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Prologue: The Rise and Fall

Unknown Narrator:

Sarah Kerrigan. The Queen of Blades. The ultimate ruler of the Zerg Swarm. During her reign she conquered many planets and took countless lives, both from the Terran and Protoss races and brought untold terror to the Koprulu Sector.

However, before she was any of this, she used to be a human, a Terran, a Ghost operative to be exact.

As a Ghost, Kerrigan first worked under the Confederacy, an old Terran government, and was forged to become their ultimate assassin. That is until she was then taken in by the rebel leader named Arcturus Mengsk and his rebel group, the Sons of Korhal.

Kerrigan saw Mengsk as a respected figure and a leader that she would follow to the very end. She had close relationships to a few people, but the one person that she would treasure the most even in her ascension to the Queen of Blades is a man named James Raynor, leader of the Raynor's Raiders.

Both Raynor and Kerrigan joined and followed Mengsk's rebellion against the Confederacy, destroying key targets, liberating entire planets, and recruiting those to their cause.

That is, until the fateful mission where Mengsk deliberately abandoned Kerrigan to the Zerg onslaught on Tarsonis. Destroying the Confederacy and possibly all those who dared to defy him.

Due to this betrayal Raynor left Mengsk and both men thought Kerrigan was forever gone. A tyrant who believed his reign will be forever, the other believed in the mission of freeing the people from the new tyrant.

Oh how wrong they were…

The previous leader of the Zerg, the Overmind, did not kill Kerrigan. Instead, retrieved her and transformed her, molded her into the ultimate life form.

Thus the Queen of Blades, my Queen, was born. And with her ascension came the Great War that was waged between the three races.

That is until the Great War ended with the death of the Overmind by the heroic sacrifice of a Protoss Templar named Tassadar.

After the Overmind's death, my Queen quickly gained control of most of the Zerg broods and waged a war against some of the Overmind's remaining agents called the Cerebrates, this war was known as the Brood Wars.

During this war, however, a fleet from a distant Terran world known as Earth arrived into the Koprulu Sector. They called themselves the UED and they immediately took control of the main Terran worlds and eventually the new Overmind that the remaining Cerebrates created.

However, their intrusion did not last for long, my Queen manipulated and tricked the Dark Templars into killing the New Overmind and the Cerebrates that was against her. Now as the sole ruler of the Zerg swarm, she driven out and killed all the UED forces, ending the Brood Wars.

Four years later during this time my Queen grew in power and the swarm assimilating new species into the endless swarm.

Then she started her conquest across the galaxy sparking the Second Great War.

During this war she was looking for pieces of an ancient Xel'naga artifact called the Keystone, a crucial part of a prophecy foretold by the ancient Xel'naga themselves.

However, James Raynor manage to collect all the pieces of the Xel'naga artifact, and with the aid of his allies and Prince Valerian and his Dominion forces they launch a daring invasion on Char.

On Char James Raynor used the artifact to cleanse the Queen of Blades of most of her Zerg influence and back into Sarah Kerrigan.

After the battle Raynor and his allies took Kerrigan to a secret research station. However, they were soon attacked by Mengsk's forces, their goal to end Kerrigan's life was clear.

During the ensuing battle James Raynor and Sarah Kerrigan were separated and thus tried to escape the Dominion forces their own way. Unknown to Kerrigan, Raynor was shortly captured after their separation.

Kerrigan soon found out that the Dominion captured and executed James Raynor. Thus in her sheer thirst for vengeance, against the tyrant that caused her so much pain, she returned to lead the Zerg Swarm once again. Unfortunately, the swarm was broken and in disarray and thus Kerrigan had to rebuild and reunite the swarm.

As she was rebuilding the swarm, she faced many obstacles along the way.

Gathering her swarm on Kaldir.

The Brood Mother Zagara who defied her and was ultimately killed for her disobedience.

Routing the Terran's off Char, the home planet of the Zerg.

With each obstacle conquered her own powers grew until the Dark Prelate Zeratul took her to the very planet where the Zerg were first born, Zeras.

On this very world, Zeratul told her of the prophecy of the end times and her role to play in it, however, Kerrigan did not care and only seeks power to kill her hated enemies.

On this very planet, Kerrigan transformed back into the Queen of Blades, far more powerful than ever imagined before. Once she received this power, my Queen soon received a message from Mengsk himself and was given news that James Raynor was alive but held as a prisoner.

My Queen swore that she would find James Raynor and thus enlisted the aid of Raynor's old allies, Matt Horner and the now renegade Prince Valerian in order to find him.

Both Matt and Valerian succeeded in finding James Raynor and with the new Queen of Blades and her brood, attacked the prison ship that kept James Raynor.

After freeing James Raynor, my Queen received a psionic message from an unknown source from the secret facility of Skygeirr.

When she arrived at the facility, my Queen discovered the unknown source was an old enemy from the UED, a former admiral named Alexei Stukov now turned into a sentient infested Terran.

Stukov told Kerrigan about the facility making the Hybrid abominations for Mengsk's army and needs to be destroyed.

My Queen set about destroying this facility and the Hybrid abominations. However, Stukov also warned her about an ancient shapeshifter that goes by the name of Narud. My Queen faced Narud in battle and won but was critically wounded.

Fortunately, she was brought back to her Leviathan in order to recuperate from her injuries, unaware of an old ally also being held within the facility.

How I remember that day as if it were yesterday, as the saying goes.


Location: Skygeirr Facility, Zerg Leviathan

Kerrigan just woke from her short rest in the Zerg spawning pool and is now currently making her way to the nerve center of the Leviathan.

Kerrigan thought back to her battle with Narud. He was a dangerous and cunning opponent, but like all those who dared challenge her, he to was ultimately defeated and killed by her.

However, she found no enjoyment in her victory. Instead, she thought back to what Naurd told her before he died.

"Amon lives. You will see him soon."

Now she knows for certain that the possibility of Amon's coming will surely happen and she needs to be ready for it.

But first, she needs to settle a score with a certain murderer before preparing for Amon's eventual arrival.

Once she arrived at her destination she was immediately greeted by her co-hosts.

Dehaka, Isha and the newest addition Stukov.

When she first met Stukov, she was somewhat surprised that the man, who was once her enemy, has returned as an infested and has willingly aided her in the destruction of this horrid facility.

Afterward she gave Stukov an ultimatum, Join the Zerg Swarm or leave, pretty much along those lines.

Now she thought about it, she had a curious little question to ask him.

Stukov turned to Kerrigan as did Dehaka and Isha. "My Queen. You are awake and well." Greeted Isha.

Kerrigan gave the Zerg advisor a curt nod before turning her attention towards the infested admiral.

Stukov nodded in greeting. "Good to see you well Kerrigan. When I found you collapsed onto the ground, I assumed the worse." Stukov said.

Kerrigan nodded. "I'm fine, but I have one question for you Stukov, one that I have been curious about."

"What is it then?" Stukov asked in a cautious tone.

Kerrigan soon spoke. "You were held in this facility for years, why did you choose now to contact me?"

Stukov nodded. "We felt your power weakened, no doubt after the Dominion attacked Char with that Xel'naga artifact. So it wasn't the right time, plus you were still under the influence of Amon at the time." Answered Stukov.

"How did you know about the attack on Char and my supposed drain of my powers. And most importantly, who is "we"?" asked Kerrigan with a suspicious look directed toward Stukov.

Stukov immediately answered "How I know about the attack on Char as well as your drain of powers. Well, you can say I had some help from something within the facility and that something also helped me escape and to contact you."

