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Chapter 1

"Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation."

Kahlil Gibran

A small tendril had come loose, tickling her chubby little cheek, to which she kept blowing off her face with loud, and apparently distracting, huffs of air.

"Serenity! Would you please, stop that!"

She giggled lightly, "Sorry, Luna."

"Now if you would please, back to our lesson."

She ceased upon the opportunity, Luna being derailed from her lesson on Lunarean History. "Luna? What's love like?"

The dark fur on her back stood up slightly at the question. "You should know, Serenity, loved by so many even at your young age."

"I mean love like...you and Arty. Real love."

The feline purred, turning and facing her with her bright green eyes. "Love….it is powerful, Serenity. With it, you can conquer the world. But it is tricky. One moment, it will fill you up making it seem as though you might explode. And then the next, it can make you feel hollow as if someone scooped out your insides and threw them away."

"Oh wow…"

Luna's face grew grave, a frown forming on her furry face. "And you must be careful little princess, as you already love far too easily."

Her eyes popped open, a small jolt to her body as she woke to her dark room. Only the light of the moon within, making the bright pinks of her room seem subdued.

Luna, a black spot on her comforter, slept peacefully, purring in her sleep.

Hmmm ...a talking cat? As if! Must be that late-night snack I had before bed.

The idea of her cat, Luna, talking was insane and yet it had seemed so real. The delicate and feminine voice in her dream still echoed around in her brain. It didn't seem like a dream at all….

Like a shock wave, it hit her. A feeling of dread, deep in her belly while her heart burned in her chest. It was an overwhelming mixture of something bad happening and wanting to do something about it. She kept getting this sensation every now and then, a strange pulling within her that didn't make any sense.

She wasn't really sure when it started, it had been so small and slight at first, she just attributed it to what she ate. But as it steadily and steadily got worse, she knew better.

Careful not to wake Luna, her cat always seemed to be a bit of a shadow, she got up from her bed and went to her desk. Opening a small drawer, she pulled out a small notebook and placed it wide open on the tabletop.

Glancing back at her clock, she noted the time and date, adding it to the long column of other dates and times on her list. After tonight, she would be sure.

About a month ago the news started reporting about these...attacks. Her father, the journalist, sat next to her on the couch, watching with her. The whole family turned silently to him as the story was read out to them and the solemn look on his face told them it wasn't a joke.

There were monsters in this world, monsters that were attacking innocent people.

It was such a terrible nightmare, except it wasn't a nightmare, it was real. That was when she started to really take notice of her little…episodes. They weren't all at night, that was what made her start to pay attention in the first place. And now, after marking the date and time, she noticed a pattern.

Every time she got this feeling, she found out later that an attack occurred at the exact same time.

She only had a few dates now, having only really started to take notice a week and a half ago. But tomorrow, she would check the news, looking for their report on an attack. Something inside her also told her that there would be one, that she was right, she was somehow tied to these attacks and she would find out how soon.


Easy pop music played softly overhead, the warm air and hum of the machines adding to the sound making the place reek of adolescence. Normally, she couldn't even hear the music that played but today she had beat the crowd and gotten there pretty early.

School had just let out and for once, she hadn't been late so she didn't stay late. After her "episode" she had trouble falling back to sleep, getting up before the sun to sneak down and watch the news. She had a vague recollection of when the news used to be something that put her to sleep, but now it had a different reaction, watching as the anchorman went over the details of yet another attack.

A creature attack has occurred once again in the Juban District, leaving 12 wounded and three in critical condition. Doctors say they appear to be fine except severely fatigued. The police have not released the names of any of the victims, however, it appears the target of the attack was a couple's cooking class. With last week's attack targeting young children, it is hard to say who is safe and who is not. And it is leaving everyone to wonder, where are Sailor Moon and the Guardians who used to protect us?

The information continued to scroll across the bottom of the screen over and over again and she re-read it, again and again, the news turning over to weather and traffic. It had happened again and yet, her heart raced not out of surprise, instead, it raced out of knowing.

She had known there would be reports of an attack today and the severity of the attacks was only getting worse...just like her episodes. It wouldn't be long until someone was dead.

Sitting at the counter, she waited for the upbeat blond to appear and she didn't wait long. "Usagi-chan! You are here early! Good for you!"

"Toki...have you heard about these attacks lately?"

He shook his head, looking grey, a rare occurrence for him. "Yeah, I have. So sad. You should be careful Usagi."

