Obi Wan was still falling through the sky, minutes before the ground, he saw smoke rising from the forest where the diplomatic cruiser had crashed, no doubt Captain Makador was dead.

He saw his master Qui Gon Jinn to his right, also falling to his impending doom, but seeming unusually calm about it. Why was he so calm?

He turned over to Obi Wan and linked with him telepathically: 'remember your training, Obi Wan. Use the force between you and the ground'

Obi Wan remembered the force-landing technique and began positioning himself ready to force land, except when he called out to the force he couldn't feel it.

'relax!' Qui Gon called through telepathy, 'your fear is causing you to fail'

Obi Wan put his trust in the force and the two of them landed smoothly on the ground.

Obi Wan gave a sigh of relief, but was confused and shaken by the events that had just transpired. Why did the Trade Federation attack the Jedi? What were they trying to hide about Naboo?

They came across the burning remains of the diplomatic cruiser. Qui Gon walked over and ignited his lightsaber. He pierced through the cockpit, still intact, with it and cut his way in, only to find the body of Captain Makador smoked out.

Qui Gon unfastened her seatbelt and pulled her out. Obi Wan was devastated to see she was indeed dead, he felt this was his fault had he not been distracted by fear, the Captain would still be alive.

Qui Gon and Obi Wan buried her body in the ground, then went onwards through the forest.

"I'm sorry, Master," said Obi Wan as they walked through the forest, "I failed to hold on to the ship and now Captain Makador is dead because of me."

Qui Gon turned round, "it's not your fault, my apprentice," he assured him, "this is an attack that has not been launched on a Jedi in a long time." He stared off into the distance, shaken also by the attack, "Never in my lifetime has this ever happened," he murmured to himself.

"Master Yoda spoke of a Great War," Obi Wan replied, "between the Jedi and the Sith."

"Yes," replied Qui Gon, "the Sith were embodiments of the dark side of the force who ruled the galaxy bringing nothing but terror and destruction." "Thankfully," he continued, "the Sith are no longer with us. They were defeated nearly a thousand years ago. Since then, the galaxy has endured centuries of peace."

They suddenly heard the sound of ships flying. They looked up and saw the ships of the Trade Federation flying across the sky.

Qui Gon pointed in the direction they went. "I have a feeling those ships are headed to Theed." He said, "That way is our best option getting to the Queen."

The two began walking in the direction the ships went. Through the thick swampy forests of Naboo.

Presently, they heard a crunching sound in the distance, sounding very much like trees falling over.

"I heard something, Master," said Obi Wan

"I heard it too,"

The distant sound grew louder and louder, and soon came the mechanic screeching of a hover vehicle. They soon saw a fast approaching army tank piloted by one of the Trade Federation's security droids.

"We'd better make pace," suggested Qui Gon with haste

The two Jedi began to run, but the tank came closer and closer. Obi Wan Kenobi was about to consider a force-dash, but a sudden figure appeared on the road, completely oblivious to the fact an army tank of death was fast approaching.

'Come on, stupid,' Obi Wan thought to himself, 'move!'

As they approached closer to the figure, they realised it was a Gungan, the native amphibian race of Naboo. The Gungan was ten yards away from death when he turned around and saw the monstrous tank about to crash into him. He screamed in terror. Qui Gon Jinn jumped on him and pinned him to the ground. Obi Wan managed to jump away to the side. The tank hovered over Qui Gon and the Gungan and then disappeared.

Qui Gon and the Gungan got up. Qui Gon stared into the direction the tanks went.

"Mesa tankin' yousa,"

Qui Gon turned to see the relieved, but shaken up Gungan

"Don't mention it, my friend," said Qui Gon

"No, no, there must be someting mesa can do in return. Tis demanded by the gods."

Then Obi Wan came forward, completely frustrated. "What are you, brainless?!" he scolded the Gungan, "you could have gotten us all killed!"

"I speak,"

"Yes, and so can malfunctioned protocol droids!"

"Kenobi!" Qui Gon scolded, "that is enough!"

Qui Gon turned to the Gungan. "I understand this attack must have been a shock to you. It has been a shock to us all. I must ask you though as a local, do you know the quickest way to Theed?"

The Gungan thought for a moment, "da best way to da Teed is in Otoh Gunga, 'tis a hidden city where I was raised."

"Can you take us there?" asked Qui Gon.

"Sure Ting!" replied the Gungan, he gestured for Qui Gon and Obi Wan to follow.