Kerrigan pondered over the information that Stukov told her. 'It would explain how Stukov managed to not only escape this facility but secretly send a psionic message to me without alerting both Narud and the Tal'darim. But whoever helped Stukov must be a powerful psionic user in order to pull off something like that.'

With this new information in mind, Kerrigan asked. "Do you have any idea who this "something" might be?"

Stukov shook his head. "Unfortunately not. As I said, something helped me escape the facility. When I asked for an identity, all he said was that he can not tell me till the time is right, however, he did tell me where he's being currently held." Answered Stukov.

This caught Kerrigan's attention "Where is he then? Why hasn't he communicated with us by now?" She asked.

"He's held deep within the facility away from the battles that we recently fought in. He told me he was being held in a prison that suppresses his psionic powers to an extent, but not enough to communicate with me in secret." Stukov explained.

"Take me to him. I wish to meet him."

Location: Skygeirr Facility

After making their way through the deeper parts of the facility, Kerrigan and Stukov finally arrived at a large door to the prison that held Stukov's anonymous savior.

When Kerrigan first arrived, she immediately felt a strange but familiar presence on the other side of the door. However, it was hard to discern due to the prison blocking most of the psionic signatures coming from within the prison as well as stonewalling her own attempts to see within the prison.

"This prison can definitely block high-level psionic abilities or signatures, must be made by the Tal'darim and Narud." Kerrigan then approached the closed entrance and placed her hand on the door. "Whoever is on the other side of this door must be a powerful psionic user in order to leak out this much psionic energy, who could it be?"

'And why does it feel so familiar to me?' thought Kerrigan as she looked up at the massive door.

"Only one way to find out." Said Stukov.

With that statement, Kerrigan walked back some distance away before firing a beam of pure psionic energy at the door. Due to the Tal'darim technology, the door held firm against Kerrigan's power.

Annoyed, Kerrigan pooled in more of her energy into the attack and was awarded when the door glowed with growing heat and slowly started giving way.

With one last push, the door is then blasted apart by Kerrigan's sheer psionic power. Suddenly Kerrigan was hit with an almost overwhelming amount of Psionic energy, invading all her senses. As suddenly as it came, it disappeared, Kerrigan shared a look with Stukov before they both entered the prison in order to meet Stukov's unknown ally.

The prison was massive, large enough to fit two Ultralisks with room to spare. Other than a large amount of space, the first thing they saw when they entered the prison was the sheer amount of wires and machinery, both Protoss and Terran, covering and connected to the walls and the floor of the prison.

The second thing they noticed was all these wires were converging to the center of the prison and to the very being they were connected to.

Kerrigan and Stukov stop in their tracks, eyes widening in disbelief at what they were seeing.

The being is a large bulbous body of pink flesh and seven pairs of purple tentacle-like legs.

It was a Cerebrate. A powerful one from what Kerrigan can sense.

Kerrigan was the first one to get out of her shock and walked up to confront the Cerebrate, followed shortly by Stukov.

"Who are you. And were you the one that aided Stukov and me with the downfall of this facility?" Kerrigan demanded.

At first, the Cerebrate says nothing. Until after a moment it's bulbous body seemingly pulsated slowly with life.

"My Queen… is that you? It's good to see you once again…" The Cerebrate telepathically said in a weak tone of voice.

Kerrigan was taken off guard when the unknown Cerebrate communicated with her telepathically but quickly composed herself. "You know me, but I don't know you. Who. Are. You." Demanded Kerrigan in a warning tone.

The Cerebrate spoke. "My Queen… have you forgotten about me… It is I, your guardian and your first loyal servant when you were first indoctrinated into the Zerg Swarm."

This greatly shocked Kerrigan. "That's impossible! The Cerebrate that watched over and served me was killed by the Dark Templars when the Overmind was killed!" Kerrigan denied adamantly, not believing that this Cerebrate was the same one who looked after her and protected her.

"That is true, I did die… But after the battle that caused my death… Narud found my body and essence and thus resurrected me…" The Cerebrate slowly explained, it's voice sounded weak and tired, as if it's exhausted.

"Narud then brought me here… For years he tormented, experimented and used my very essence to create and perfect his Hybrids." The Cerebrate explained, shocking Kerrigan.

Before she could ask, the Cerebrate continued. "It was this very prison where he kept me from communicating with you and using his foul technology to keep me alive through the years. However, as he kept me here, I grew stronger by secretly feeding off small amounts of psionic energies of this place without Naurd's knowing. After many years I could, with great effort, communicate and see those outside my prison. That is where I found Stukov." The Cerebrate explained.

With the explanation, the Cerebrate seemingly deflated, something Kerrigan can't help but worry over. "With him, I devised an escape plan for him in order to communicate with you about this facility. But had to wait for the right moment. That moment came when I felt a powerful spike in psionic energy and immediately recognized it was yours no matter how faint it was. So I set my plan in motion, aided Stukov's escape and you know the rest." The Cerebrate finished.

Kerrigan was left speechless. Her first and most loyal servant/guardian that she thought had been killed all those years ago is supposedly now alive once again and is now right in front of her.

"Do you know this Cerebrate Kerrigan?" Asked Stukov as he was looking between her and the Cerebrate in obvious confusion.

Kerrigan pondered, even with it's psionic signature being as familiar as her old guardian this one might be a fake, she needed to test this Cerebrate. To assure of it's identity. Something that only her old guardian knows.

"If you're truly the same Cerebrate that guarded and served me then tell me, what did you teach me after the death of Cerebrate Zasz?" This question that Kerrigan asked will confirm for her whether the cerebrate before her is or isn't her loyal Guardian.

Without hesitation, the Cerebrate answered.

"Vision my Queen… I taught you vision…"

Once again Kerrigan was left speechless.

When Kerrigan first emerged as the Queen of Blades, she was introduced to the Cerebrate for the first time and was thankful for this Cerebrate for protecting her. Thus she asked the Cerebrate to continue to watch over her, to continue to act as her Guardian.

As the Great War waged on, the Cerebrate taught Kerrigan on how to lead the Zerg Swarm as effectively and efficiently as she can, and in turn, she grew more powerful and cunning then any other Cerebrate the Overmind had. She still remembers the most important lesson the Cerebrate has ever taught her.

"Listen well Kerrigan. The Swarm is powerful. But power is not enough for its leader. You must possess vision. With vision, no army of any size or power can ever hope to defeat you."

'It's truly him.' Kerrigan thought to herself as she placed her hand gently against her guardian.

Stukov brought her out of her dazed thoughts.

"By the silence, I'm guessing the answer was correct and that you two know each other." Stukov interjected.

Quickly composing herself Kerrigan replied. "Yes. This Cerebrate was created by the first Overmind and was tasked to protect me while I was growing within my chrysalis. After I was born as the old Queen of Blades, I asked this Cerebrate to continue it's vigil to watch over me as I was still intergrading to the Zerg Swarm. I thought the Cerebrate was killed by the Dark Templars when the Overmind died those many years ago. But now…" Kerrigan trailed off as she once again looked towards the Cerebrate.

"Now I'm once again back in your presence after all these years, how you grew in power my queen, it was my wish to see you once more during my years in imprisonment," Finished the Cerebrate.

"It's also good to have you back after all these years, I will need your services once more for what the Zerg will face in the future," stated Kerrigan.

