During the couple of hours of Alya being in the palace, she was already outside in the royal garden playing with Rajar. Aladdin and Jasmine's were surprised, as they spied on her from the distance, that Alya had a feeling of being watched.

Alya turned several times to see if it was was Aladdín and Jasmine. They turned away from her, so Alya would not think that something suspicious was going on. They both turned away from, Alya and Rajar, and, acted casual like they weren't looking.

Aladdin and Jasmine took a walk through the halls of the palace.

"Well, she looks fine.",said Aladdin.

They continued walking.

" Rajar likes her company as well.",added Jasmine.

The both of them walked around the palace talking and passing through every room. The guards that lined the hallway stood guard without making any sudden movement. They watched the husband and wife pass.

"Aladdin.",began Jasmine.

"Yes?",asked Aladdin.

"I'm not sure about Alya.",shared Jasmine.

Aladdin looked hard at his wife after what she just said.

"What do you mean?",he asked.

"Like I don't know I always believed you were an only child. You shared plenty with me about growing up on the streets and you never mentioned to me that you had any siblings.",said Jasmine

"Well I didn't know it. Now that I know and she's here, I'm happy that have someone who is a relative of mine.",shared Aladdin.

"I don't know but do you think she is a spy?",asked Jasmine .

Aladdin immediately turned his head around to his wife gasping to what she just said..a spy!? What does she mean.. a spy!?