So this is a slightly edited version of Star Wars. I'm hoping this will work where you can start from The Phantom Menace and go along until you get to Return of the Jedi and possibly beyond.

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The Phantom Menace (edit)

For over a thousand generations the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy.

Thanks to the watchful eyes of the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Council, the galaxy has enjoyed nearly a millennium of peace and prosperity.

But the Galactic Republic has been engulfed in turmoil.

In order to resolve matters of tax disputes, the Trade Federation has stopped all shipping to the small planet of Naboo. What is worse is neither the Republic nor the Jedi are aware of this turmoil.

Meanwhile, Supreme Commander Palpatine sends Jedi to every part of the galaxy...

Somewhere in outer space, a Consular-class cruiser was making its journey towards the planet Naboo.

Young Jedi Padawan Obi Wan Kenobi stared out into space. His master Qui Gon Jinn was sat opposite. Qui Gon was one of the wisest of Jedi and had trained at least two Jedi before Obi Wan became his Padawan.

He had felt a close bond with his master, as the closest thing he had to a father. However, Qui Gon had his own principles regarding the Force and his teachings would often sound contradictory to the teachings of other Jedi like Master Yoda.

He turned to Qui Gon, "Master, why are we doing this?" he asked.

Qui Gon looked at him, "the Jedi are the keepers of peace," he explained, "it is our duty to ensure that peace still remains,"

"But what is the point, Master, if there's hardly ever any threat to deal with?"

"That's the thing, my young apprentice, you don't know when an attack will strike. What if something happens and we're not there to resolve it?"

"I still think I should have stayed," Obi Wan muttered, "I could be doing combat training right now."

Qui Gon Jinn turned towards the window and saw the planet Naboo, but a large Lucrehulk-class freighter was stationed right outside the planet's atmosphere. Its spherical appearance made it resemble a natural satellite, but with a planetary ring also.

Qui Gon had a close look at the freighter, before realising he had seen the ship before.

"That's the flagship of the Trade Federation." He made his way to the ship's captain Maoi Madakor, Obi Wan followed

"It's the Trade Federation," he explained, "Their ships will no doubt be defended. I advise you to seek permission to land,"

Maoi Madakor flicked a few switches to communicate with the freighter.

"Hello! Hello!" She spoke down a mic, "this is Captain Makador with two Jedi Knights on a routine checkup of the planet's security. We request permission to pass, we mean you no harm."

A voice came out of the speakers in reply

"No need for inspection," they said, "Naboo is fine. The Queen sends her regards to the Jedi, but she no longer requires them."

Qui Gon and Obi Wan sensed a disturbance in the force, something wasn't right.

Qui Gon leaned over to Captain Makador's ear, "I sense a great amount of distress on the planet," he spoke quietly, "tell them you have orders from the Supreme Chancellor,"

"By orders of the Supreme Chancellor himself," she replied, "we request that you let the Jedi Knights through,"

"We have told you before, Naboo is fine." answered the bridge of the freighter, "this is your last chance to turn your ship around, before we send our fleet of fighters in."

"I'm not convinced all is fine until I see it for myself."

Just then, five vulture-class starfighters came flying towards them, shooting blast fire at them. Captain Makador swiftly steered left and came past them.

They were now heading towards Naboo with the starfighters hot on their tail.

Obi Wan looked back, "does this ship have laser cannons?" He yelled

"Of course it doesn't have lazer cannons," Captain Makador yelled, "it's a diplomatic cruiser!"

The starfighters blasted laserfire a few times, resulting in a few near-misses as flashes of green shot past them.

"Perhaps we could concentrate on not dying?" Obi Wan scolded

"Hold on tight!" Captain Makador warned, "we are about to hit the atmosphere!" She accelerated the ship's speed as they neared the atmosphere.

The starfighters delivered another blow of laserfire at the ship and actually managed to hit the ship.

A surge of energy crippled the ship's power.

"I've lost power!" cried the Captain.

The ship drifted towards the planet. Qui Gon looked on ahead. He turned to the Captain, "can you still steer the ship?" He asked

"Barely!" She exclaimed, "once we hit the atmosphere the gravity will pull us to the ground at a great speed! We'll die on impact!"

"No," said Qui Gon, "Kenobi and I will use the force to land the ship."

"Master," Obi Wan objected, "I can't do this!"

"Yes you can, my apprentice," Qui Gon assured him, "just trust in the force," he turned to Captain Makador, "may the force be with you."

Qui Gon walked to the back of the ship, Obi Wan followed him

"Reach out to the ship with your mind." Qui Gon instructed. Obi Wan obeyed and closed his eyes, stretching out his arm to use the force.

He tried to feel the force between the ship and the planet, but he couldn't feel anything. The ship hit the atmosphere and was dropping down to the land very fast. Obi Wan panicked.

"Concentrate!" He heard Qui Gon cry out.

Obi Wan tried to concentrate again. Qui Gon had managed to tilt the ship so it was horizontal, but suddenly the back of the ship tore off and the two Jedi were sucked out of the atmosphere.

They watched as the ship spun out of control and crash landed in a forest where it was engulfed in flames.