Several years have passed since Cosmo bite the dust while saving the universe…

Several months have passed since Tails saved Wave from Sonic (who converted as a famous bounty hunter and opened his first ever themed restaurant in which Tails and Wave used to work in…)

Sonic's evil plan was foiled as he planned to make Wave the dish of a new concept of restaurant called BFB (Babylon Fried Babylonian, just like KFC)…

Just after their escape, Tails and Wave faced Mephiles (who was resurrected and hired by Sonic to take Tails and Wave down), Princess Elise and Shadow (who became Princess Elise's her food taster)…

Tails and Wave's relationship went from rivalry to close friendship…

One day, Eggman just died and his will says that The Babylon Rogues inherit his fortunes and his machines…

And when they die, everything will revert to Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts…


"Babylonians inherit first ?"


"And we come after the birdies ?

No fair!"


"The monkey's right Scratch!

We have to terminate the Babylon Rogues before they can take us Eggman's fortune and legacy…"


"Yeah !

Those birds have got to go!"


At the "Sally Acorn Hotel"…

Wave found out about the will…


"And It says that The Babylon Rogues inherits Eggman's fortune…"


"The only problem is that Jet and Storm are dead!

So only you own Eggman's money…"

Jet and Storm arrive…

Jet & Storm



"Jet ?

Storm ?"