"I dearly wish to serve you once more my Queen… However, I cannot with great regret as the machine I'm connected to is the only thing keeping me alive. If I were to be separated from this machine, I will die. Narud saw to that," The Cerebrate explained in a somber tone.

This news caused Kerrigan to curse "Damn you Narud! There must be another way! I will not lose you again!"

"I'm sorry my queen. There seems to be no other way," Said the Cerebrate as his entire body seems to deflate.

After a moment of silence, Stukov spoke. "What if we can find a new host body to house the Cerebrate?" This brought back hope into Kerrigan's eyes.

"Yes. That could work, the Cerebrate is originally a psionic being made by the Overmind. If we can find a new body to house his psionic form, then he can freely come with us." Kerrigan explained, however, she soon drew a negative. "But where are we going to find a suitable body for the Cerebrate, his psionic power is immense from what I can sense, no regular mind can withstand that much power." Stated Kerrigan.

"There is one body that might work," This caught the attention of both Kerrigan and Stukov.

"When this facility was built, Narud had been secretly collecting any Terrans with powerful psionic power. He would then use these Terrans' psionic energy to feed his Hybrids, what is left is but an empty husk. While I was communicating with Stukov during our imprisonment I noticed a very faint but powerful psionic signature coming from a captured Terran. At first, I thought nothing of it, now it might be my only key to salvation," explained the Cerebrate.

"Where is this body now!?" Kerrigan hastily asked, if there was a chance for her guardian to once again be by her side commanding the swarm, then she would take it.

"I know where it might be, this facility has a cryo-chamber deep within the facility where they keep all those bodies. That's where they kept me before they experimented on me," answered Stukov as he gestured to himself with his right hand.

"Then what are we waiting for, let's go!" Demanded Kerrigan as Stukov proceeded to exit the prison with Kerrigan following closely behind him.

Location: Skygeirr Facility

Kerrigan and Stukov arrived at the cryo-chambers.

The first thing they noticed was the sheer number of cryo-pods that was currently housed.

There were rows upon rows of cryo-pods with each housing a body.

It was a daunting task they had to fulfill, but Kerrigan wasn't deterred even in the slightest.

She faced far worse.

Stukov on the other hand.

"This is a lot of bodies, it might take us, I don't know, maybe a millennium at least to find this body for your servant," Stukov said sarcastically.

"We must try. I need the Cerebrate under my services again, it will aid me greatly against Amon once we find this body, even if it means that I have to sort through all these pods."

Luckily for Stukov, they didn't need to.

"My Queen, it may be easier for you both if you try sensing for the greatest psionic residue. The Hybrids usually need time to consume the psionic essence of these Terrans and thus once finished, they leave behind a residue of psionic energy. The greater the residue, the more powerful the Terran must have been psionically," explained the Cerebrate.

With this new information, Kerrigan's eyes glowed with psionic power as she scanned the room for a suitable body.

What she saw was a green, mist-like aura that each cryo-pod were currently emitting.

Most of the pods would emit the same amount of aura, while others would emit more but not enough for them to be a suitable host.

It wasn't after 20 minutes of searching that she came across an interesting pod.

This particular cryo-pod was emitting a large amount of psionic aura that it overshadowed at least three other pods beside it on both sides.

'This must be the one.' Kerrigan thought before placing a hand on the pod. "Stukov, Cerebrate, I found the body, I'm taking a look." Kerrigan stated before going to the side console.

As she activated the console before opening the cryo-pod, the lid soon opened with a loud hiss and icy fog spilled from the pod. Soon the pod fully opened, and the contents of the pod were soon revealed.

Suffice to say Kerrigan was somewhat expected more.

The body was of a young adolescent boy, probably around seventeen or eighteen years old.

He has short black hair and was probably around six feet tall, pale white skin and had a skinny almost stick like build while wearing only grey undergarments that covered his decency.

However, the most defining feature was his eyes, they were completely blank and glazed over without any signs of life.

If it weren't for the occasional heartbeat and breathing, she would've thought this teen to be a dead corpse.

Other than the eyes there weren't any other defining traits about the teen.

Stukov soon came over and had a look at the teen. Suffice to say he was also unimpressed.

"This is the host body for the Cerebrate? I've seen far worse corpses." Asked Stukov as he stares at the corpse-like body in the pod.

"I'm for certain that this is the right one, this child has the greatest amount of psionic residue compared to the other pods in this chamber," Kerrigan explained as she lifted the teen from the pod and carried him bridal style back to the cerebrate.

Once they arrived back to the Cerebrate's prison, Kerrigan laid the body of the teen in front of the cerebrate for him to inspect.

"This is definitely the Terran that I sensed. Now I must concentrate, for this next part is vital to my survival and must not be disturbed." The Cerebrate explained before Kerrigan sense a massive build-up of psionic energy from him.

"Are you sure this will work?" Kerrigan couldn't help but ask.

"I never have done or attempted this before my Queen. You and Stukov should stand at a fair distance away," Answered the Cerebrate as the other two Zerg beings proceeded to stand at a safe distance.

Kerrigan was worried about the Cerebrate but believed that he will succeed.

She didn't have to wait long as the Cerebrate's whole body started to glow bright orange with psionic energy.

Then in an explosion of energy, the Cerebrate's psionic power created a storm of pure psionic energy around both it and the body.

The storm grew in both power and ferocity to the point where both Kerrigan and Stukov couldn't see the Cerebrate and the body as both are currently baring the storm the best they could.

Both spectators were awed by the sheer amount of psionic power that the Cerebrate held.

And just as it suddenly appeared, it stopped.

The storm of psionic power has slowly dissipated, allowing both Kerrigan and Stukov to fully observe the aftermath of the storm.

Everywhere Kerrigan look she only saw the devastation.

Wires and machinery were burned, melted and shredded to pieces, while the ground, walls, and the ceiling has large burned gouge marks, is charred black and still glowing hot in some areas.

In the center of the room is a large crater, still smoking and charred to black after the ordeal.

Both spectators were silent by the aftermath of the Cerebrate's power.

'Just how powerful is the Cerebrate? Is this the result of him siphoning the energies of his prison? If so, how much power did he gain?' Kerrigan thought to herself. However, she quickly shook the thoughts from her head and soon made her way towards the still smoking crater at the same time as Stukov.

'I can't sense him, what has happened? Did the Cerebrate succeed? Or did…' Kerrigan than used a weak psionic wave to clear the smoke.

What she saw surprised her.

She didn't see the body of the Cerebrate anywhere, but instead the body of the teen lying at the center of the crater in a fetal position.

However, upon closer look, Kerrigan noticed the body has changed.

What once looked like a corpse, now laying in the middle of the crater is a far healthier looking teen. The body now has a full lean build and the skin colour changed from sickly white to a healthy peach colour, and somehow the grey undergarment is still intact.

"Well it appears to me that the process was a success, don't you agree Kerrigan?" Asked Stukov as he looked at the new body.

Kerrigan simply answered with a nod.

To Kerrigan, the process seemed to be a success.

But the body hadn't moved for several minutes now.

"Oh no. Stukov head back to the Leviathan and prepare for our arrival, I'll make sure the Cerebrate is alright!"

"Yes at once!" Stukov than ran out of the prison.

With slight panic, Kerrigan rushed towards and kneeled beside the body as she turned the body to it's back.

'No injuries. What went wrong during the proc-'


She was then cut off from her thoughts when the boy she was holding stirred and started to wake up.

"mmmngggg! What happened? My Queen is that you?" the boy asked in a state of dazed exhaustion.

