Built using the ingenuity of the major Tenno Clans and contributions by millions of still active Tenno, the Amity Relay was constructed in orbit around the sun.

Truly a sight to behold, it is consistently protected by 200 Railjacks with a compliment of at least a thousand Elite Tenno, each of them with Mastery Ranks above 20.

In a sense, this relatively oversized relay is the first true home of the Tenno since the Orokin Empire countless millennia ago. The same Tenno who led them since the Old War, collectively known as the Tenno Council, deliberates on their collective action even today.

A red and black themed Scimitar slowly eased its way into one of the relay's docking bays, raising its nose until it was completely perpendicular to the platform, and from its turnstile came Ruby clad in her Gauss, the one and only Crescent sniper-scythe dangling from her back, and a red hooded cloak covered her body as she strode into the relay's central hub. Simply upon entry, and one can see the countless Tenno clad in Warframes of all spectrums of colors.

Due to how many Tenno frequent this location, some have taken up commerce as their main source of income.

"We've got Prime Weapon sets! Each at 30 Platinum!"

The reaper looked to her left to see a massive stockpile of prime parts, likely a commerce clan focused on relic cracking. She then looked forward, where a Wukong and Nezha, one holding a Ninkondi nunchaku, the other a Zekti pistol heading towards the local dueling room.

As she made her way up the stairs to the Council Chambers in the highest floor, the concentration of Tenno increased. Several guards formed a chain to stop the other Tenno from swarming into the chamber where Syndicate leaders, and the four elder Tenno are meeting.

"Excuse me!"

Ruby's proclamation immediately drew everyone's attention.

"I'm Ruby, delivering a message from JNPR."

"I don't know how much time we have left before the Sentients strike again." Ozpin deadpanned, leaning onto his chair as he stated what was evidently obvious. For being one of the Tenno who witnessed the construction of the Sentient All-Mother Salem, the Paradox Warframe has been part of this council since its formation.

"But what we can do is prepare for their arrival. My clan has already assembled 5 thousand Railjacks, with another 20 thousand ready in several Earth cycles." Ironwood stated. "Cressa, I presume we'll have Steel Meridian's support?"

The holographic projection of Cressa Tal, the leader of Steel Meridian, responded promptly, "Our numbers are thin as is, but we'll help where we can."

Before any further comment could be made, two Tenno guards walked in, each holding a Ferrox speargun. "Tenno operative Ruby has arrived with an urgent message."

"Send her in." Ozpin stated, and the council remained silent until her arrival.

The Red Gauss walked in, stopping her warframe on a pedestal then came out of it.

She assumed a sitting posture on the ground, then began, "About an hour ago I received a short transmission from fellow Clanmate Jaune. He has reported the creation of a new type of Kuva Lich. Base Threat Level: At least 130. Ren hacked a few Uranus sea labs for intelligence gathering, and he found that other than the hand-mounted haymakers."

The council essentially leaned forward to better analyze the cultivated Kuva Lich.

"Do we know if they plan to mass produce this Lich."

Ruby shook her head. "The data Ren retrieved says that they've exhausted the Queens' Kuva reserves. It's likely we'll be stuck with this one Lich until they produce another, perhaps in a few centuries."

"Well that's a relief."

Immediately after, what looked like a wormhole, the likes of Nova's appeared right above the council table. Four shadows approached the opening until they passed through it, revealing an Oberon Prime, Mag Prime, Baruuk, and a Valkyr.

A quick glance from Ruby confirmed that they were JNPR.

They didn't even wait to move as Jaune grabbed Ironwood by the shoulders. "Get the fleet ready! They're coming!"