A big, expensive car pulled up near the private middle school. The chauffeur opened the back door. The girl who stepped out of the door was 11 years old, Regina George. She had braces and glasses. She was very nervous at that moment. She stepped out alongside her mother.

"Mom, I'm nervous.", mumbled Regina.

She looked up straight at her.

"I get it. Starting a new school is rough. Your own mother was nervous in middle school and I turned out just fine.", answered Mrs. George.

She winked at Regina. This made Regina blush in embarrassment.

"Yeah, but Mom, this is different.", confided Regina.

"I know, it's just I miss everyone at my old school. I heard from some friends and their older siblings who are in middle school, say that it is worse than elementary school.", said Regina.

That almost made Mrs. George laugh.

"Don't be so dramatic! I'm sure they were just doing that just to make fun of their younger siblings for all their worrying, "said Mrs. George .

That comment almost made Regina laugh. She knew that she has a little sister now and pretty sure that she might tell stories to her friends one day in the future. about her when she was in middle school.

"Okay then have fun.",said Mrs. George.

She went in the car and left. Regina watched as the car pulled away. Regina looked back at the school and gulped as went inside of the school of the building.