He opened his eyes. Kerrigan saw that his eyes changed from blank dead eyes to eyes with orange irises filled with life.

"Yes, but more importantly, is that you Cerebrate?" Kerrigan asked, almost demanded.

"Yes, it is I my Queen, your loyal servant, and guardian." The Cerebrate then looked down his new body, then towards his right hand, seemingly inspecting it. "And now in a new body." answered the now identified Cerebrate.

"Good. Now get up so we can leave this damnable prison once and for all." ordered Kerrigan as she stood up.

"Yes, my Queen." The Cerebrate replied as he tried to stand but immediately fell forward landing on his hands and knees.

"It appears I still need to get used to this Terran body." The Cerebrate simply stated, much to Kerrigan's amusement.

The Cerebrate tried once more but this time with more success. As he firmed his balance, Kerrigan had the small joy of seeing her guardian, one of the most cunning Zerg beings she had ever known, walking around like a newborn toddler, arms outstretched and legs stiff straight and bending with every careful step.

Soon after a full five minutes of walking, the Cerebrate adapted to his new body and held a smirk of achievement.

As amusing as watching him testing out his new body. Kerrigan still had a task to do.

"Congratulations Cerebrate. Now since you have a new body I will ask again. Will you join the Zerg and serve me once more?" Even though Kerrigan asked, she knew full well of the Cerebrate's answer.

Immediately the Cerebrate used his newfound body to bow down onto one knee and bowed his head. Where he learned to do that from, Kerrigan can only guess but none the less found it very fitting to the situation.

"I, Cerebrate of the Zerg Swarm and guardian of the Queen of Blades will serve you once more," The Cerebrate vowed.

"The time of the Overmind and the Cerebrates are no more. Which reminds me, you weren't even given a name?" Kerrigan inquired in a questioning tone.

The Cerebrate nodded. "Yes my Queen. I was never given a name, nor did I choose one. I was considered young and died in the same year I was born." The Cerebrate explained.

Kerrigan nodded. "Would you like one? A name to call yourself from now on?" Kerrigan asked.

Kerrigan watched as the Cerebrate pondered for a moment before speaking.

"Ceres. I will choose Ceres for my new name my Queen." The newly named Ceres answered.

"Ceres. I like it." Kerrigan stated, testing out the name. "Then it's settled. Ceres, I the Queen of Blades call you to take up your charge once more! To be my Guardian, and that of the Swarm." Kerrigan announced.

"I will, my Queen."

Ceres then rose up to his full height and started radiating orange psionic energy, his eyes now glowing bright orange with pure psionic energy.

"Welcome back Ceres." said Kerrigan with a smile.

"It's good to be back my Queen."


Ceres opened his eyes after reminiscing the very day he reunited with his Queen. One of the more 'happier' memories of his eventful life.

Oh how much has changed since then.

The Battle of Korhal. The end of Arcturus Mengsk. The End War against Amon. The Invasion into the Void. His Queen's ascension to godhood by the Xel'naga Ouros. Amon's defeat. And finally, the three years of peace.

It has been three years since the End War.

It has been three years since his Queen has ascended to godhood and defeated Amon.

Three years of waiting for his Queen's return.

"The Swarm is yours, Ceres. Protect it as you have protected me."

Ceres closed his eyes once more. Those were the very last words his Queen has said to him. Her very last orders before her ascension, before her disappearance after defeating Amon.

During these three years all three races of the Koprulu Sector recuperated and was then ushered into a new golden age of peace and prosperity.

The Terrans established a new Terran Dominion led by the new Emperor Valerian Mengsk and supported by admiral Matthew Horner. Together they rebuilt the Dominion from the ashes of war and prospered like never before.

The Protoss, now unified as one, established equality between each of the different factions are now calling themselves the Unified Protoss, the Daelaam. With this new alliance, they left their old traditions and embraced change. They rebuilt their once great cities from the ruins and ashes of the old, and now Aiur is once again a beacon of innovation and advancement throughout the galaxy.

However, the Tal'darim, once allies of the Daelaam, refused their alliance with their faction and thus left to find a new home for themselves. However, reports of a rogue Tal'darim force split themselves from the main Tal'darim faction and thus started attacking Terran worlds near Zerg territory after the war. They were never caught.

Two years ago, the new Terran Dominion and the newly established Unified Protoss wanted to form an alliance of sort with all three races cooperating.

Ceres refused this alliance; however, he did promise two things. Peace with both factions as long as they don't encroach upon his territory without his permission, and to keep his Swarm within their own territory.

Both Emperor Valerian and Hierarch Artanis accepted his terms of peace and thus formed a mutual alliance between themselves instead.

The Zerg Swarm now is led by Ceres himself, previously a Cerebrate and now the ultimate ruler of the Zerg Swarm.

Ceres himself was not idle during these three years, he and his Swarm were busy re-establishing their defenses, reclaiming the planets once lost due to the End War and reclaiming pockets of feral Zerg broods that were used by Amon during the war. Ceres, true to his word, fiercely protected the Swarm's territories and sought to make the Zerg even more powerful.

During these three years, with the assistance of Abathur, Ceres has also been busy evolving the Swarm with new evolutionary upgrades.

Hatcheries, Lairs and Hives can now produce Zerg larva at twice the rate, creating thousands of larvae and thus increasing army production to an even further degree.

Another upgrade that Ceres implemented was for every Zerg ground unit to burrow move but at half their original speed. There are a few Zerg units that are exempted from this decrease of speed.

The Drones can now be hatched four at a time from a single egg, thus increasing a Brood's efficiency in resource collecting as well as expanding/establishing Hive Clusters.

Queens, both Hive and Broodmothers alike, now can spray a pheromone onto eggs in order to increase the productivity within the eggs and thus in turn decrease spawning time by half the amount it would usually take.

Changelings spawned from an Overseer no longer have a limited lifespan as they can assimilate their targets for the perfect disguise, perfect to spy on the enemy.

Zerglings now have both strains of the Raptorlings and the Swarmlings combined into one. The Zerglings looks normal except they have slightly longer and angular wings due to the raptor strain, and much of the leaping comes from the newer stronger leg muscles that Ceres and Abathur had evolved. With this upgrade, they can use it to leap across the battlefield and onto higher ledges. They can also be hatched 4 at a time from one egg at the same amount of time it takes to hatch two normal Zerglings

Roaches now have a much denser carapace armor plating than before, virtually resistant against all small arms fire but the highest possible handheld caliber. With this new armor, they can shrug off most explosive rounds and the piercing blasts from the Terrans and Protoss. However, they're still vulnerable to the larger caliber weapons from some of the larger more powerful vehicles and robotic constructs from both the Terran and Protoss armies.

Hunter Killers are now fully reintegrated back into the Swarm since the "death" of the Old Queen of Blades.

Many changes and upgrades were made to the Hunter Killers after their reintegration. They're slightly larger and vastly stronger than the average Hydralisk, they have red-colored flesh that is visible and not covered in their light brown carapace. Their crown-like head has blood-red colored wave-like markings, originating from their red glowing eyes, this was used for an intimidation factor against the weaker willed enemies.

They can also shoot their spines in bursts and at longer range, speed and accuracy than a normal Hydralisk. They are faster than the average Hydralisk on and off creep, able to close in on enemy positions in a matter of seconds and can burrow move at the same speed. Their scythe-like claws are each serrated and the blade edges are mono-edged, able to pierce and rip through the toughest of armor and plasma shields within seconds.

