"Master, what's a bongo?"

"I am hoping it's some kind of transport."

"If it is some kind of transport, Master, how will we know where we're going?"

Qui Gon Jinn turned to see his doubtful Padawan, "Remember your training, my young apprentice." He instructed, "trust in the living Force and let it guide you."

"Yes, master," Obi wan affirmed, though in his mind still doubtful.

They came to a boarding platform where a bio-engineered submarine stood. It was of an unusual design in comparison to many of the transport vehicles well known in the galaxy as it loosely resembled a squid, with tentacles attached to the rotor behind.

The two Jedi boarded the submarine. Obi Wan flicked on a few switches and then pulled a lever.

The submarine drove through the bubble membrane and away from the underwater city into the murky darkness. Obi Wan flicked on a switch to turn on the submarine's searchlights.

Obi Wan began to sense danger was coming, Qui Gon sensed it as well. All of a sudden, the submarine lurched and was being dragged backwards.

Qui Gon Jinn looked behind him to see a luminous Opee Sea Killer had hooked them with its long sticky frog-like tongue and now had the submarine in it's jaws.

"It's a big fish!" He exclaimed to his apprentice, "full speed ahead!"

Obi Wan hastily accelerated the submarine's speed, causing the Opee Sea Killer to finally let go, but the creature continued on hot pursuit.

A much larger sea creature came on pursuit of the Opee Sea Killer, the incredible 200 metre long Sando Aqua Monster, which clamped its jaws on the smaller beast, unintentionally rescuing the Jedi knights.

"There's always a bigger fish," Qui Gon remarked. They carried on down deeper into the dark. They had been going for some time before Obi Wan began to have doubts.

"Master, what if there is no shortcut and the Gungans are luring us into a trap?"

"Is that what you are sensing?"

"No, but I can't see anything in this murky water. I'm not sure there's anything to find."

"You are looking with your eyes, not with your mind." Corrected Qui Gon Jinn, "trust in the force, not your eyes."

"Yes, Master," said Obi Wan, "but I am sensing danger up ahead."

"That would be the fish," remarked Qui Gon

"Not just the fish," said Obi Wan, "something else lies ahead...more elusive, but ready for us."

"Doubts are drawing your anxieties, Obi Wan. Keep your concentrations here and now where they belong."

"But Master Yoda says we should be mindful of the future."

"Yes, but not at the expense of this moment. Be mindful of the living Force."

"Yes, Master,"

Obi Wan turned around and stopped the sub suddenly at the sight of the face of a Colo Claw Fish. The Claw fish, resembling an eel with a crocodile's head, was stunned also at the sight of the submarine and began to rear back.

"Turn around!" called Qui Gon.

Obi Wan obeyed and hastily turned the submarine around and sped the transport away from the Colo Caw Fish, the fish chasing them. The Sando Aqua Monster they had encountered before had caught up to them

"Not good," Obi Wan said to himself. The Aqua Monster opened its jaws wide, Obi Wan accelerated the submarine across the jaws of the beast. The beast only just missed the submarine and instead caught the Colo Claw Fish. Qui Gon Jinn began to sense a way out of the danger zone. He saw an outcropping of rocks up ahead and pointed for Obi Wan to drive there...