I recently re-watched Godzilla King of the Monsters and during the movie I got the idea for a crossover with Star Wars. I remember in the film the scientists saying that Ghidoria was not from earth but from space and It got me thinking "What if Ghidoria was sith made?" I know the idea is not cannon because both Franchises are owned by two separate companies but I thought I would give it a try. Anyway this story takes place in an alternate timeline after the Force Awakens and after King of the Monsters. Without further delay lets begin our story!

Chapter 1: Luke's vision

Luke stood in the midst of the ruined city Where am I? The old Jedi Master asked himself, last he remembered he was still on Ahch To in his bed. Suddenly a loud roar pierced the air causing the Jedi master to turn around and see a large winged creature with three heads standing behind him, its gold body shimmering the the fires of destruction that surrounded it No! It can't be! He told himself as the creature let out another roar and began to lumber towards him. Luke staggered back as the creature approached and then fell to the ground This creature can't be alive, no! Luke said to himself as one of the creatures heads lowered to him and gazed at him with its large orange eyes. Suddenly the creature was struck by a large energy blast, Luke turned to see another creature appear, it was bipedal with large spines down its back. The creature roared and charged to attack the three headed beast as Luke watched in horror. "It will return" a voice said, causing Luke to get up and turn around to see the figure of Ben Kenobi standing near him "Ben what do you mean?" Luke asked "It will return Luke" the old man said and suddenly a cloud of smoke came rushing towards them burying both men

Rey woke up suddenly as she heard loud banging on her door "Chewie do you know what time it is?" she said as she opened the door, but instead of the wookie standing in front of her it was Luke "We need to leave" Luke said "Has the First Order found us?" Rey asked now alert as ever "No, but we have a bigger issue at hand" Luke said "Pack your bags, we need to leave now, the fate of the galaxy is at stake!" Luke added has he hurried off to collect this belongings. Rey stood at the door for a moment What could have caused this? Rey thought, if the First Order hasn't found us, then why in the force are we leaving Ahch To?

"We should at least contact your sister and the rest of the Resistance" Rey asked as she entered the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon, causing her Wookie first mate Chewbacca to growl in agreement "No time, besides I doubt they could help us" Luke said as he sat down behind Chewbacca. Rey then turned the ship off "What are you doing?" Luke asked seriously, "I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what the hell is going on," Rey said. Luke sighed "Alright kid, you really want to know?" Luke said "Yeah, I think me and Chewie would both like to know" Rey answered with a hint of sarcasm in her voice, "There is an ancient sith demon that I believe has returned and we need to stop it before it can wreak havoc on the galaxy" Luke replied "A sith demon?" Rey asked "Yes, a sith demon, a creature made purely from the dark side of the force" Luke responded "It was created by Darth Naga Sadow eons ago, but now it has returned" he added. Rey looked at the old man nervously as she started up the ship "On second thought, yeah lets get Leia involved" Luke said causing Rey to smile.

Finn looked out at the starry sky on Yavin IV like he did some nights, waiting for a particular ship to arrive "Still waiting?" a voice asked causing him to turn around to see his best friend, pilot Poe Dameron walking towards him with his white and orange droid BB-8 in tow "Yeah" Finn said dejectedly. Finn was waiting for the Millennium Falcon to arrive and to see Rey again "I know that her leaving you behind was hard to handle" Poe said "I don't blame her for doing it, I kinda almost did to her back on Takodana" Finn said calmly and sighed. It had seemed like years ago that he had deserted his former life as a First Order Stormtrooper to save Poe which in turn caused him to run into Rey after the two of them tried to escape in a First Order TIE fighter and were shot down "How is the physical therapy going?" Poe asked him "Good, but I do think it's a little unnecessary" Finn said "Well, just be thankful that Ren's blade didn't go any further, or else you would have been paralyzed" Poe added just as his comlink went off "Poe, Finn, get to the main hangar area, we have someone who wants to see you both!" a voice said causing both men to sprint towards the hangar.

Rey smiled as she was greeted by the throng of Resistance fighters It's good to be home she told herself "REY!" a voice yelled causing her to turn from the throng and see a black man running towards her "FINN!" she yelled and took off towards him and then hugged him as she reached him "Oh my God, I missed you!" she said to him holding him close "I know, I've missed you too" Finn said as tears began to fall from his eyes "I'm glad to see that you two are reunited" a voice said causing both of them to stop hugging and see General Leia Organa standing near her brother "When you two are done getting reacquainted we need you in the war room for briefing" she added. Finn looked at Rey nervously "What's going on?" he asked Rey "We might have a new threat" Rey told him.

"So let me get this straight, you had a vision of some ancient demon creature returning and you want to find it?" Poe asked Luke "Correct commander Dameron, this is Razgera" Luke said as he pressed a button on the holo table and caused images of a large three headed winged monster to appear on the screen "Its name means bringer of storms, it was created by Darth Naga Sadow during the first Sith war as a weapon against Republic forces" Luke added "What happened to it?" an officer asked nervously "It vanished after Sadow was killed, some say it vanished into the galactic core to look for worlds to conquer as its master had created it to do" Luke replied "We might have one lead about where it may have gone though" Luke added as he pressed another button and a picture of a creature frozen in ice appeared on the screen "I had some of the techs run some deep satellite scans and they managed to find this image from a communications satellite from a planet named Earth" Leia said "So what are we waiting for? Lets go to Earth and kill this thing!" Poe said "It's not that easy Poe" Leia said "Earth's people are primitive and have no knowledge of our technology, if we arrive there we might cause panic" she added "So we send a team" Finn chimed in "Me, Rey, Poe, Luke and anyone else who wants in, that way we cause less of a panic," he added. Leia looked at him and smiled, "You have my permission to go, but take Threepio you might need him" Leia said.

"Oh I do hope the people on Earth are kind towards droids" Threepio said nervously causing Artoo to send out a flurry of beeps and clicks "A worrywort am I? Well when they rip you circuit from circuit I won't be a worrywort will I you careless bucket of bolts" Threepio snapped back "Relax, if they are primitive they might worship you as a god like the Ewoks did" Luke said to the droid as they boarded the Falcon "You do make an excellent point Master Luke" Threepio replied as he followed Luke onto the ship. Luke always admired the differences between Threepio and Artoo. Threepio was cautious, Artoo was bold and brash just like him when he was younger, after all the little droid had been with him through many of his adventures. Luke looked back one last time at the base, the base where his journey into the rebellion began, and where a new journey was about to begin.