Ceres saw the need for an elite assassin/bodyguard unit for the Swarm in order to either kill or protect a high-value target. The Hunter Killers were the answer to that and with Abathur's assistance, he made them even more dangerous than before. However, the drawback is it takes three times longer to birth one compared to a normal Hydralisk.

He also reintegrated back the Scourge, a suicidal anti-air unit that can be hatched 4 at a time from a single egg. The predecessors to the Banelings but for anti-air superiority.

Ceres also reintegrated the Scourge nest. A new anti-capital ship turret alongside the potent Bile Launchers.

And lastly, the Brood Lords can now spit globs of highly corrosive acid at long range against air units for massive damage, much like the Guardians. This new form of attack gives the Brood Lords a anti-air capability against large capital ships such as Carriers and Battle Cruisers alongside their anti-ground attack in the form of Broodlings.

These were the changes that Ceres and Abathur had integrated into the swarm. Many more evolutionary strains and upgrades are in the works, something which Ceres himself delegated to the Evolutionary master himself.

With each of these new upgrades, Ceres tested them on rogue pirates, Protoss and mercenaries hired by rogue scientists that enters his territories or were experimenting on the Zerg in secret. The experiments were successful and the Zerg were feared in the underworld of the Terrans after many of their incursions into Zerg territory and after many secret rogue facilities suddenly disappearing.

During these three years nothing notable happened, that is until the second year when reports of the now-famous hero James Raynor went missing. Both the Dominion and Protoss search the entire sector for any whereabouts of him and even contacted Ceres if his Swarm seen him at all within his territories.

Ceres also searched for him, for he owes Raynor a debt for saving his Queen's life in two separate occasions. However, no matter how thorough his swarm searched, even he couldn't find Raynor. After six months of searching, all three races of the Koprulu sector eventually ended the search, thus the Dominion erected a statue of James Raynor in the imperial capital in the memory of his deeds.

Since then nothing notable happened in the sector, and here is Ceres, standing on an edge of a cliff looking down at a new Hive Cluster that was spawned just mere hours ago. Bored out of his mind and reminiscing about the past.

If one were to see him, they would wonder what a Terran is doing on Char and overseeing the spawning of a Hive Cluster. On the outside, Ceres looked the same since the day he was found and placed into a new Terran body that his Queen help provide for him. The difference now is his clothes that he wore, a black turtleneck sweater, black combat boots, black pants, and his now-iconic white lab coat.

Before his Queen commented positively on his new look, now he has been wearing the same sets of clothes ever since. Ceres received extra sets from Valerian on request.

Ceres choose to keep his human appearance for two reasons. One is because it's a great disguise against his enemies, a deceptive play against his would-be enemies playing the part of a seemingly young Terran adult when in fact he's one of, if not, the most powerful psionic users in this known galaxy.

The second reason is far simpler to understand, he liked being a smaller target. When Ceres first died, he was a massive bulbous worm that couldn't defend himself much less run away from any enemies if they got past his Zerg. The only assurance back then was he would be resurrected, but even then, that failed when the Dark Templars found a way to permanently kill the Cerebrates.

Having this Terran body solves all his problems of self-protection and self-preservation.

Of course, he wasn't human, his very biology was fully integrated into the Zerg genome. He may look Terran, but he is Zerg, in both body and mind.

Ceres then raised his right arm, pulling the sleeve of his coat back revealing a forearm covered in a slim carapace plating. He then clenched his fist as a sixteen-inch chitinous blade extended from his carapace and over his fist.

This was the only part of his appearance that showed his true affiliation to the Zerg, something not even Abathur can fully conceal for him. His other forearm is covered in the same carapace plating and housing the same blade.

Despite his considerable psionic power, his regenerative abilities, and overall enhanced body, Ceres still wanted to be able to defend himself properly if the situation calls for it.

With the blade still extended, Ceres then pushed his psionic power into the blade. His blade then glowed bright orange, the area around the tip of his blade glowing bright white with psionic energy.

Then in a blink of an eye, Ceres slashed the large rock beside him, his blade cutting through it like a heated blade through flesh, slicing the rock and charring the rock where his blade met.

Ceres then willed his psionics away and detracted his blade before turning back towards the Hive Cluster.

Ceres let out a silent sigh. 'The fires of Char are still burning. The Mutalisks are still shrieking. And still no signs of my Queen,' Ceres said in boredom, however, he was soon brought out of his thoughts when Stukov approached him from behind.

When Ceres succeeded the Zerg throne, he appointed Stukov as his second-in-command for his previous experience as a vice-admiral of the UED. Stukov was surprised by his choice but no sooner accepted his new position whole heartily stating that "It will be like my old job as vice-admiral. Except I will command swarms of flesh-eating monsters with scary claws and teeth."

"I thought I might find you here. Building another Hive Cluster? How many does this make?" Stukov asked curiously.

"This would be the 34th Hive Cluster I spawned." Ceres answered briefly, still observing the Hive Cluster below.

"You need to find a better hobby or else the other Broodmother's will think you have nothing better to do than standing around and staring intensely at Hive Clusters." Stukov said, more out of self-amusement then anything.

Ceres frowned. "Stukov… Even a Zerg being such as I can get tired of the mundane days that I waste here on Char. It has been a year since the last time I commanded the Zerg and fought anything of significant challenge. Pirates stopped coming in, mercenaries have gotten scared, every planet in this part of the sector fully colonized and I'm starting to resort to overseeing the spawning of Hive Clusters to sate my boredom," Ceres explained in a tired tone.

"Do you want me to call in the Zerglings to entertain you? If I remember correctly, you used then for entertainment once." Stukov asked in a cheeky tone. Ceres, for the first time, turned his head and gave the infested Admiral a blank stare.

"No, don't send them in. You came here for a reason, what is it that you have to report?" demanded Ceres.

Stukov nodded. "This latest report from one of our Broodmothers in the outer hives. It's urgent." This immediately caught Ceres's attention.

"What has happened?" Ceres asked.

"The hive under Broodmother Poronsa reported that Tal'darim forces arrived at the planet Carnifex and attacked her brood. Fortunately, she is holding them in space, however, she needs reinforcements soon. The enemy is using some sort of new weapon that has devastated some of her Leviathans." As Stukov explained the situation, Ceres stood from his throne with a serious expression on his face.

"This must be the rogue Tal'darim force that broke off from the main faction." Ceres deduced.

Stukov frowned. "How do we know that for sure?" The admiral questioned. "Carnifex is near the Terran colonies that the rouge Tal'darim were first reportedly seen. Also Alarak is many things, but not even he is so brazen enough to go to war with the Zerg Swarm." Ceres explained.

Stukov frowned. "I don't know? That Protoss is as narcissistic with a superiority complex to match. Are we sure it's not him?" Stukov asked once more.

Ceres's eyes glowed. "Only one way to find out, Isha prepare the Leviathans, I'm going out."

With new vigor, Ceres left the cliff with Stukov following closely behind. Ceres will not lie to himself; he is eager to face these Tal'darim who dared attack his brood.

Perhaps they will sate his boredom?

Location: Carnifex

In the deep emptiness of space lay the planet Carnifex, a garden planet with two orbiting moons that was long ago colonized by the Zerg Swarm for its strategic spot as a supply center for the Swarm.

Five Leviathans then warped in from warp jump.

Ceres and Stukov arrived at the planet and immediately saw ruined pieces of both Zerg and Tal'darim ships floating in space as well as the three surviving Leviathans fighting what seems to be a stalemate against a sizable Tal'darim fleet.

