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Alice heaves over her toilet in Hatter Mansion, feeling sick out of her mind while she clutches at the porcelain seat with both hands, her long hair held back by the ribbon that usually sat atop her head instead. It had been a while since she had felt this sick but lately the symptoms never seemed to stop. Her head hurt, she was vomiting all the time, everything smelt and tasted different, and last but not least, her nipples were on fire. It was, not to put it lightly, a literal hell. Everyone had assumed the flu but she herself wasn't completely certain. The flu didn't last almost a whole month.

She wipes her mouth with the back of her wrist after she finishes, lips pursed in thought. A thought she had been mulling over for the past week or so. She stands up on shaky legs, going to the sink and splashing her face with a little cold water. She sighs, drying her hands then getting changed out of her nightgown into her black assembly gown, slipping on her knee high black socks and then buckling on her shoes. She grabs her favorite wicker shopping basket on the way out, going to go shopping. She had been stuck in this room for far too long and she was going stir crazy from it.

"Onee-San!" The twins yell as they see her, rushing over with their large axes in hand and scooting to a stop in front of her, hugging her gently instead of their usual tightness, not wanting to get puked on. Again.

"You shouldn't be up, Onee-San!" Dee exclaims and Dum nods his agreement, both of them turning her around and attempting to drag her from the gates back into the mansion.

"Hold on a minute! I was just going to go shopping! I need to get out of this house before I go completely insane!" She protests and wiggles out of their grasp, going to walk back to the gates stubbornly. "Besides, I feel much better than before! I'm not so dizzy and i haven't been puking as much!"

"Than at least take us with you!" Dum says, both boys quick to run after her and quickly catching up, walking on either of her sides, pinching her im between them and making her blush slightly. It was always weird to have people so close, even if it had been going on for quite a while now.

"No!" She protests and gives them each a scolding look, trying not to break under their adorable puppy dog pouts. Her hand twitches, wanting to just pinch their cheeks and engulf them in a great big hug. They were too cute for anyone's good but their own. Yet, she persists with her original statement through sheer willpower. "You're still on gate duty, aren't you? Elliot will be mad if you slack off and Blood will dock your pay again!" She threatens and they finally show some hesitation, not wanting to lose any money right now. They were saving up for a really cool grenade launcher!

"Okay." They both mumble, biting their lips worriedly. "But if Onee-San doesn't come home in two time periods then we'll come looking for you! No matter what Chickie-Rabbit or Boss say!" Dum says confidently and Dee nods in agreement, the same sparkle shining in his eyes as well.

She nods, fully able to accept that reasoning. It was a decent amount of time and she would probably be back before that anyway. "No sooner than that though." She tells them and then kisses both of their foreheads before walking off.

The walk is almost completely silent, filled with nothing but the small chirps and huffs of animals hiding in the lush green forest surrounding the paths. It was peaceful, and a nice break from the hectic role holders that so often swamped her with their usual antics. Not that she minded them any but sometimes they could be a little much for one person to handle.

She nearly jumps out of her skin as a little grey squirrel jumps into her path with a nut in it's mouth, startling her out of her thoughts and then scurrying away just as quickly as it had come, it's lush fluffy tail swaying behind it as it runs up another tree on the other side of the path.

She smiles, Gray would have liked to see that. It was a rather cute squirrel, and he might have even tried to pet it or take it home to the tower with him. She giggles at the mere thought, imagining the tiny creature crawling all over him.

Soon after that the sounds of the little town enter her ears, far away from the other towns and neering the lining of the woods. It was nice and secluded, a place she would visit if she ever needed a break from everyone. It had a rather homey atmosphere too, all the quaint shops being one of a kind and family run. The people were kind and it was less riddled with violence then the other cities of Wonderland. It's her safe place, her little slice of heaven.

Alice swiftly enters a small shop known to carry many things, smiling at the faceless named Elizabeth behind the counter. She was the owner of the shop and was rather spiffy and active for a woman in her late 50's. She had long grey hair with the occasional streak of her once natural black held up in a neat bun, donning a suit that gave her the impression of a librarian or a business woman instead of a little shop keeper.

"My, my! It's so good to see you again, Alice. It's been too long. I was starting to get worried." She says and cups the side of her face, her lips tilting downward with a concerned frown and the crow's feet at the edges of her not eyes crinkling up.

"Ah, I'm sorry, Elizabeth. I've been a little sick lately." Alice says and leans against the counter, a happy smile lighting up her face. "I actually came because I have a little favour to ask of you." She says and hands over a bar of Elizabeth's favorite cherry chocolate, immediately drawing a suspicious look from the older woman.

"So it's something that needs to be kept secret then?" She asks to confirm and places one hand on her hip, the other tapping at her lip in thought. "You didn't need to bribe me, you know. All you need to do is ask, Alice. You're my friend, not just some random commoner." She says and takes the bar.

"I know. But this is really big. And I do mean REALLY." She says and then takes a deep breath. "I need a pregnancy test."