A/N: Written for

Yuki Yuna is a Bingo Flash, #077 – moan
Diversity Writing Challenge, a63 – write about a major character

Cries of the Silent

She isn't one to complain about misfortune. Not her strict upbringing, or the way the attention on her suddenly lets up with the arrival of a little sister. Not when her parents failed to come home one day, and instead it was women in robes and masks come to hand her a new and damning fate on a silver platter. Not when they came again, a couple of years later, with a contract for her little sister as well, and the request she cast a net to catch others as well.

She plays her role, even when she cries inside and prays they all make it out alive. But when their dreams and her sister's future falls to pieces one by one, she can't stay silent anymore.