"It looks like the major battle already passed, and now both sides are at a stand-off." stated Stukov as Ceres examined the remaining fleet composition of the Tal'darim.

There were still 10 void rays, 14 carriers and three Motherships that remained. After examining the Tal'darim forces Ceres psionically linked with the Broodmother in charge.

"Broodmother Poronsa, we have arrived. What is the situation?" Ceres asked.

He soon received an answer. "My lord you have finally arrived. The Protoss attacked my brood, we held them off for as long as we could. However, they destroyed most of my Leviathans with strange energies that they fired from their Motherships." As soon as she explained the situation the center Tal'darim Mothership started charging massive amounts of unknown energy as it started to visibly swirl around the ship.

After a moment of charging it fired all the energy it collected in a projectile of swirling void energy. The projectile rapidly approached one of the three surviving Leviathan. The Leviathan tried to dodge the fast approaching projectile, but it was too late.

The swirling energy hit the Leviathan center mass and Ceres bore witness as the energies started to violently swirl around the massive bio-ship, ripping and tearing it apart from the inside out.

With a final roar the Leviathan exploded, blood and gore shot out in all directions into the cold grasp of space as the energies that was used to kill it dissipated soon after. As soon as the Leviathan died the Mothership that fired the projectile started siphoning the same unknown energies from the two nearby Motherships at its side.

Ceres realized what exactly the energy was and why it felt so familiar.

"It's void energies. They're charging void energies and firing it at our fleet." this statement brought Stukov out of his shock.

"It looks like the head Mothership is collecting void energies from the two Motherships escorting it, creating a void barrier. We cannot harm it." Stukov explained as Ceres nodded in agreement.

"That is true. However, it's draining all available energy from those two Motherships escorting it, leaving their shields down. Before it fires again, we must destroy those two Motherships, then that would leave the main Mothership defenseless." Ceres explained as he started communicating his Broodmother.

"Poronsa, prepare your remaining Leviathans and attack the fleet with us. Target the two Motherships that's escorting the main one." As soon as Ceres gave the order, Poronsa's Leviathans started advancing towards the Tal'darim fleet.

Ceres then willed his own Leviathans forward and soon his Leviathans were steadily approaching the Tal'Darim fleet.

As soon as they were within range, the Tal'darim Carriers and Void Rays started to fire their energy lances and beams while simultaneously launching their own fighters and Interceptors against the Ceres and his own fleet.

Ceres and his Zerg fleet in turn fired bile swarms by the thousands and used the Leviathans massive tentacles to pound nearby Tal'darim ships as they're making their way towards the Motherships. The Leviathans also started to launch scores of Mutalisks to dogfight the fighters and interceptors, Corruptors and Broodlords were spawned to focus down the Void Rays and Carriers while under the protection of the Mutalisks, and swarms of Scourges are sent headlong towards the two Motherships to destroy them.

However, the main Mothership finished its charging and once again fired the violent void energies towards the Zerg fleet, eradicating all the Scourges that were sent towards them.

"AVOID IT!" Ceres's Leviathan manage to dodge the projectile in time, however, the projectile hit the Leviathan behind them instead.

The Leviathan died in the same matter as the first. Lucky, even with the loss of one Leviathan the Tal'darim's forces were soon overwhelmed by sheer numbers alone.

Mutalisks grossly outnumbered the fighters and interceptors twenty to one and eventually destroyed them all and started focusing on the larger ships by Ceres's command.

The Corruptors, Broodlords, and Leviathans were literally tearing apart the Void Rays and Carriers with their acid globs, parasite spores and massive tentacles.

The Leviathans pushed past the sundered Protoss fleet and advanced on the three Motherships. Once again, the center Mothership was siphoning power from it's escorts. Ceres ordered the remaining Leviathans to approach them.

"Once we're within range, fire at the two escort ships." Ceres telepathically ordered as the Leviathans rapidly approached the Motherships. As soon as they were within range, Ceres gave the order.

"Destroy them."

All six Leviathans fired massive globs of bio-plasma at the two Motherships, three for each. In a massive explosion of fiery plasma and void energies, the two mother ships were torn asunder and simultaneously exploded.

With the destruction of the two Motherships, the last remaining one started to retreat.

"The last ship is trying to escape!" exclaimed Stukov.

"They will not getaway! Cripple it!" Ceres ordered.

The Leviathans answered as they released a virtual swarm of Scourges towards the remaining Mothership, however, this time they manage to reach the ship.

The scourges started to suicidality dive into the mothership's shields, exploding and splashing corrosive acid onto the Mothership. Under such a barrage, the shields shattered as the Scourges then swarmed into the Mothership's interior, dive-bombing themselves into various parts of the ship.

Eventually the Mothership stopped moving due to the damage it sustained from this massive barrage. Once it was clear the Mothership is completely crippled, Ceres telepathically ordered the rest of the Scourges to retreat from the Mothership.

Ceres then turned toward Stukov "We crippled the ship, now I'm going in there to personally deal with any survivors and find out the reason why they attacked the Swarm. You will stay here in case if they called for any reinforcements." Stukov merely nodded his head as Ceres made his way towards the drop pods, sporting a small, excited smile at what is to come.

Location: Tal'darim Mothership

Ceres was making his way to the Motherships psi matrix after he landed via drop pod. So far, he only encountered small pockets of resistance in the forms of individual Zealots and Stalkers, due to the Scourges killing most of the Tal'darim warriors that were on the ship.

As he dealt with the meager resistance and making his way closer towards the psi matrix, he could sense a buildup of psionic power emanating from the center of the Mothership as well as many of the Tal'darim. His instincts are telling him to proceed with extreme caution.

When he arrived at the center where the psi-matrix should be, Ceres could see what seems to be the remanence of the Tal'darim forces blocking his way towards the psi-matrix. A force consisting over a few dozen Zealots, a couple dozen Stalkers, and two Immortals.

Ceres also noticed a single Tal'darim Ascendant, who is solely focused on the large red khaydarin crystal that made up the Mothership's psi-matrix core. Ceres deduced that the buildup of psionic energy was emanating from this very khaydarin crystal, but for what he does not know exactly. Possibly a last attempt at escape.

As soon as Ceres arrived, the small force of the surviving Tal'darim were immediately alerted to his presence and reacted accordingly. Focusing their attention on him the Tal'darim quickly forming their positions, Zealots at the vanguard, Stalkers covering the flanks, and the two Immortals staying behind the Zealot line.

Ceres in turn just simply held his gaze at the gathered Tal'darim with a look of indifference. After a moment of tense silence between him and the arrayed forces of the Tal'darim, the Tal'darim Ascendant turned to meet his eyes.

"Aaaah… If it isn't the Zerg abomination. I've been expecting you." The Ascendant spoke. His sinister voice echoed down into Ceres head.

The Ascendant continued. "Tell me abomination, do you find joy in all of this? Do you enjoy destroying great monuments of power? Destroying a superior civilization and denying them their rightful claim to this galaxy?" Asked the Ascendant in a mocking tone.

"You talk a lot for one who doesn't possess a functioning orifice. Who are you and why did you attack my brood?" Demanded Ceres glaring up towards the floating Tal'darim.

"Hahahahaha! Fool, I am 5th Ascendant Karanax of the Fleet of Amon! As to why I'm here you will know soon enough. Minions! Eliminate this abomination!" Ordered Karanax as he turned back to the khaydarin crystal.

Soon the ranks of Zealots charged towards Ceres, psi-blades at the ready and rapidly closing onto his position.

