blackness, nothing, after the screams came silence and a darkness so familiar yet so distant. what came after the darkness was a blade crimson and evil as if what was creating it had been tourtured into submission. they had found him he thought to himself the time for his reckoning had come.

Elijah awoke to the sounds of soldiers and civilians marching in the streets preparing for a fight. just then, a woman can be heard on the streets screaming "they're here, they're here the Empire has come for us" just as explosions can be heard in the distance. Elijah quickly got up out of his bed and put his clothes on and ran outside into the streets too see what all the fuss was about. a large star destroyer could be seen in the sky with tie fighters and drop ships coming out from it landing on the ground "this is unusual" Elijah thought to himself "normally the Empire focusses on space and air control. why would they be deploying all their troops and ships to the ground?" just then the star destroyer that was in the sky above him ignited into a blaze of fire. "oh that's why" he said out loud this time. after seeing the star destroyer explode Elijah decided that it would be best to get a move on as fast as possible. so Elijah ran back into his apartment grabbed a peculiar weapon off of his bedside table and ran out the back door into a back alley that led to a shipyard. after reaching the shipyard and climbing into his old rusted Republic LAAT (probably one of the last of its kind) as he got in the ship his modified cis tactical droid came online. "hello Elijah" it said. "mornin' dan" Elijah responded quickly before hopping into his seat. "why such a rush" dan inquired. "look outside the window" just then a fleet of tie fighters flew overhead "ahh I see, so you wish too run away again." "nope"

"what do you plan on doing then"

"retreating tactically"

"ah yes, as I have stated plenty of times it would not be wise for us to attack with our current vessel"

"you might have to say it a couple more times because I'm not getting rid of this thing quite yet!" just then Elijah had finished inputting coordinates in the ships computer and had engaged the hyperdrive getting them both away from the planet and off into hyperspace.

back on the planet Elijah and his droid just escaped from a shadowy brunette woman with a lightsaber hilt attached to her hip walked into Elijah's apartment and gazed through his room before her eyes landed on a picture at the bedside. the picture showed four figures smiling together in a group photo. a single tear came to her face as she threw a thermal detonator in the room and walked away.