"Me? Why me?"

He shrugged, "I don't know. I just feel like….you should be more careful than most," he scratched the back of his head, confused by his own words, "I guess I'm just a bit overprotective of you that's all."

Her cheeks flared, his affection for her not a strange thing, but sweet nonetheless. "Thanks, Toki, I care about you too."

He ducked his head again, trying to hide his own blush, before clearing his throat loudly. "Anyway...want your usual?"

"Yes, please."

She said it softly but he heard it, there was no one to talk over at the moment, they were the only ones there.

The lacking ambient noise made the sound of the doors opening so much louder, drawing her attention without asking her. A tall man walked in, or at least he looked like a man. He was dressed in dark slacks and a dark blue button-up.

Pulling his dark glasses off his face, he scanned the place, looking really confused and lost till his eyes landed on her. It was strange, looking into his dark blue eyes, ones she had never seen before and yet they looked so familiar. And once they landed on her, he relaxed, visibly, as if he had been looking for her the whole time. But then he blinked it away, his face turning to something cold and hard. It caused a chill to run up her spine and she begged for Motoki to return with her drink soon.

Not saying a word, he sat a few stools away from her and grabbed one of the "free" newspapers that were stacked on a small shelf above the counter. The sound of it rustling as he opened it was one of the loudest sounds she had ever heard. It wasn't until she saw the front page of the paper, the story on the recent attacks, that she even realized she was staring.

The sound of glass sliding on the counter broke her out of her spell, the mixture of the strange newcomer and the apprehension she felt about all the monsters in town had wrapped her up for a moment, in silent reflection.

"Here you are, Usa. Added a little something special, since you did well at school today!"

Looking down, she saw that Motoki had managed to shape the whipped cream, two cherries, and pink sprinkles to make a bunny on the top of her milkshake.

"Awww, Toki, it's so cute, I don't know if I can eat it!"

He gently rubbed the top of her head, enough to ruffle her bangs but nothing more, and walked away, a group of young teens having come in while she was out of sorts.

The man next to her hadn't moved or made a single sound, other than the occasional rustle of him shifting the pages. Toki hadn't even said anything to him. He was really there right?

"So these attacks… they're pretty crazy, aren't they?"

He shifted the paper, looking over at her and then shifting it again to glance at the front page as she pointed to it. "Yeah...crazy."

Well, at least he spoke, "They keep getting worse too...I'm afraid someone is going to get killed…"

"Do I know you?"

He was glaring at her, making the question seem more like an interrogation. "No, I don't think so…"

"Then why are you talking to me like you do?"

Her face burned, in embarrassment, and then anger. "Excuse me for being friendly."

He chuckled, "Oh I get it, you're slow."

"Slow? I mean, I can run the mile in…"

"No, I mean stupid. Why else would you get such a ridiculous drink with a childish decoration on it just for having a good day at school?" She was frozen, shocked, "And why else would you talk to someone who clearly doesn't want to be talked to. See the paper? Purposefully placed so I don't make eye contact? That's a sign, it means, leave me alone."

No one, NO ONE had ever spoken to her that way. At least, not without knowing her first, there were a few mean girls at school. But they were mean to everyone. She probably should have just walked away, left this jerk to his lonely brewing, but such a reaction would have come from a regular teenager and not a "slow" one.

Standing, she walked over to him, his focus completely on his paper again. Pulling it out of one of his hands, he glared at her with a bit of shock on his face. Then in a slow and patient manner, she poured the "childish drink" in his lap. All he did was sit and watch as she did it, his face frozen along with the rest of him in horror. It lasted only a second, the chill of her drink making its way through the fabric of his clothes, which had him jumping from his seat and brushing the remaining froth from his front.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!"

He looked at her again, now standing he was far more intimidating, making her feel small. His height and the fire that burned in his deep blue eyes had her up on her tiptoes in an attempt to rid her of the difference.

Leaning into his face, he now looked as if he were afraid, afraid of the crazy chick. "Was that slow enough for you...jerk?"

She fell back onto her heels, walking around him and out the door. The sound of Motoki's shocked screech hitting her ears as the last thing she heard from the small arcade.

"What the hell, Mamoru? What did you do?!"



She glanced behind her, finding none other than Seijuro Ginga jogging over to her. He was new to their school, but being such a good looking guy he had already developed a following. Which explained the glares she was now getting from a large number of her female classmates, and a few males to her surprise. Whether they were glaring for her or at her, she didn't pretend to know.