Ceres eyes glowed in reply.

Suddenly over a dozen drop pods soared through the air and crashed into the clearing all around Ceres, sending both debris and Zerg bio-matter scattering all around the clearing.

Regardless, the Zealots continued their charge towards Ceres but were immediately met with a wall of chitinous flesh, claws and teeth.

Ceres watched as his newly summoned forces of Zerglings met the Zealot charge, the screeching cries of the large horde and the sound of dying Tal'darim filled the air as his Zerglings threw themselves at the Zealots. The Tal'darim Zealots were completely halted, but held firm against the onrushing swarm, their superior martial skills as well as their shields held against the overwhelming number of Zerglings.

Ceres then noticed from the flanks the Stalkers, blinking to higher ground and firing down at his forces, trying to cull the number of Zerglings.

Some of the Stalkers were brazen enough to aim at Ceres directly, no doubt hoping to kill him. Ceres in turn simply dodged the incoming fire and focused his psionic powers on these same Stalkers, levitating them helplessly into the air before shattering their shields and crushing them under his psionic might.

Telekinesis. One of Ceres's favorite methods of dispatching his enemies. A skill rarely used by the other races as it was either seen as too "primitive" for the Protoss or too complex for any Terran of average psionic potential.

But for Ceres, a being of pure psionic power, it was simply second nature to him. Something he practiced to perfection during the past four years since his freedom from Skygierr.

Suddenly explosions blossomed across the Zergling horde as Ceres noticed the two Tal'darim Immortals were bombarding his Zerglings, their pulse cannons swiveled upwards as they fired arcs of explosive anti-matter into his Zerglings, killing dozens at a time. With the combination of both Stalker and Immortal support, the Tal'darim were slowly pushing back his Zerglings.

Ceres eyes glowed.


Suddenly over a few dozen Hydralisks hidden in reserve burst forth all around Ceres they immediately fired their deadly spines at the Stalkers. The a few Stalkers were destroyed by the mass concentrated fire from the Hydralisk, however, the Stalkers soon focused their own fire at Ceres's Hydralisks.

With the Stalkers occupied, Ceres focused on the Immortals. Soon enough the very ground surrounding the Immortals exploded as Ceres's Hunter Killers, eight in total, burst forth and violently attacked the now exposed Immortals.

Though the Immortals were caught off, their shields held against the Hunter Killer's initial attacks, thus giving them enough time to aim their cannons and point-blank obliterate a single Hunter Killer each.

However, that's all they were able to accomplish as the combined effort of the remaining Hunter Killers soon shattered the Immortal's shields, and soon enough the Immortals were torn apart by the serrated armored rending blades of the Hunter Killers.

And just like that the tides were turned to Ceres's favor. The Stalkers were now dying to the Hydralisk's focused barrage, the Hunter Killers destroyed the Immortals and soon turned their attention to the Zealots and fired their own armor-piercing spines into their back ranks, dwindling the Tal'darim's already small numbers even more.

Ceres then focused on the last force of resistance. The Zealots.

Ceres sent the telepathic order and was soon rewarded as Zealots were sent flying through the air as something burst forth from underneath them, scattering their tight ranks and throwing the remaining Zealots into disarray.

"PIIGGGIIIAAAAAAA!" The newly revealed Roaches cried out as all twenty soon started spewing corrosive acid and slashing with their large axe-like blades at the surrounding Zealots in wild abandon, killing many and further shattering the already disorganized Tal'darim.

Soon the Tal'darim lines collapsed as Ceres's forces soon rushed through and surrounded the last of the Tal'darim. The surviving Tal'darim desperately fought against the superior numbers of Ceres's Zerg in a scattered, chaotic battle for survival.

But regardless of the Tal'darim desperate resistance, a path to the so-called 5th Ascendant was cleared.

Ceres couldn't help but smile as his forces eliminated the last of the Tal'darim. He nearly forgot this feeling, the feeling of personally commanding his forces once more during a battle and seeing his well thought out strategy driving his foes beneath him.

Ceres couldn't help but feel a moment of satisfaction from all this. Thus taking his time to stroll through the battle and towards the psi-matrix.

As Ceres walked, a damaged Stalker tried its luck by blinking as close to Ceres as it can and fired a pulse beam. However, a Roach burst forth to block the attack before spewing a torrent of acid onto the Stalker, destroying it in a fiery blue explosion.

Another, a Zealot this time, charge straight for Ceres. However, the Tal'darim was tackled to the ground by a Zergling before being dispatched permanently.

The last, three Zealots this time, tried their own attempt. Two sacrificing themselves to cover the third from the surrounding Zerg as the last Tal'darim charges straight towards Ceres, unimpeded by anything and psy-blades aiming straight for Ceres's head.

Ceres, without looking, simply held the Zealot within his telekinetic grasp. With barely a thought, the Zealot is then levitated high into the air before cratering back into the ground at sub-sonic speeds.

All that was left was a small crater and the red psionic mist of the Tal'darim, a common sign of death amongst the Protoss.

Ceres then soon made it to the psi-matrix as he looked up towards the Ascendant. "Karanax! It's over, you have lost!" Ceres exclaimed a good few feet away from the floating Ascendant.

Karanax turned around to look at him once more, eyes burning with contempt. "You think you have won abomination! I'm still alive right in front of you!" Karanax then started to float higher into the air as he started gathering his psionic energy.

Ceres's eyes glowed with power. "Let's change that shall we."

Ceres went to hold the Ascendant in his telekinetic grasp, however, the Tal'darim used his own psionics to hold Ceres's at bay, albeit with great effort as the Tal'darim's plasma shield visibly flared against Ceres's hold.

With the Tal'darim immobilized, Ceres went into a crouching position and extended both of his blades, both glowing orange with psionic power.

With a burst of speed, Ceres charged forwards towards the Tal'darim. Karanax immediately launched a psionic wave towards Ceres, however, Ceres simply gathered more of his own psionic energy through his blades and cut through the wave as he soon leaped towards the immobilized Karanax.

Karanax then launched a psionic orb but that too was slashed to aside by Ceres. Ceres then collided against the Tal'darim's shields and smashed him onto the ground.

The shields soon shattered as the Ascendant swung a psionically charged hand towards Ceres in a desperate attempt to take Ceres's life. Ceres, in turn, reacted, cutting off the offending arm at the elbow before stabbing both blades into the Tal'darim's chest.

As Ceres held down the Ascendant, the Tal'darim started to laugh. "haha… you fool. I'm just merely a distraction, all of this was. I knew I would lure you to fight me, so I merely distracted you from my real goal at hand. To gather enough energy in the psi-matrix to destroy you! Now my revenge for lord Amon is complete." Then with those last words, Karanax faded away.

It was only after the Ascendant's death did Ceres suddenly realized the immediate danger. Karanax has been using his psionic powers to partially hide the energy gathered within the Khaydarin crystal.

Now since the Ascendant was gone, Ceres can feel the psy-matrix is about to explode in full force. There was no hope of escape for Ceres, how careless he has been, taking his time with this battle and not fully realizing the true danger.

Ceres immediately contacted Stukov. "Stukov take the Leviathans and get as far away from here as possible."

"What is happening!? I can feel the unstable psionic energies from the Mothership all of a sudden! You must get out of there!" Exclaimed Stukov, but Ceres shook his head.

"I might not survive this, but you will. I need you to get far away as possible, that is my will!" Ordered Ceres.

