Hello all Storm here with a new chapter! Here we'll be looking in on Konoha and how things have changed since people learned of his "death" and it's not changed in the way you might think, given the visions Naruto saw in the first chapter. Along with a look into Vader training the future Sith Order. Also there is a five year timeskip at the start of this chapter, adding onto the four year skip in the last chapter, so it's a total of nine years since Naruto "died". So, without further ado.

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Konohagakure, a once bright and welcoming village, but for eleven and a half years a somber air has been cast over the village, with it growing every passing year. Now if one were to walk through the village, they'd not see friends and family welcoming each other, but people simply going through the motions of their lives. In all their years of hating him, they never noticed how Naruto had somehow wormed his way into becoming the light of the village, always seeming to find some way brighten their respective days. Whether it was from the pranks that he performed before he graduated, or his overall joyful and boisterous personality. It just goes to show them; you never know what you had, until it's gone.

Though, there were several people taking this harder than most.

Sitting in her office, Tsunade Senju, the Godaime Hokage, was down yet another bottle of Sake, before tossing it on the floor to join the other dozen or so bottles. She was surrounded by piles of paperwork, which had been building up for the past nine years.

'Nine years since that perverted idiot told me, the brat was really dead.' Tsunade thought, while pulling out another Sake bottle.

"Fuck you grandfather, fuck you and that fucking necklace." Tsunade said, her voice slurring from the amount she's drank, as she raised the bottle to her grandfather's portrait.

Nine years have passed, since Jiraiya had come to her office and told her that Naruto's name on the Toad Contract had changed from red to black, a telltale sign that the summoner was dead. Tsunade had denied it for months, refusing to believe the brat was dead, telling herself Orochimaru must have found a way to trick the contract into believing Naruto was dead.

She had sent Jiraiya back out and ordered him not to come back until he returned with Naruto. It wasn't even a year later that Jiraiya returned, telling her he searched every single one of Orochimaru's bases that he could find, but could find no sign of Naruto. He could only believe that Orochimaru had kept Naruto in one of his less known and used bases, rather than a more occupied one.

After that, they had no choice, but to accept that Naruto was truly dead, which only hurt more because they didn't even have anything to bury.

'That is if that pale snake bastard even left anything that could be buried.' Tsunade thought hazily and morbidly, knowing how twisted Orochimaru could be.

He probably fed his body to one of his snakes, just for shits and giggles.

Once accepting the fact Naruto was really dead, Tsunade had went back to drowning herself in alcohol to help with her pain. Only now she also felt self-loathing in addition to her pain.

"Tsunade." Said Jiraiya, climbing through the window, something Tsunade would usually yell at him for, but now, she just didn't care anymore.

"Whaddya want, ya fucking pervert." Tsunade said, not looking away from her Sake.

"Don't you think you've had enough." Said Jiraiya, worried, once he saw all the empty bottles scattered in the office.

"No! I'll have enough, when I can't remember my own name!" Said Tsunade, before purposefully drinking the rest of her current bottle in one gulp.

"Tsunade, the kid wouldn't want you end up drinking yourself death." Jiraiya said slowly, only to immediately duck when Tsunade threw the bottle at his head and glared at him.

"Don't talk about him! You don't know what he wanted, hell I didn't know what he wanted, no one in this village knew what he wanted!" Tsunade shouted, before she started laughing in a drunken manner.

"And why is that? Because he was hated for something he didn't ask for? Well, we could have been there, but nope! No, you were too busy spying on naked women, and I was more concerned with drinking myself to death and blowing my family's fortune on gambling! Aren't we quite the pair, the failure for a godfather and the failure of a cousin!" Tsunade said, while laughing, which soon changed into crying.

Jiraiya didn't have anything to say to that, but sat down and lowered his head in shame, knowing she was right.

Their sensei had tried getting them to take care of Naruto after Minato and Kushina died, but Jiraiya hadn't wanted to be held down taking care of some kid, preferring to spy on women in hot springs. While Tsunade simply didn't give a damn and preferred continuing her grieving and self-pity.

And now it was far too late to make amends, Naruto was dead and knowing their former teammate, he didn't die painlessly. Now they were simply left wondering if Naruto and his parents will ever forgive them.

*With Kakashi*

Meanwhile, in one Konoha's bars, Kakashi was having the same idea as Tsunade by drinking away his pain, only he was trying to take it a step further and drink himself to an early grave.

"OI! Friend-Killer Kakashi needs another bottle, this one's empty!" Kakashi called out to a bartender, who sighed before simply giving Kakashi five bottles and adding it to his growing tab.

Kakashi simply opened another bottle and began drinking it, while either not caring or ignoring any Sake that splashed on him.

'Wouldn't that be ironic, Friend-Killer Kakashi dying by getting electrocuted while covered in Sake. HAHAHAHAHA!' Kakashi thought, showing that it was the former, and he simply didn't care.

Ever since he had gotten word of Naruto's death, he always referred to himself as Friend-Killer Kakashi, because that's what he is, isn't he?