"Hello, Ginga-san."

"Please, call me Seijuro."

She glanced around again, this time looking for assistance of any kind. "What can I help you with?"

He grinned, a few girls behind her swooned while she felt nothing but nervous and uncomfortable. "Actually, I was hoping to help you. I was wondering if I might walk you home?"


Right then, her salvation waved at her from across the quad. "Makoto!"

The tall brunette took little time getting over to her, while their blue-haired friend trailed closely behind. "Are you ready to go?"

Pulled in tight between the two of them, she gave them a silent nod, her glee at their rescue showing on her face. "Sorry Ginga-san, not today."

Her heart slowly returned to a normal rhythm the further they got from him. "Looks like Ginga-san has taken an interest in you, Usagi."

Snapping her eyes to Makoto and then back to the ground again, she sighed, "He was probably just being nice since I was the one to show him around that first day."

"Usagi-chan, that was over a month ago."

Ami took her hand in hers, lacing their fingers together. "Yeah well, what else could it be?"

Makoto gave her shoulder a shove with her own. "He likes you Usa, just admit it!"

"Do you like him?"

Looking back and forth between the two of them, both of them waiting for her answer, she looked back to the ground. "I don't know, I just met him. And...I've never really...liked anyone before so I don't really know what it feels like."

"Then you don't like him." Both she and Ami looked over at Makoto, who suddenly looked wise beyond her years, "Trust me, if you liked him, you would know."

Even Ami nodded with her, Makoto having a deep understanding of her feelings to the point of understanding others'.

"You've just had too many crushes, Mako!"

Now she shoved Makoto, gently, but enough to push her off their course a little. "Should we go to the temple? Pick up Rei and then meet Minako at the Crown?"

She picked up her pace, her earlier discomfort forgotten. "Yeah let's go!"


Minako's voice stuck out into her brain as she lost herself in thought. "Okay spill it, Usa."


She looked around the table, noticing only then that they were all looking at her. "You are holding too many secrets lately."

Boy was she ever, "I'm not sure what you are talking about. I always tell you guys everything…" that is important and not crazy.

Rei, Makoto, and Minako looked at one another, mischievous looks on their faces and then back at her, Makoto taking her turn first. "Well, there's Seijuro Ginga…"

"You saw all there was to that, I was his guide when he first arrived and then today he asked to walk me home. That's it."

Minako sat up, leaning on her elbows as she spoke. "And what about the guy at the counter? Don't think we haven't noticed him or you since we walked in. He only looks up from his paper when you are around and it's always in search of you. While you do everything to not look at him when he finds you."

Her face began to redden, "Yeah, about that... I may have...dumped my milkshake into his lap a few days ago…"


Even Ami looked up from her book, the four of them scolding her for her rude behavior, surprise wild on their faces. "I know, but you should have heard the things he said to me. I was just being nice, trying to talk to him and he was rude. No more than that, he was cruel!"

Rei put a hand on her knee, the Miko sitting right next to her. "We keep telling you Usagi-chan, not everyone in this world is so kind. They are not as sweet as you."

Had anyone else said it, she would just have taken it as flattery, but coming from Rei she took it as philosophy. "I know…."

"Is that why your aura is all out of whack?"

Her brows knitted, she looked back at the priestess. "My aura?"

"Yeah, something is different in you. I've noticed it lately. Is it because you feel guilty? If it were anyone else, I wouldn't think that would change someone's aura but, you are so gentle Usa. I think guilt over such an action would easily have you out of sorts."

She shrugged, not understanding auras enough to agree or disagree. "I guess so."

Ami gently closed her book, placing it before her on the table. "You should go apologize."


"Clearly it is bothering you, Usa."

"It is only bothering me that the creep has been coming here ever since! One day he just shows up and now he won't go away!"

Minako giggled, "Yeah well, I guess you made a lasting impression on him. The hospitality and all."

Rei shoved her out of their booth. "Go Usagi-chan. You owe it to him anyway and deep down, you know it. Everything will be better after you do!"

She stumbled, the lack of support under her bottom suddenly being forced out from under her, but soon righted herself and looked back at the four of them. They hunkered down, watching her as she slowly made her way to her doom. The man and her had only exchanged glares since the last time she dared to speak to him. The last three days he had been here, sitting at the counter in the same spot as before, paper and coffee in hand. Weren't there better places for that? For coffee and reading the paper? And yet, here he was, day after day in an arcade of all places expecting solace. If anyone was stupid, it was him.

