Caleb: Hey guys and welcome back to MHA Reacts to…

Also I'm taking a break from playing RE2 remake.

Everyone: huh?

Caleb: Yep. In this chapter, I'm taking a break from playing RE2 remake for now.

Izuku: I'm surprised at that all of the sudden.

Ochako: That's a relief.

Tsuyu: That's unfortunate.

Tomura: wait a minute, what's the real reason you wanted to take a break from the best game horror game ever.

Caleb: um.. No reason.

(After playing RE7, I'm scared shitless, and i haven't finished the game on apart of trying to preserve my ammo and health, I'm FUCKING SCARED AS SHITLESS. However, I cannot let the people know about that.)

Caleb: Anyway, let's move on. We're going to react one of Rooster's Teeth best series on Youtube / media. Drumrole…..


Mina: What's it about?

Izuku: I'm curious about it as well.

Caleb: oh you'll see, but for now let's watch The Blood Gulch Chronicles aka season 1.

Now playing RED VS. BLUE

Roses are Red, And Violets are Blue

One Day, We'll cruise down on Blood Gulch Avenue

It's Red vs Red, and Blue vs Blue, It's I against I and Me against You.

Skip intro

Caleb: and now we see the Reds are just standing around and just talking While the Blues spied on the Reds.


Caleb: well, what do you think? Pretty funny right?

Mina: *laughing* That was funny than i thought i it was.

Jiro: They're idiots.

Caleb: Yep, but they're funny. Even that one part where Griff, Simmons and Church got scared by Caboose after firing the cannon

Where both of them yelled, "SON OF A BITCH".

anyway back to Truth or Dare

Caleb: anyway let's do this, Mina, truth or dare?

Mina: Dare

Caleb: I dare you to go with Izuku, alone and spend 7 minutes.

Mina: "Grinned" oh Izuku come here big boy. (drags Izuku in another room and inside a closet.

Caleb: While that's going on, Truth or Dare Tomura?

Tomura: Truth

Caleb: what is it you liked to do from not planning something evil?

Tomura: I like to play different games sometimes.

Caleb: alright, cool.

Mina and Izuku returns hair a little messed up and kiss marks on Izuku's face.

Caleb: hey welcome back

Mina: "Whispers" See ya sexy boy.

Walks away with sways of her hips.

Caleb: Wow i can't believe that happened, like the time where i found Izuku and Tsuyu on a date and they-


Both looked at each other, blushed and looked away in embarrassment.

Caleb: Wow, well sorry for the wait but we'll have come back later toon in next time.

See ya later

Insert Family Guy cutaway.

Caleb: to be honest, This was weird than the time I watched Cleveland plays Call of Duty.

Cleveland: Party over here.

Cleveland Jr.: Daddy did someone called me?

Cleveland: Go your ass to sleep Junior.