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Yuki Yuna is a Bingo Flash, #141 – Fu/Yuna
Diversity Writing Challenge, a65 - write a fic centered on one character's view on another character

A Sticky Web

If she's the puppet tangled in the strings of the puppeteer and sent out with a web, she wonders if Yuna is most the innocent fly who's wandered into it. And she feels bad afterwards, because her little sister is also involved, and it's not as though Mimori or Karin deserve to be constantly fighting either, but there's just something about Yuna and her earnest ways that tugs at Fu's heart every time.

Maybe it's because Karin knew what she was getting into. Maybe it's because Mimori needs a push like this to get her back onto her feet. Maybe it's because Itsuki too, in a way, needs this push to find her confidence, her independence. Maybe it's because Yuna isn't prepared and doesn't have a need for these things, and that she's only sacrificing for the sake of others and why is it her spirit and her powers have to be so attractive and powerful to tie her to this fate?

But she's caught in the web and Fu is a puppet and an instigator and both the captor and the prey and, in all honesty, she's a tangled mess who can't keep her eyes of Yuna if she tried.