Her heart was racing, knowing this was not going to go well. It was true, she did feel guilty for what she did, but only a little and only because it was out of character for her. Mostly, she was unnerved all day every day waiting for another attack to happen, knowing what she was going to do next time it did.

A bit of relief washed over her, Motoki coming over to stand in front of the man as she approached, talking to him. Maybe she wouldn't have to apologize today after all and Motoki would make all of this less awkward...right?

"Hello, Usagi-chan. Can I get you something?"

"Nothing cold."

They both looked over at the dark man, she glared while Motoki looked a bit surprised, "You two know each other?"

She bit her lip, containing herself while he shrugged, "We met...briefly."

Motoki chuckled, "And here I thought I was your only friend…"

The man sat up a little, acting defensively, "I have other friends."

"Well, you can't go wrong with a friend like Usagi-chan here. She is a really good person."

She blushed, looking Motoki straight in the eyes to show her sincerity, "Thank you."

He gave her a nod and then pointed back to the brooding man. "Usagi-chan, this is Chiba, Mamoru. We have been in school together for most of our lives actually. Until now anyway. This one had to be smart and go to Tokyo Uni!"

Mamoru just shrugged, "You could be going there too...if you applied yourself more."

"Not all of us have the luxury of focusing solely on school. Some of us have to work!"

It was clear that these two knew one another and well. She had never seen Motoki converse with someone other than a regular at the arcade, like herself, it was refreshing. Part of her had been worried he didn't have any friends outside of the Crown.

A small giggle escaped her, watching the two of them and it gained their attention, "You two kind of talk like an old married couple."

Mamoru turned a tad pink while Motoki scratched the back of his head, "Well I've had to put up with him for so long…"

"Put up with? I'm the one who has had to put up with you!"

Watching the exchange, she couldn't help but notice, the guy Mamoru never smiled. She had been watching him the whole time... well watching him and Motoki, and had been peeking over at him from time to time the last few days. She had yet to see the guy crack even the tiniest of smiles since she first met him. He was just so… dark.

"Speaking of work, I have to get back to it. Usagi-chan, don't let him bother you too much, I'll be back in a bit."

Now with Motoki gone, silence filled between them and it was so awkward, she considered running back to her friends and lying about apologizing, "So….you and Motoki huh?"

He spared her a glance before shifting his newspaper back in front of him, fully content with ignoring her and going back to his solitude. Taking the stool next to him, she kept her eyes on the part of him she could see, the paper blocked his face and chest from her sight. The silence remained, more like a part of the conversation… if they were actually conversing.

Her nerves were running wild, she tried to calm herself by simply observing him, taking in his appearance while she could. Today he wore a white-collared button-up and light grey slacks. Does this guy not own any jeans or shirts without a collar? It was as if his sole purpose was to intimidate, make himself as unapproachable as possible and it was working. Not a single person broached him or her while they sat, even before she showed up people steered clear of him. A few girls looked over, giggling and whispering, but none were brave enough to approach.

His black hair was a bit long, looked like he needed a haircut soon, it was shaggy, and a bit unkempt. It was the only part of him that looked as if it wasn't completely under his control. She decided then and there, it was her favorite part for that reason only.

The tension he held in his shoulders, the tension that sparked as soon as she sat down, was still there as she continued to wait. She wasn't sure what she was waiting for, the guy was clearly happy ignoring her…

"Do you want something?!"

In an instant, his paper flipped down slightly, his eyes landing on her in an irritated glare, the action was so unexpected, her voice caught in her throat. "..Oh...uh… I'm sorry." It sounded lame but it seemed to surprise him nonetheless. "I'm sorry I dumped my milkshake on you the other day."

He stared at her for a few more seconds, his gaze burning into her and she felt more like it was an interrogation yet again, him expecting her to spill more secrets. Then, just as quickly and suddenly as he flipped it down, he flipped the paper back up, obscuring his face once more and ignoring her again.

She waited, once again not sure what for, "Well?" He didn't move, "Do you accept my apology?"

The paper didn't move, his voice lifting up from behind it, "If I say yes, will you go away?"

She shrugged, but then quickly realized he wouldn't have seen it. "I guess so."

