a cave, dark and black. nothing can be heard except the faint sound of water dripping. inside said cave is someone. meditating, trying to forget their past life and hoping that maybe someday that they could be at peace. nevertheless that day is not today, as the Beast that had previously inhabited the cave was back. and the being meditating quietly decided he did not want to initiate conflict, so stoped meditating in this cave and went to look for another. and then the Beast noticed he was there. only it didn't seem to be so angry, just confused, as it had not seen a human before, in fact almost no wildlife on this planet had seen a human before. the Beast decided that the thing standing in front of him was not a threat and continued on with it's day. the human quietly went back to meditating as there was no threat from the Beast.

"Dan we're coming out of hyperspace fast!" Elijah yelled as sounds of sirens and whistles can be heard from their ship "maybe you should let me program the hyperspace coordinates next time" the droid responded

"sorry Dan no can do, these coordinates are mine and mine alone"

"interesting" dan stated not understanding why yet not wanting to bring it up. "well we somehow managed to make it to where alderaan used to be".

"good, there's no way the empire would come looking for us here"Elijah remarked

the room suddenly went to an eerie quietness.

"you didn't hear?"Dan asked.

"hear what?"

"emperor Palpatine is dead"

the words Struck Elijah to the core.

"are you sure?"

"if the rebels are to be trusted" the droid paused. "affirmative"

Elijah couldn't believe it, after 23 years of running just like that he was free. no more having to run from the the Sith Lord who ordered the execution of the Jedi. no more running from the individual who indirectly killed his master and one of his best friends. no more hiding from inquisitors. for the first time in 23 years Elijah felt Free.

the woman walked away from the apartment upset that she'd only missed her Target by a few minutes yet secretly relieved on the inside. knowing that he would survive another day. just then the people started rioting in excitement in the streets. as the remaining Imperial troops were killed even the ones that had surrendered. she knew she needed to get out of there before she was killed by the rebels, or worse. having her failure reported to the emperor. just then a broadcast on an Imperial frequency came through. "the emperor is dead" her head started in a flurry of questions after hearing those four words. when? how? who? although she knew why. the emperor was the face of the empire. an Empire that people had increasingly begun to hate since its inception. "nonetheless" she thought to herself "I'll still carry out this one last mission" she walked away, and stole the nearest ship with a hyperdrive and went off on her mission, her last mission.