November 5

Endymion closed the diary. Kunzite said, "No matter how many times you read it, the words will not change. It will not suddenly state where Usagi is." Endymion looked up, "I know. However, Rei can." Kunzite shook his head "That Priestess will not give up the location. Besides, she said Yuichiro was taking Usagi to a contact of his and for security, she did not ask where this contact is." Endymion crossed his arms "Do you believe that?" Kunzite chuckled, shaking his head "No, but Jadeite and everyone else needs to."

Sighing, Endymion looked down "I cannot believe Jadeite did that." Nodding, Kunzite said "Neither can I. At least, when it was proven that Beryl had been behind Shingo's death and then the staged murder-suicide of Kenji and Ikuko, he sang like a canary. The fool believed Beryl loved him and believed every word she said. Although I think finding out she was claiming the baby was yours instead of his is what really made him break. Then Yuichiro was attacked." Endymion looked back up at him "How is Yuichiro?" Kunzite sighed "Slowly healing. The only reason they didn't kill him is because he convinced them he was getting supplies for the Shrine."

Endymion shook his head "He said he was on his way back, but the time he said he left to get the supplies and the time of the attack on the way back isn't long enough. Something isn't right." Kunzite nodded "I agree, but if we don't leave it at his memory being fuzzy…. It will make the wrong people suspicious." He nodded "I understand… it's just…." Sitting up, he opened the diary to the letter Usagi wrote to him. Kunzite asked "What is it?" Endymion silently read her final entry which was a letter she wrote to him.

"Do you remember that time we sneaked away, and no one found us? I do. I remember the details as if it just happened. I hope you remember it too. If you have told no one then it is still our secret spot. I wonder how it looks at night?

I hope by then you can tell me I can return home. Tell me it is over. If not, I understand, but at least…."

Kunzite asked "Endymion, what is it?" Endymion shook his head "She hopes I will tell her she can return." Kunzite nodded "You will, but right now is not the time. Even though Beryl lost most of her followers when the truth surfaced… her most devoted ones are the most dangerous. If she doesn't make it, they will seek revenge." Endymion snorted "Beryl did it to herself." Kunzite sighed "Her followers don't want to believe it. However, she did it in public so if she pulls through, she can't lie her way out of it."

Zoicite entered the room "Well, her followers have no one to follow now." Kunzite faced him "She's…." Zoicite nodded "Her Kingdom is holding a three day mourning vigil or something near Lake Metallia." Kunzite said "That's on the opposite side of their Kingdom from us. We're to their south and that Lake is in their northern territory. Why not somewhere central?" Zoicite said "To give us time to prepare in case her followers attack. It most likely won't be anything more than a few skirmishes, but better safe than sorry. That's all to report. I thought you should know before turning in. Maybe you'll get a better nights sleep." Kunzite chuckled "Thanks, Zoi. Endymion, you should turn in too. It's no telling what hell tomorrow will bring now Beryl is dead." Endymion nodded "Right behind you."

Turning out the light, he left the office. Reaching his room, he sat on his bed thinking about that last diary entry. Usagi would have known where she was going. Was it daydreaming or was she telling him to meet her there? He couldn't shake the feeling it was a message. Changing into something more discreet, Endymion eased out of his room. He could be wrong, but he wasn't going to risk it.

Finding his horse, he mounted it and headed for their secret spot.

Usagi looked at the stars. Makoto said "It's a beautiful place. How did you find it?" Usagi giggled "We thought we saw Kunzite and just ran." Makoto shook her head "You know you shouldn't be running from the guy who is supposed to protect you?" Usagi giggled again and shrugged, then her smile faltered "Now that Beryl is dead… When do you think I can go home?" Makoto sighed "I don't know, but I advise sticking around a little longer in case her followers do something." Usagi shuddered, wrapping her arms around herself "How can someone do that?" Makoto shook her head "My guess? She snapped when she realized she couldn't pass the baby off as Prince Endymions'. She got pregnant as a way to get him. It didn't work. When she went into labor, she completely lost it knowing no one believed it was Prince Endymions, screamed about not wanting the baby and then repeatedly stabbed it."