"Then fine I accept it. Now go."

But she didn't go, she couldn't seem to make herself leave now that she had him somewhat talking to her. "So is Motoki the reason you come here?"

Finally, he laid the paper completely down on the counter before him. "Excuse me?"

His irritation was clear in his voice, but she didn't care. "Motoki. Is he the reason you come here?"

"Why do I need a reason?"

She looked around, gesturing with her hand for him to follow her eyes. "Because this is not the kind of place one sits and reads a paper."

Their eyes returned to one another, him glaring at her while he reached for his paper again. "Yes, Motoki is why I come here."

"You two have known each other for a long time?"

He stopped, turning towards her again, fire in his eyes. "Yes, but we JUST told you that!"

"I'm glad. I was worried Motoki didn't have many friends. He is such a nice guy, he deserves to have a lot of friends."

"What are you in love with him?"

Now she was glaring at him. "NO!"

"Then why the interest huh? Why do you care so much?"

She could feel the fire in her cheeks even without looking into a mirror to tell her she was blushing. "Because jerk, that's what people do, they care about other people!"

He huffed, "You are the first person I have ever met to give a damn about anyone other than themselves."

"Toki cares!" He shrugged, a small admittance that she was right. "And all of my friends care!"

A hand ran through his hair, showing her just why his hair was so messy. "Why are you still bugging me?"

"Because I care!" His eyes whipped to her but she still kept on, "I care about you!"

His mouth popped open a bit, but then it turned into a smirk. "Look, you're a bit young for me so…"

"I'm not a kid and don't flatter yourself Chiba Mamoru, I meant that I care about you like I do all people. I have a heart unlike you apparently."

"First, she throws a drink on me, then apologizes, only to insult me less than five minutes later!"

"You deserved it, all save for my apology!"

He grabbed up his paper, placing it in front of his face once more. "So much for being a caring human being."

Now standing, she stood just tall enough to reach his ear without struggle and got close, knowing it would bother him. "A cold lap to match your cold heart, Chiba."

She could feel his eyes burrow a hole into her as she walked back to her friends, feeling a bit lighter with each step away from him.


It came again, almost a week since the last one but this time she was ready for it. Past her bedtime, it was dark outside and she was laying under her covers in case anyone poked their head in to check on her. But being that it was still early in the night, she was wide awake...and prepared.

As soon as it hit, she flung her covers off of her, slinging the forgotten cat with them. But she didn't have time to fuss over Luna. She wore the darkest clothes she owned, dark pink yoga pants that stopped at her knees and a dark blue sweater, hoping to conceal herself a little in the darkness.

Making it downstairs without incident, she made quick work of her tennis shoes and was almost out the door when Luna started crying, loudly! She sat on the steps of their genkon, staring at her like she was daring her to leave without her.

"Luna, hush! You can't go with me okay, go back to bed!" Luna continued to stare at her but was quiet, until she turned for the door again, her wail filling the whole house, "Luna, please! I have to do this and it could be dangerous, you need to stay here."

It occurred to her that not only was she trying to sneak out of her house towards what she was sure was a monster, but she was also having an argument with her cat.

"Oh for Kami's sake. Come on then!"

Luna leapt onto her shoulder, hanging on for the ride as she raced out of her house and towards the darkness. Somehow knowing just where to go.

It didn't really look so bad, it was like a large lion made of beautiful white fur. But it was more than that and she knew it.

A group of skateboarders, caught late in the skate park by the creature, were cowering next to one another. An interesting sight given how tough they looked on the outside.

Meanwhile, she hid in a bush a few feet away, watching and waiting. She had no clue what she was waiting for, courage most likely as she was scared to move any further than she was at the moment. Luna was still on her shoulder, meowing softly at the scene as if to understand the danger herself.

Then the Lion jumped, high up into the sky, a wheel of green light forming under it. The skaters started to scream and then buckle under their own weight as if standing was suddenly too much for them.

She pulled Luna, claws and all from her shoulder and placed her on the ground, talking to her once more. "Okay Luna, I have to go help them now. You stay here okay?"

She could have sworn she saw fear on the cat's face before she ran off towards the boys. Her fear had fallen away at the sight of their pain, like something deep inside her eating it up. Now standing before them, she stretched her arms out wide, hoping to somehow shield them or distract the creature.

"Listen here you cute kitty, it is not nice to steal and you are stealing from these guys. That is their energy, so be a good kitty and give it back!"

