Cindy was only 5 when her father died. She didn't even remember her mother, who had died when Cindy was only a year old. And now at 10 even her memories of her father had faded dreadfully. Cindy blamed that on her stepfamily. They kept her so busy cleaning house and pampering their small army of Spritzee and Aromatisse that Cindy had little time to think of anything but housework. She was provided no allowance for her labor as her stepfamily claimed that the work she was doing paid for her living expenses, but Cindy never saw her two stepsisters have to lift a finger so she doubted that was really true.

But regardless of the work she was required to do, what Cindy truly was jealous of were her stepfamily's Pokemon. They ran a Pokemon breeding business and were always giving away eggs to their customers. Unless the eggs were from their precious Aromatisse. Cindy wasn't sure what her stepfamily saw in the fluffy pink creatures or the Spritzee that hatched from their eggs, but the family was obsessed with them.

Despite the money they made helping other trainers breed Pokemon and the veritable army of Aromatisse they'd bred, Cindy was not allowed a single Pokemon of her own, or even a Pokeball she could use to capture her own Pokemon.

She'd been told by countless trainers passing through the area that it was dangerous to go alone into the woods or tall grasses that surrounding the breeding center, but that had never stopped her stepfamily from sending her out alone on errands like collecting water from the well. Cindy didn't really mind though, it was nice to get away from all the Aromatisse and to have some time to daydream about a time when she would have her own Pokemon.

Cindy was on one of her visits to the well, when she entered the clearing to find a small Joltik buzzing with barely reined in static energy. It looked quite frightened, though of what Cindy couldn't be sure as the woods seemed quiet and empty this morning.

Hesitant to touch but wanting to ease the Pokemon's distress, Cindy carefully approached. The Joltik buzzed nervously at her.

Cindy held up a hand and shushed him gently. "It's okay," She held out a hand, which he sniffed at warily. "I'm not here to hurt you. I'm here to help." Now that she was closer, Cindy could see that his leg had been caught in some sort of net trap. Cindy had to clamp her hands into fists to release the rush of anger the net caused her. It had almost certainly been set by her stepfamily, but why would they want to trap innocent Pokemon in nets? It wasn't as if they had any shortage of Pokemon, or any interest in Pokemon that weren't Aromatisse.

Carefully Cindy began pulling at the trap, trying to dislodge it from around Joltik's leg. Strange buzzes rushed through her fingers whenever she brushed against the Joltik, but she did her best to ignore it in the interest of setting the poor critter free.

Once it was free, the Joltik stopped for only a moment giving Cindy a strong buzz of gratitude and darted off into the trees.