He got Obito killed, he killed Rin, and he even blamed Naruto for Minato and Kushina's death, simply because he wanted to blame someone, besides himself for once. And now Naruto is dead as well, just another ghost to haunt the Friend-Killer.

Kakashi then saw Gai and Kurenai sitting beside him.

"If you're gonna try and stop me, be careful. Who knows when someone else will be killed by the Friend-Killer." Kakashi said, with both Jōnin sighing, knowing how bad Kakashi had taken it, after learning one of his students was dead, even more so after what happened with Team Ten.

It had been during a confrontation against the Akatsuki members, Kakuzu and Hidan, Asuma had been killed with Shikamaru, Ino and Chōji barely escaping. After that, they had gone to confront the Zombie Duo with Kakashi going with them, both to make sure they came back alive and ease his own mind, to prove to himself that he could at least do something to save his comrades.

Unfortunately, while they were able to deal with both Kakuzu and Hidan, only Shikamaru and Kakashi came back alive. They managed to avenge Asuma but lost two more comrades in the process.

This only worsened Kakashi's depression, believing he could have done something to save them. Shikamaru, meanwhile, became semi-retired as a Ninja, having lost his sensei and his teammates/friends, only ever coming back to help in situations his intelligence was needed. Even then, he never went out in the field, refusing to see anyone else die.

Though Kurenai had it bad as well, as not only did she lose Asuma, but Hinata as well after she died on a mission that went south. If it hadn't been for her daughter, Mirai, Kurenai knew she likely would have done something that'd only hurt those she still had left.

Now, they were all just hoping they wouldn't have to endure having to watch anymore of their friends die or be buried.

Unfortunately for all of Konoha, along with the Akatsuki and the rest of the Elemental Nations, a reckoning would soon be coming. One that wouldn't stop, until everyone kneeled before his power.

*Land of Lava – Vader's Castle*

"You all have done well in your training. Soon, you all shall truly ascend to the ranks of the Sith and bear the title of Dark Lord of the Sith." Vader said to Satsuki, Tayuya, and his five other apprentices, all kneeling before him in his throne room.

Vader was also wearing a new set of armor, having forgone the tunic, and replaced it with fully jet black armor covering his body, with his helmet and mask being made to look sleeker, while still retaining the menacing appearance. He also kept the breathing, as while it wasn't necessary, it was also what made Darth Vader terrifying in his previous life.

The other five being Jugo, Karin, Suigetsu, Matsuri and Hotaru, all of whom Vader saw had the potential to become powerful Sith and recruited them. All of them had their Chakra taken away, thanks to his wish, and embraced their connection to the Force.

Now, they all had the red-rimmed yellow eyes all Dark Side users possessed, especially the Sith.

As for how Vader came upon them and recruited them, that was rather easy.

For Jugo, Karin and Suigetsu, they were originally allied with Orochimaru and after learning Vader had killed him and Kabuto, along with a demonstration of his power, they all swore loyalty to the Dark Lord. Though Jugo had been the easiest to convince, after hearing that Vader could take away his Chakra, relieving him of the bloodlust and madness caused by his Kekkei Genkai as a result.

With Matsuri, it happened a few years ago, when Suna was attacked by the Akatsuki with Gaara being captured and Shukaku extracted from him, resulting in his death. Temari had been named the Rokudaime Kazekage, given her skill as a Kunoichi and political experience from being the Suna's ambassador to Konoha.

Matsuri though, had been furious at Gaara's death, even more so that Sasori and Deidara, the Akatsuki members who captured Gaara, had gotten away and had also taken his body, as well. Likely so the rogue Suna Ninja could turn it into another of his puppets. After this, she had turned in her headband and left Suna to avenge Gaara.

It wasn't long after this she had met Darth Vader, who offered her the power to avenge Gaara, in exchange for her loyalty, with Matsuri eagerly agreeing to it, when she saw what he was capable of.

Hotaru joined for the same reason as Matsuri, to avenge her former master Utakata, the Jinchūriki of the Rokubi, who was taken by the Akatsuki, as well.

The seven of them would serve as the basis for the new Sith Order, along with the founding members of the Dark Council, with the last five members having yet to be found. But he knew that the Force would guide him to them. Vader had also given them the gift of immortality, along with the knowledge that should they even think of betraying him, he can just as easily take that gift away and find someone else to take their place.

"Thank you, Lord Vader." The seven said, with Vader nodding, before dismissing them.

Once his apprentices had left, Vader left his throne room as well, and a took a Turbolift to the very bottom of the castle, where the Cloning Facility was located. Looking over all the different clones that made up his growing army, Vader noted the different templates he used for each of them.

Jugo, Karin Uzumaki, Suigetsu Hozuki, Satsuki Uchiha, having taken several strands of DNA before their Chakra was removed, Kimimaro Kaguya, Madara Uchiha, Tobirama Senju, Hashirama Senju, Vader himself, thanks to the DNA samples that Orochimaru had taken from him, Kushina Uzumaki, Haku Yuki, Zabuza Momochi, and the last being Hinata Hyūga.