She had no clue where this bravado came from but it was a fire in her belly for sure. A fire that was raging throughout her entire body now as she glared back at the beast. It returned the favor with fever. Whipping its tail around, a large gust of wind picked up out of nowhere, threatening to pull her from the Earth and fling her across the pavement. But somehow, she held her ground.

It purred in agitation at her, "You are tough. I like it."

It leapt, prancing down from the sky and standing right in front of her, sneering.

There was a flash of black across her vision, Luna leapt in between them, her claws digging into the creature as she scrambled across its face, defying gravity for a moment. Landing on her front feet, her paws pushed on Usagi's bare legs as if trying to get her to move away.

But Luna had only managed to distract her. The beast's heavy, clawed paw landed hard on her shoulder, its sharp claws digging into her shoulder and back. A scream ripped from her chest and out her throat. The pain was mind-blowing, causing her to falter a bit, while Luna just cried.

The burning that had been building in her chest since the day these attacks started was coming to a head. A fire that filled her chest in what felt like an agonizingly slow manner. But it was there and it was fierce. Her pain, anger, and fear manifested itself, pulling out from her chest in a blinding flash of white light. It knocked the beast to the ground, its form slowly disappearing as soon as it hit the pavement. The boys behind her began to groan, coming back to life as the light from her began to return their energy.

She just sunk to her knees, her shoulder and back still burning, the blood splashing to the ground around her in earnest. But she didn't feel as though she was dying, more like it was just a painful annoyance that she would have to deal with for the next few days.

Luna walked over, sitting in front of her. Maybe it was the pain or the adrenaline, but she could swear she saw tears coming from the cat. Large, crocodile tears streaming down her face. She knew she had really lost a lot of blood cause, then Luna opened her mouth with a sob.

"Usagi-chan… I'm so sorry."

It was strange, her voice was exactly the same as it had been in the dream, "Sorry?..."

"You weren't… I didn't…" she tried to talk through her sobs, "I wanted you to have it…"

"Have what?"

"...a normal life…."


She sprung up and everything hurt. Luna was asleep at her feet and the sun was shining brightly around her. It had been a dream. A nightmare.

Looking down at herself, she found that she had slept in her little getup. Guess she had been thinking about the monsters so much, it snuck into her subconscious and into her dreams. She must have fought in her sleep, her mind making her body twitch and struggle in the dream because she felt every bit like she pushed her body too hard.

The pain slowly centralized, her muscles relaxing as she did and the pain ebbing from them till she moved again. But the pain in her shoulder...it didn't go away. Her hand shook as she reached for it, not sure what she might find. As soon as her fingers touched the frayed and ripped fabric, she knew.

Flinging the covers, and her cat, off of her again, she raced (more like stumbled) over to her vanity. Angry pink marks glared back at her on her shoulder, the wound had closed off but the evidence was still there.

She touched the spot, the pink skin puckering as it had knitted itself together quickly. Luna caught her attention, jumping back up on the bed to look back at her in the mirror. Deep down, she knew, her cat, would have the answers.

Completely calm, she kneeled before the feline and waited. A truly amazing feat as patience was not something she was known for, but somehow she knew not to push it and to just wait. That it would be worth it.

Luna looked back at her, straight in the eyes, and she knew she hadn't imagined any of it. It didn't take as long as she thought it would, before the cat broke, sobs coming from her again. Jumping up, she wrapped her arms around the small creature, pulling her into some semblance of a hug, as much as she could given the difference in species.



"I'm so sorry…."

"It's okay. It's not your fault."

She sat back, feeling the need to look at Luna while she spoke, to show her respect. "Isn't it? All you wanted was a normal life and I couldn't give it to you."

"Luna… what are you talking about?"

Luna gave her a look of confusion, as much as her cat face would allow, "You still don't remember?" She shook her head, "But...last night?!"

"I've been having these feelings. That something bad was happening and that I could do something about it."

Luna hung her head, a small, sad chuckle coming from her. "I guess there is no stopping it then."

Light filled her room for a second, it was brief, but warm and awe-inspiring. "Here...I've been holding onto this for you."

It was a small circle-shaped brooch, with a large star in the middle of it with little stones surrounding it in red, blue, green, and yellow. Picking it up, she found it was heavier than it looked, somehow knowing that it held the weight of the world with it.

"Usagi-chan….you are Sailor Moon."