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December 15

I don't know where I am or what happened. Last thing I remember is meeting Shingo… somewhere… I cannot remember where. Everything is still fuzzy. However, I do know someone has kidnapped me. A man named Jadeite brought me food. He told me I am here for my protection. Queen Beryl-sama ordered him to take care of me. Who is Queen Beryl-sama? Does he mean Princess Beryl from the neighboring kingdom?

If so, Jadeite needs to realize Beryl only has eyes for Prince Endymion. Even though Prince Endymion wants nothing to do with her, she keeps vying for his attention. However, I am afraid. If it is Princess Beryl who ordered me kidnapped, then what does she want? I do not believe it is for my protection. Princess Beryl hates me. She is jealous that I caught Endymions' eye, and she did not. Jadeite is one of Endymions' guards. What happened? Is Jadeite blinded by his attraction to Beryl? Why is he calling her Queen?

Never-mind, I can speculate later. Now, I must describe my surroundings in case this diary is found and I am not. The room I am in appears to be about 15 feet by 15 feet. There is a door leading to a half bathroom not too far from the bed. Both rooms have a window, but I cannot get to either one. A chain is attached to my ankle and the other end is attached to the bedpost. It only allows me to go so far, but I at least I can reach the toilet.

There is a desk which is where I found this diary and pen. Before I began writing in it, I hid it to test out hiding places. If they found it, it would have been empty. I hope an empty diary would discourage them from looking for it in the future. Though I hope I'm not here too long. My parents should be looking for me. Shingo, was he kidnapped too? Endymion, I am certain he has ordered everyone to look for me.

I have only been here two days. It was December 13th when I was kidnapped. I will add information when I can, in case my worst fears come true. Alas, it's only been two days. I should not be so morbid. Yes, I will believe I will be rescued. I will believe Shingo is okay. I will believe Endymion, my parents, and my friends will search for me. I will believe they will find me. I will believe. I will hope. I will be optimistic.