couch into a corkscrew jump to the bathroom door without a single sound "still got it" she smirked to herself as she closed the door behind her and started the shower. The hot water jets steamed and melted her bad attitude away and let her imagination wander as she applied the shampoo, her return to New York being at the fore front. Seeing some old faces, the best pizza she's ever had, Coney island amusement park and jake, having a real relationship without fear of being caught and Jake being slain for it.

The bathroom door suddenly swung open and her sister came barging in. "Rose seriously what are you doing in there you've been in there for 20 minutes! Quit fantasizing about that guy and hurry up" she snapped.

"Violet! Have you ever heard of knocking?!" Rose exclaimed as the water quickly shut off and she wrapped herself in a towel.

"20 minutes Rose, seriously a guy you just met and you spend 20 minutes.."

"i wasn't... It isn't what you're thinking it was and for the record I was dating Jake back before we moved so he's not some random guy" Rose replied with a slight bite in her tone.

"ok, whatever you say grouch by the way Dads boss is hosting a farewell party tonight they"re giving dad a send off and he wants us there. So don't get distracted with your amorous fantasies ok"

Rose's eyes narrowed in annoyance at Violet as they passed by each-other "hey now don't get mad wait until you bring him home, then the real teasing begins" Violet smirked.

"oh so you want a war then? Well little sister bring it on, have fun watching tv with your friends wondering whether or not Jake and i fooled around on the couch or your bed" Rose sinfully replied with a more smug smirk on her face.

Violet stopped for a moment with her mouth agape looking at her sister, stunned. "the fact that you said that Rose, and in front of mom no less"

Rose wheeled around to come face to face with her mother and she felt heart stop "awe man" she groaned.

Violet quickly stripped down and jumped in the shower "point for me Rose"

Rose's mom waved her out into living room and stood cross armed as Rose sat on the couch. This was going to be awkward. "mom listen, that was just messing with Violet i swear.."

"Rose. Whether or not that was just you girls having one of your games isn't what concerns me you're planning on sleeping with this boy, who you just met! Rose sex isn't a game or a toy.."

"LALALALALA! Not hearing this! Mom i promise that's not the case with me and Jake that crack was just to get under Violet"s skin, i swear"

Her mom let out a slow exhale but continued to stare into Rose's soul "you'll be 16 soon Rose i can't dictate your life choices but please remember actions have consequences ok"

"fair enough mom, i promise when the time comes we'll be safe"

"time comes? Rose your father will have the boy locked up after our last introduction"

"i explained the mix up and Jake got past it"

"that only proves he's crazy dear, if only about you" her mother laughed "but i'll give him the second chance no sex though Rose now go get dressed"

Jake crawled out of bed to the sound of his phone blaring "I"m coming, hello" he grunted still slightly in a daze.

"Kid have you got 5 minutes? I need some help here"

"Fu? It's 4 in the morning what the hell dog?"

"kid help i was at a card game and some of the guys are sore losers, they're gonna make kibble outta me! I'm at the troll bridge on long island"

"damn it Fu" Jake sighed "on my way"

With that Jake slipped out his window and jumped into the air "Dragon up!"

"i'm going to kill him for this one 4 in the morning and he calls because he's cheating at cards again"

Jake flew as fast as he could finally reaching Long Island and the troll bridge pub where he found Fu on the roof with an arm load of gold and a horde of hob goblins surrounding him. He dove down landing between Fu and the goblins "hold up guys lets try and sort this out pea..."

"DRAGON! CLUB THE DRAGON" one of the goblins shouted.

"awe man"

Jake blew a burst of fire to seperate the goblins the quckly swung his tail around sweeping the first 4 off of their feet then turned grab a club that was meant for his head and tossed the goblin over the edge. More kept coming no matter how many Jake threw, smacked or flattened so he finally decided to end the altercation with a massive fireball that exploded sending all the goblins scattering off the roof top.

"nicely done kid they thought they were so tough YOU HEAR THAT YOU UGLY GNOME KNOCK OFFS NEXT TIME YOU WON'T BE SO LUCKY!" Fu shouted down. Only to have Jake grab him and take off into the dark sky.

"4 in the morning Fu i have school tomorrow and you drag me across the city because you cheated some hobgoblins. If mom gets a call tomorrow because i past out on my first day she will end us both!"

"what can say i was on roll what with the aces and the kings hagoo-goo ah what can you do about it i'm a dog"

With a roll of his eyes Jake tossed Fu through his bedroom window causing the gold to scatter across the floor with a loud clatter. Jake froze on the spot hoping his parents didn't hear the noise, his breath trapped in his throat Jake stayed in his spot waiting for the shouting and following grounding. Luckily it never came and he let out a sigh of relief "oh thank god"

"Jake! It's 530 in the morning, magical emergency or not you get to sleep or you"re grounded mister" Johnathan shouted across the hall.

"awwe man"

"Fu i'm taking some those coins" he yawned as he scooped a handful of gold and slipped it into his pocket before crawling into his bed knowing he was getting up all too soon.

Across the world in remote cave along the shoreline Chang and Bannas B were mixing powders and potions while a small black tail tip wiggled and squirmed inside a glass jar.

"So why are you cloning the tail and bringing the Dark Boss man back Changy-Chang makes no sense to me?" Bannas shrugged.

"as i've told you monkey i'm not cloning the Dark Dragon i'm extracting his dark essence from the tail so when he does return we can use it to corrupt the American Dragon, against my better judgement I'd rather kill the insufferable brat! But the master wants him on our side, regrettably the boy is powerful now silince and find me a Krylok demon"

"I'm on it"