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Chapter 7: Smash and Grab

Madison looked out at the vast deep ocean as she sat in the atrium, it was the one place on Castle Bravo that she could find peace and quiet. She watched as a group of Manta rays swam by "Enjoying the view Miss Madison?" a robotic voice asked. Madison turned around to see C-3PO and R2-D2 entering the room "I am" she said smiling "This is the one place where I can focus" she said "Any word about my father?" she asked. R2 let out a series of beeps "What did he say?" Madison asked "R2 has not received any word yet about your father" Threepio replied causing Madison to look away disappointed "Is something wrong?" Threepio asked her "I just miss him, I feel like after my mom died he takes his work more seriously than me" she replied. Suddenly R2 rolled up to her and put his body against hers and let out a series of chirps and beeps "Threepio what is he doing?" Madison asked nervously "R2 says that he understands what you are going through, he missed Master Luke during his exile, and if I can be honest Miss Madison, so did I" Threepio replied. Madison then walked up and hugged Threepio who at first staggered a little bit but then hugged her back "Thank you Threepio" Madison said.

"Castle Bravo, dead ahead" One of the knights said as the Xi-class shuttle made its way through the thick clouds "Any radio chatter?" Lairia asked "None yet" The knight replied "Good, catching them by surprise will make this all the easier" Ren said. Suddenly the radio on the ship started to go off "Unidentified Aircraft, turn back now, this is restricted airspace! Repeat this is-" the voice said until Ren turned the radio off "They know we are here!" Javeon said. Ren was glad he had his helmet on, he did not want his knights to see the nervous look on his face. He wasn't scared when they stormed the compound, he knew the people there had little or no military training, but now he and his knights were going up against a whole facility of highly disciplined and well trained troops "Lord Ren, you ready?" Javeon asked "Always" Ren replied.

Madison ran to the command center as alarm sirens went off "What is going on?" she asked one of the officers "There is an unidentified craft trying to land here" the officer said, he then pulled up a video feed of the craft "What is that?" Madison asked "That would be the shuttle of Kylo Ren, wait Kylo Ren! OH NO!" Threepio exclaimed "Kylo Ren?" Madison asked "Kylo Ren is the evil servant of the First Order" Threepio explained. Suddenly shots rang out on the video feed as four figures dressed in black emerged from the craft with various weapons. Then one of them ignited a three bladed sword and pushed the soldiers back without even touching them! "Lock down the elevators!" an officer yelled as various staff members and soliders grabed weapons and took up defensive positions "Miss Madison, we need to leave now!" Threepio said. Suddenly a massive crashing sound was heard in the elevator and then the door to the elevator flew off and the figures appeared. Madison ducked behind a console as the defenders opened fire, she covered her ears as the screams of the dying filled the air.

Ren smiled behind his helmet as the last of the defenders slunk to the ground dead, he then looked up to see Threepio and Artoo standing in shock "Hello Threepio" Ren said "Master Ben" Threepio said in a voice as angry as his programing would allow "How is my mother?" Ren asked as he approached the golden droid, causing Artoo to let out a series of angry beeps "I've missed you as well Artoo" Ren said "I do not feel the same, you murdered your father and brought so much pain to the galaxy!" Threepio said "Don't lecture me droid, now where is the girl?" Ren said as he put his lightsaber to Threepio's neck "You have 30 seconds to come out or I kill the droid!" Ren yelled.

Madison stood up "I'm here you asshole" She said. Ren turned and looked at her "Come with us, or the droid dies" He snarled "Don't do it Miss Madison!" Threepio exclaimed "Silence droid!" one of the knights said. Madison looked at Threepio, she didn't want him to get hurt but she also did not want to go with Ren "Hurry up girl, my patience grows thin!"Ren snapped "I will go with you, and by my own free will" Madison said "Good" Ren said as he de-ignited his blade "Javeon, bind her" Ren said. Javeon walked up and bound Madison's hands with cuffs "Lets go" Javeon said as he led Madison away.

"You won't get away with this you know" Madison said as she was forced into a seat on the shuttle "Quiet or we will gag you" a knight with a female voice said. Madison said nothing else after that, she could only hope that her father and new friends would find her, wherever they were taking her.