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Yuki Yuna is a Bingo Flash, #041 – hairclip
Diversity Writing Challenge, a72 – write a fluffy piece

Her Innocent Days

Mimori doesn't remember much about her childhood, but she remembers the time after the accident pretty well. Perhaps it's because it's a clean slate, or perhaps they're just memorable things in the context of having lost them once already.

But she remembers being carried into the house by her father, remembers the kids from the hospital dressing up her wheelchair in balloons and ribbons, remembers the cake that was waiting after she was dropped off at the dining room. She remembers how normal it felt to have someone around: her parents, or a maid, or one of Taisha's followers when they weren't available. She remembers starting school and how nobody treated her any different, going shopping with the girls and picking out cute keyrings and hairclips and trading amongst each other.

She remembers smiling so much her cheeks hurt and she doesn't know if that's normal or not but it's the way things are. And, normal or not, she knows she doesn't want to forget these ordinary accepting, calm and happy days that others may take for granted. She doesn't want to lose them.

Perhaps a part of her always knew it was the calm between the storms.