When the marine passed through the portal, the world as he knew it drifted away into twisted, knotted ribbons that rapidly unwound around him. The passage accelerated through coursing crimson plasma that swam all around. A circular patch of darkness zoomed toward him. Upon leaving the portal, he found himself stumbling in the darkness. His head was spinning from disorientation, he could hear course breathing nearby, but he was gripped with portal sickness. The marine was forced to remove his helmet to vomit and was then babbling incoherently when suddenly being possessed by an invisible force, but the marine was able to quickly overcome the psychic attack.

The surrounding area was coated in something resembling skin, deformities and protruding bloated growths had grown from the surface. A morbid figure lurched into view of the marine, it was a demon with excessively long, repulsive front teeth that were caked in moist grime, robotic arms protruded from its black torso, thick cords were interwoven along the alloy frame, it was wearing a strapped, square transparent lens above one eye that the marine could identify as a computerized optical interface always seen worn by surgeons. It looks toward the marine and raises his spinning saw-bladed hand menacingly.

The demonic surgeon lunges toward him and widely swings the blade, the marine steps forward and kicks it into the opposing wall with a thud. It quickly fell to the ground, and picked itself up again. With his pistol raised, the marine stomped down the flesh-covered ramp leading to the portal's gate, which continued to course with energy behind him. He fires on the attacker, it jumps out of the way, then again. It lunges and attaches itself to the marine, he tosses off the offending demon, but it made a precise cut along a invisible winding seam in the armour. His armour's system immediately reports damage, he fired again. The Demon deflected the rounds off its robotic arms and made its escape through a gaping hole in the wall.

The marine allows the demon to escape and takes in his surroundings, the portal he arrived from was covered in skin, several large and small sharp horns protruded from the flesh atop of the teleporter. The walls were likewise obscured, but close to the ceiling some universal aerospace location markings could be seen, they indicated he was in Demios Science Station, Echo Labs Complex, Sector-B, Level-Five. Having been isolated in artificial hibernation, the state of the infested science station came as a shock, he had friends stationed here.

He suddenly noticed a terrible screeching that was growing louder with each passing occurrence. A deep boom came from the wall and the entire slab of flesh began to stretch and warp before tension ripped lengthy gashes and revealed seams of the massive cargo door behind the teleporter, the large protruding growths were sliced or popped grotesquely as they passed the rim of the door cavity and oozed to the floor. A tortured demonic howl came from the opening passage, accompanied by frenzied, rapid stomping.

Something big is coming, the marine reasons. With only seconds to spare, he hides under a mounding growth close to a corner of the room.

A cybernetic demon stomped into view, its mechanical legs whined as it bent to crawl under the still opening, flesh-covered door. It was a giant pulsating brain, the paths of arterial veins could be seen under the slimy trenched surface. It was seated upon a mechanized chassis supported by four robotic legs that ended in wide black hooves. The chassis had unlatched compartments in the front and back hanging open, tangled webs of cords and messy stacks of broken, repurposed circuitry were easily seen.

From his vantage, the marine caught a glance at the demon's face, it was at the base of the mass with short arms flanking it, covering that small section was a patch of skin differently hued from the rest of the body. It has a crabby-looking, enraged face. It howls and stomps loudly as it searches for what caused the disturbance. The sound of its gnashing teeth was like an orchestra of sharpening knives, accompanied by slurping guttural articulation. The marine considers preparing his BFG 9000, but the cargo door had already begun to close again, the cybernetic-demon howls a last piercing chord before disappearing under the sliding door. The growth upon it was hanging in places, scarred and oozing freely, it reached the floor with an echoing thud as the lacerated growth drips blobs of ooze to the floor.

Given the circumstances, the marine reloads the BFG 9000 in case the monstrosity returns. After some fumbling with the gun and the energy cells, he eventually finds where to insert a new magazine, the weapon's energy gauges climbed gradually.

The large Engineering Bay was bathed in darkness, a demon had at one time pulled down the large ceiling lamps. The Spider-Mastermind was standing in one of the two repair suites, clawed robotic arms protruded from the walls of the small enclosure and continued to assemble the systems of the demon's cybernetic body. The far wall held several types of large robotic construction arms resting in short-walled suites. The demonic surgeon scuttled into the chamber from a passage on a higher platform and crawled down a thin column to assist in construction. The sounds of robotic whines and welding zaps echoed through the partially corrupted workshop.

The demon held a UAC data sheet interface in its hands, reviewing the live footage from ceiling security cameras in the corrupted teleportation chamber, it shrieks angrily upon finding the intruder it was looking for. The demon pushes aside a robotic appendage and stomps out of the repair suite, it loudly approaches a control panel, the chassis' hydraulics whine as the robotic legs lowered so the demon could reach the touch screen controls with its short arms. It swipes through the various icons with its sharp-clawed, three-fingered hand. It chuckled disturbingly as it input the specified commands.

The marine was still in the teleportation chamber when energy in the portal began to churn violently and strongly pull the marine toward it. He was standing in front of the gate, the debris from broken deformities began flying toward the portal. He dashes to the gaping hole in the wall and grabs hold of its rim, he managed to hang on for a while, unable to climb inside due to the increasing strength of the pull, until the screen slipped from his grip and he went spinning into the void again.