"NO! I WILL NOT ABANDON YOU!" Exclaimed Stukov. However, Ceres merely overrode the Leviathans under Stukovs temporary command and started to rapidly move them away from the doomed Mothership.

"Take care and protect the Swarm, Alexei Stukov. Await our Queen's return in my absence." Once Ceres leads the Leviathans at a safe distance, he cut the connection.

As soon as he cut the connection the red khaydarin crystal started to rupture and crack, failing to contain the energy within.

'Sorry, my Queen. It looks like I failed once more.'

Soon all Ceres saw was a blinding flash of light as white filled his vision.

He couldn't see, hear, nor feel anything.

Soon the world of white turned black. Ceres soon embraced the world of nothingness once more.

Unknown Location

After what seems like an eternity in darkness, Ceres's eyes shot open.

Ceres thought he had died but quickly wrote that off as he felt that his body and even his clothes seem to be in fine condition.

He then noticed how cold he is and started to feel the very ground he was laying on, feeling his hands dig into the freezing cold ground as if it was made of light powder and lifted his hands to see what he was holding between his fingers.

Snow? That can't be right.

With this new feeling underneath him, Ceres immediately stood up and observed his immediate surroundings. It was dark, but completely illuminated as Ceres can clearly see fields of white soft snow for miles all around as the freezing winds blew across the snow-covered fields, kicking up fine mists of flying snow.

Ceres noticed the freezing temperatures immediately but was unbothered by it. His Queen previously before his freedom adapted her personal Brood to the freezing temperatures of space during her campaign on the ice planet of Kaldir. Ceres merely inherited the trait as part of his indoctrination back to the Zerg Swarm.

After taking in his new surroundings, Ceres then contacted Stukov.

"Stukov, I seem to be fine. The blast must have teleported me onto the planet, retrieve me immediately." Ordered Ceres. However, Stukov didn't answer.

"Stukov. Are you there?" Nothing. He tried contacting another. "Isha. Something happened to Stukov after the explosion, what is his status?" However, Isha wasn't answering either. This has never happened before.

"Broodmother Poronsa hear me. I'm stranded on the planet Carnifex and I need you to pick me up." Nothing. Ceres was getting worried.

He was sure he retreated the leviathans a safe distance away from the doomed Mothership. But what if the explosion was larger then he anticipated?

Ceres tried contacting someone who was not present at the battle. "Abathur, you there?" Nothing.

Then with some concentration, Ceres tried to contact any available Zerg in the sector as a last resort.

No one answered. Ceres couldn't feel the trillions of Zerg minds or the minds of Stukov, Isha, Abathur, or any of his Broodmothers.

Ceres then realized that he was alone. For the first time since his imprisonment, since his death, he felt truly alone.

Ceres then looked up to the clear night sky and saw the moon.

There were two moons that orbit Carnifex, however, here there was only one.

The moon that was in the night sky washed the snow-covered lands with its light, it's light illuminating the white snow. However, the moon looks as if it was slowly crumbling away as pieces of it seem to separate themselves from the rest of its body.

A single, haunting question passed through Ceres's mind. A question he knew he had no answer to.

"Where am I?"


That's a wrap of the prologue. As many of you readers noticed I did a massive clean up of the prologue and combined the two parts into one in order to save both time and to get into the main body of the story.

Now to answer some questions:

Ceres has telekinesis? Why?

I always loved the idea of Ceres being a powerful psionic user since he was essentially a Cerebrate, a literal Zerg being made out of pure psionic energy, their bodies were merely hosts for their true forms.

Telekinesis was sorely underused in Starcraft, the only times you actually see it is with Kerrigan, but even then she uses more destructive and potent forms of psionic powers.

Ceres having and being a telekinetic master fits the type of commander I have in mind for him.

My first rendition made Ceres more of a frontline regenerating melee expert with mind rending abilities, this Ceres still has those abilities but his psionics are now more varied, making him more of a backline support with potent psionic abilities catered to more field/crowd control. Telekinesis being a perfect weapon for him as a calm but powerful psionic user.

I realistically based his new way of combat from what he used to be, a backline commander overseeing the battlefield and commanding/overseeing the Zerg from a distance. This is of course based of what he used to be before, a Cerebrate.

This Ceres will be using the Zerg more often as his main weapons of battle, the Zerg is his most powerful weapon overall.

Does he have other abilities? Like Psy storm?

Ceres's psionic abilities are more catered to field/crowd control. Manipulating his enemies and allies in ways that favor him, such as telekinesis, mind control, etc.

He takes more of a support role with his abilities, but he can still fight like the old Ceres he just favors more psionic based combat than actual physical combat. Only fighting with his blades when it is necessary.

Telekinesis seems OP on Ceres with everything he has? He's now too OP and I don't like it.

In this instance and to where he is going, yes, he is powerful. But as many of you may already know, Ceres is a Zerg being. He is pragmatic and does not care, this time around he's going to Remnant as a being who commanded the Zerg Swarm in hundreds of battlefields and fought wars on a galactic scale against beings who can tear entire planets apart.

He is not going to back down from a challenge, he will achieve his goals no matter who he has to kill, and while he does have some understanding of normal Human emotions and norms he generally does not care, not like Kerrigan who was first born and raised as a human.

Ceres was created as a Zerg with a prime directive to serve the Zerg Swarm leader. He will slaughter millions in cold blood if he believes he can get what he wants through that route. All of his decisions are based on pragmatic understandings and weighing the positives and negatives outcomes.

Ceres in this fic is a pragmatic strategist. If there is an easier way with the least obstacles, then he will take it.

In short, Ceres is going to be OP no matter what as I based his character off the StarCraft universe and lore. So all you see from him is what I take from the actual Cerebrate's/Zerg experiences if one were to go through what Ceres did.

He does have weaknesses that at first temporary and seems not much but has a wider effect then one might think.

First off, he and his soon to be Brood is alone. Cut off from the wider Zerg Swarm with no hope of receiving help or outside reinforcements and is on a planet with hostile wildlife. If he's driven to the corner, then he will receive no help.

Secondly, he's on unknown territory with unknown enemies. He will be facing enemies while trying to build the foundations of his army. Until then it's basically him versus the world of Remnant.

Thirdly, his own goals and interests take precedence over everything else. This will make him estranged from the other power players of Remnant, all-seeing him as someone they will try to manipulate or destroy. In short, Ceres will most likely make more enemies then actual allies, if he makes any allies at all.

If you're still not convinced why I made Ceres as powerful as he is, then see it like this. Ceres was killed with no way of defending himself and reincarnated, only to be used as a lab rat, tortured and experimented on to create hybrid abominations. He was then rescued and given a new body, with what he went through he wanted to make DAMN sure that he cannot be killed so easily.

Also, he's technically a purebred Zerg. They do not hold themselves back by doing the minimum.

Will he still be going to Beacon? Meet Team RWBY? Will the plot be the same?

My biggest sin from the last fic was sending Ceres readily to Beacon Academy and have him go along with the canon story. I believe this is not only lazy on my part but mundane, predictable and plain cliche.

So this time around I plan for Ceres to do his own thing all the while the canon story line will continue but will change drastically down the line with the Zerg in the picture.

I still plan on Ceres eventually meeting the cast, but in a completely different circumstance. Something some of you will no doubt enjoy.

Where will this story take place in the RWBY canon?

You will find out in the later chapters.

Where is Ceres now on Remnant?

I will give you three guesses where he is on Remnant. The obvious hint near the end of this chapter.

Thank you all for giving this a chance, if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or reviews then simply comment them below.