It was the middle of the night at Jasmine's palace, she and her husband, Aladdin, were starting to walk out onto the balcony watching the stars twinkle at night.

"Such a beautiful night right, Aladdin?", asked Jasmine

"You are right, Jasmine. It is such a beautiful night with you by my side.", he whispered.

He looked straight into her eyes making Jasmine blush

"I love you, Aladdin.", said Jasmine softly.

Aladdin started smiling while blushing, and then, kissed her. What they don't know was that below the palace balcony would be the most shocking discovery they could never have imagined. Below the palace there was a young woman who looked younger than Aladdin.

She was stepped out of the darkness to take a deep breath.

"Okay, here goes nothing.", she said to herself.

She knocked on the gate entrance twice and then, the royal guard opened it .

Yes?", he asked,

"Hey, may I speak to King Aladdin and Queen Jasmine?",asked the woman.

It took a while before the guard could bring down Aladdin and Jasmine.

"Can we help you?",asked Jasmine the young girl. He looked at both at them. The sweat rolled down her forehead feeling like she should leave, but, she was still very confident to stay to say as she looks into Aladdin's eyes this

"Hi I'm Alya you must be Aladdin and I think I might be your sister."