Hearing, footsteps approaching, Vader looked to see a woman wearing Mandalorian armor. The woman removed her helmet, revealing the still alive Hinata Hyūga, her hair now going down past her hips.

The reason she was still alive was because of Vader's interference on her last mission. Though it wasn't due to her being overwhelmed, but rather that some people wanting her dead, specifically the Main House of the Hyūga Clan.

They had arranged for Hinata to be killed in order to prevent her from becoming the Hyūga Clan Head, with Hinata having managed to prove herself, after finding her resolve to become stronger. Though her Clan Elders didn't want her to lead the Hyūga Clan, due to her desire to remove the Caged Bird Seal and unite the Main and Branch Families, so they had decided to have her killed, in order for her to not interfere in their traditions.

Thankfully for her, Vader had arrived and saved her life, while offering her the chance to join him. He did this, given her mother and Mikoto were willing to take him in, if not for the Sandaime blocking them. Though he didn't train her to become a Sith, as despite her stronger resolve, she still didn't have the mentality to become a Sith.

It was also for this reason, he didn't tell her about his former identity, he had no desire for her to try and bring Naruto Uzumaki back. Vader refused to ever become that weakling again. With him thankfully being able to block her from seeing through his mask, with the Byakugan, though the Force.

Instead, he had trained her in Mandalorian Combat and tactics, along with some stuff from Non-Mandalorian Bounty Hunters and Mercenaries to keep her unpredictable.

Thankfully, due Anakin's encounters with Bounty Hunters, especially in the Clone Wars, and experience with fighting alongside the Jango Fett Clones. As well as all the times when the original Darth Vader had teamed up with Boba Fett, and his time on Kamino, when he tried cloning Starkiller and the said Mandalorian, before the facilities were destroyed by the Rebellion. Though, Vader had his suspicion that Boba Fett was the one that destroyed the clones of himself. It has given him a lot of insight on the training, skills and fighting styles of Bounty Hunters and Mandalorians thanks to the records of the Jango Fett Clones' training, as well as the imprints of Boba Fett's brain patterns.

He imparted all this knowledge onto Hinata, making her a general in his army, as well as one of the overseers of the Cloning Facilities and the Clones' training.

"I am pleased to see the Clones training is coming along nicely." Vader said, watching various groups of Clones practice with various blasters, jutsu, hand-to-hand, and droid maintenance.

"I'm glad you're pleased with the progress, My Lord. I and the other overseers have ensured the Clones receive the best training, along with the learning from the scrolls we've retrieved for the special templates." Hinata replied, with Vader nodding in agreement, as he could several clones using Wood Style Jutsu and using the Sharingan.

"Inform the other overseers to have the scientists stop with the accelerated cloning process." Vader ordered, feeling the Clone Army has grown large enough that he can let the remaining Clones grow at a normal rate, rather than force growing them to adulthood.

"I'll see that it's done." Said Hinata, before putting her helmet on, but she didn't leave yet.

"But, I hope you haven't forgotten our deal." The Hyūga said, with Vader giving her an annoyed look under his mask.

Hinata hadn't joined Vader immediately, she had only agreed to join after getting his word on fulfilling two conditions for her. The first was that Hanabi, Neji, Shino, Kiba, Kurenai, and Mirai would be retrieved from Konoha, before he attacks the village. And the second condition, the complete destruction of the Hyūga Clan.

While Hinata didn't want to destroy her Clan, after her attempted assassination by the Elders, she knew they would never allow the clan to change, and the only way that it can, was to destroy the old one and replace it with a better one.

"I haven't forgotten. I hope you haven't forgotten the consequences, should any of them think to conspire against me." Vader warned, having made it perfectly clear that she would have to convince them to defect, and that if any of them proved to be a threat to his empire, they would die.

Nodding, Hinata then went to inform her fellow overseers of the new orders.

Turning back to his army, Vader couldn't help but grin under his mask at how quickly his army has grown, along with the technological advances they've made. It had been due to his knowledge of the technology from his past life and gathering the greatest minds Orochimaru had under his command, now under Vader's command, along with various other individuals across the Elemental Nations. An example being Hiruko, the creator of the Chimera Jutsu.

It also helped that Vader had gained control of the Land of Spring, after Koyuki had unfortunately been killed during a coup lead by those still loyal to Doto. While saddened by Koyuki's death, Vader couldn't deny the benefits he's gained from it, since the Land of Springs was one of the more technologically advanced countries, with their Chakra Armor, trains and airships being a great example of it.

Besides he made sure she was avenged, by killing all those, who betrayed her. While using the sadness, grief and anger from her death to strengthen his power in the Dark Side.

'Not much longer. Soon this world shall know the power of the Sith.' Vader thought, before one of his agents approached him.

"Lord Vader, we have managed to track down Itachi Uchiha's location." The agent reported.

This made Vader's grin widen, as he listened to the rest of the report. Once he had heard everything that his agents had learned, Vader left the facility to speak with Satsuki.

He's sure that she'll be very pleased to finally have her revenge.

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