"The last time you came to me, I asked you to leave. This time I'm ordering you to!" Summer Rose stared an a fellow Orokin in front of her door. Unlike most other Orokin, she opted to not augment herself to look high class, despite being an Archmedian dedicated to Void research. Hence, she retained her pale skin and red-borderline black hair, even her silver eyes.

"There won't be a next time." The Orokin left moments later.

Perhaps her untampered appearance served as a constant reminder of her humble origins as a lowly servant, working her way up from the lower echleons of the Corposium just so that she could become an Archmedian.

Now she has a husband and two daughters that were part of her life.

Well, one daughter.

For being a genetically engineered serf, Taiyang had always been adventurous, and his rise from the lower stratums of Orokin society has given him all he needed to visit the realms beyond. Back then, he had always wanted to visit the now habitable Tau System, and so did her two children. Being as busy as she was, Summer couldn't have gone with them without anyone noticing, so with a few words and a few goodbyes, they left on the Zariman Ten-Zero.

She had no way to predict that that was the last time she would see her husband and daughter.

The next time she did, he had been turned insane by Void exposure, her eldest daughter vanished without a trace, and her remaining family member gaining void powers.

Fellow Orokin had attempted to quarantine all of them on the account that an investigator had been burned by one of these 'Void Demons'. Not her daughter, however.

She moved upstairs and stopped immediately in front of her room, a plaque on it read in their language 'Ruby Rose'.

"Ruby, I'm coming in."

"No! Please don't!"

Summer's heart pained at hearing that, and she opened those doors anyway. On the day she departed, Ruby was the happiest ball of overloaded cuteness she has ever seen. The now teenaged sized, sobbing figure who is attempting to hide herself in a corner was far from that.

"Ruby, you don't have to worry about hurting me." Summer fearlessly moved towards her daughter, despite her attempts to sink further into the walls behind her.

"I...I...!" Ruby stuttered, partially making out a void blast in doing so.

It knocked away Summer slightly, but only for her to continue, as she reached her arms out.

"Focus on what you want to do. Dream of not who you are, but of what you want to be."

This time, Ruby peaked out of her arms to her mother, both of her silver eyes coming in contact with Summer's own as she reached out. For a moment, she swore that her hands had turned transparent, then back again before splitting into multiple instances, all of which ceased to happen when she reached her mother.

"But...How?" Ruby was no longer phasing through everything like she did for the last few days. She had not felt the warmth of someone else other than herself, yet right now she can be sure she is holding her mother's hands.

"The Void is highly susceptible to suggestion; hence it being ever-formless, everchanging. It takes a simpler soul, or even just a concrete idea to make it what do what you want it to." Summer lifted Ruby up to her feet, now staring into her tear-stained face. "The first step in controlling anything is by knowing the extent of it. Hence, we shall learn."

A streak of red zoomed throughout the Plains of Eidolon, any Grineer who had the misfortune of being in its way met their fate by a quick death. And Tusk Ballistas were immediately shot.

Several Grineer moved up as their only weapon was a machete, yet they were killed just as quickly when a curved blade the shape of a scythe slashed them in quick succession.

They didn't even realize their bodies were gone until death. Soon, only one red-themed Gauss remained.

"That was a close one." Ruby stated, her voice being projected by the Warframe.

"Operator, a message from Jaune."

"Play it Ordis."

The holographic projection then showed an Oberon Prime while it spoke. "This is Jaune of the Beacon Tenno Clan. I have a message for Clan Founder Ruby. I don't have much time. Look."

The projection moved on to see an incubation tube in a Grineer facility. Its specifics led Ruby to conclude that it is a Sealab on Uranus. "Tyl Regor is brewing something powerful. I've intercepted a massive amount of Kuva being transported from the Fortress to this one facility. Ren did some recon and found blueprints for haymaker handcannons that could take out an Inaros."

Voices came from behind, revealing Mag Prime firing a Veldt at some Grineer while tapping on Jaune.

"I hope this reaches you, Ruby. Warn the Tenno Council."

The video ended, prompting Ruby to dash back to Cetus.