Sighing, Makoto said "I'll send Minako to speak to Rei about when you can return home…." Hearing the sound of hooves, Makoto drew her bow and arrow "Get behind me." Usagi did as told and held her breath as they waited for the horse and its rider to come into view. As the sound of hooves slowed, the horse came into view and Usagi gasped when she saw who it was "ENDYMION!" Makoto grabbed her arm when she tried to run to him "Wait. I heard another rider." Endymion looked confused. Makoto exclaimed "You didn't make sure you weren't followed?!"

A voice cut through the air as the second rider approached "No, he didn't. I thought something was up and it seems I was right." Makoto sighed "Kunzite." Kunzite said "I made sure I wasn't followed, so we're good for now." Endymion faced him "How did you find me?" Kunzite chuckled "You suddenly reread her final diary entry as if you figured something out. After I heard the door to your room close, I went back to your office and read the entry. When I left the office, you were going out the side door that leads to the stables."

Endymion slumped his shoulders at his carelessness. Kunzite dismounted "Don't fret too much. If I hadn't gone back to the office, I'd be in bed thinking you were asleep. Now go, you don't have all night." Endymion dismounted and went to Usagi. Makoto stepped aside so Usagi could go to him. Endymion wrapped his arms around her, picking her up and spinning her around "Usagi, I've missed you." She clung to him "I missed you too." Putting her back on her feet, he kissed her.

Usagi said "I was hoping you'd get my message." Endymion nodded "I should have realized it sooner..." She shook her head as he kept his arms around her waist "You had Beryl and Jadeite to deal with. I knew there was a chance you wouldn't be able to come..." Endymion said "Nothing could have kept me from being here. Usagi..." She put a finger to his lips "I know. Beryl's dead, but I must wait a little longer before returning home." Looking at Makoto, she said "Can I bring him home with us?"

Kunzite stifled a chuckled while Endymion scrunched his nose "You say that as if I'm a lost puppy." Usagi giggled, looking up at him "Well, you are cute, but I was thinking even though we don't have all night, I could at least offer you something to drink. Besides, the cabin we rented nearby will offer more privacy." Makoto said "She has a point. Even though you weren't followed, we need to be cautious especially given the hour."

They made their way to the cabin. As they drank tea, Endymion said "Usagi, there is something I wish to speak with you about… in private..." Usagi blushed and Makoto sighed "Usagi's bedroom is the first door on the right." Now it wasn't just Usagi blushing. Endymion cleared his throat "That… I…." Kunzite chuckled "We will be here on guard. I'll knock when it's time to go." They nodded and hurriedly went to the bedroom.

Makoto shook her head "They're madly in love. Usagi tells me they were going to announce their relationship at last years Christmas Ball." Kunzite nodded "They were." Makoto asked "Did you ever find out what set Beryl off?" Nodding again, he replied "We think she somehow found out about their relationship and did all this in retaliation." Makoto sighed then paused mid sip as noises came from the bedroom "How long before they wed?" Kunzite smiled "Once this is mostly over and we make sure Beryls remaining followers aren't a huge threat, they'll wed. Probably at the Christmas Ball this year, but it will not be held on the same day as last year. This year it will be on the 20th." Makoto said "To avoid copycats?" Kunzite sighed "That and it will be the one year anniversary of her kidnapping and Shingos death. One year since all of this began."

Makoto nodded and set her tea down as the noises from the bedroom became nonstop "I think… I'm going to stand guard outside." Kunzite stood "I think I will join you. Not sure how much more of that I can listen to." Once outside, they stood there a moment, enjoying the silence then Makoto asked "Kunzite, how do you feel about Minako?" Kunzite turned his head so fast, she thought he was going to injure himself. He stuttered "W-why do you ask?" Shrugging, she said "Just wondering." He narrowed his eyes "Why does this feel like a trap?" Makoto shook her head "It isn't, but if you want her… be at the Hikawa Shrine on November 15 around noon. Minako will be there inquiring about how safe it is for Usagi to return."

Kunzite said "Why then? Why not wait until all this is over?" Makoto said "There is someone eyeing her and he's waiting until the worst of this blows over before making his move. Last I heard he's going to wait until after the new year, but he might move in during the Christmas Ball. Even if no one else was after her, do you really think the drama surrounding those two will ever end?"

He chuckled as he looked up at the stars "In that case, I will definitely be there." The drama surrounding Usagi and Endymion was probably never ending and he'd be damned if he sat back while some other man made a move on Minako.

AN: Thank you for reading my attempt at a prompt with a deadline. I hope you've enjoyed it.