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'I don't have much time left, but I will have my vengeance. The opportunity is right in front of me, but I feel my life force slipping through my fingers… Lukas Benjamin Castellan, I swear, by the primordials above and the rivers below, that if it weren't for that Jackson brat humiliating me time and again I would have my vengeance on you for your betrayal - but I survived and you already paid your price in blood. Your debt is paid, but Jackson… Jackson must die.' Thunder roars and the Earth shakes at the proclamation, I feel my life force tether to the oath. I shall not die until this oath is seen through, 'as the mortals would say, σκατα. I need to act quickly if I fade before the oath is carried out…' I shudder involuntarily, dread squeezing my barely formed lungs.

Luke carried out his little rebellion but he was too late, my essence was already too concentrated for a mere dagger to end me so easily. Jackson and Chase though... they died too easily. When my body reformed, their mortal husks could not withstand the power of my divine form. 'Jackson deserves this fate for passing the knife to my… dearly departed host,' the sneer on my lips changes to a smirk as I resign myself to climbing the stairs of the mortal residence building, snarling all the way. If it weren't for meddling children I would have teleported directly to the child's home but the amount of energy released would immediately alert Poseidon to my presence - this can not be allowed.

I kick down the door to the disgusting dwelling, the apartment reeks of cheap alcohol and heavy smoke.

"Who the hell are- UGH!" With a wave of my hand, the filthy mortal crumbles to ash. This is what the Jackson boy was raised in? No, this is what Jackson overcame.

And that infuriates me more. The child is young, of that, I am sure. I spent centuries in Tartarus but at least I did not grow in a pigsty, the boy would have joined me if his stepfather was any indication, his mother saved him in that regard but still, this child has spent his life in suffering. Perhaps…

Troubled, I take ten slow, even steps to where I sense the boy sleeping. I open the door with a slow, quiet movement. The small, helpless shape on the bed stirs slightly at the sound of the ungreased door.

"Mommy?" The young voice calls from the bed in a small, squeaky voice, "Mommy, is that you?"

I hesitate as the boy turns over, the bright green eyes of my son meeting mine and widening in shock, "who- who are you?" he moves to the other side of his bed slowly like a wild animal is in the room with him.

"I am Kronos, and I am your grandfather, my child," the boy's eyes widen further but he squirms out from under the sheets and wraps himself around my legs.

"Grandpa! Where were you?" the boy looks up at me with his wide green eyes, I push him away and take a knee before him.

"I was away, it took me a long time to find you," 'what's happening to me?' My thoughts are interrupted by the boy's small arms around my neck.

"Are you going to stay, grandpa? Mommy said Daddy got lost at sea and that's why we have to live with Smelly Gabe," the innocence in his eyes is almost overwhelming but the way he said the man's name... the boy knows hate and pain. Oh if I could take him as my own heir! How delicious it would be to use this child as my vengeance against my traitorous children, damn that oath! I have to finish this through, but perhaps I can give him a small form of Mercy...

"I cannot, my child. But I can take you away from this place," the boy nods his head rapidly but then stops as he cocks his head to the side.

"Can Mommy come too?"

"I'll come back for her, will that be alright?"

"Yes, Grandpa. Can we go now? I don't like it here, it's too smelly…" I quite agree with him, but there's one thing I must do. I place my hand on the boy's forehead and close my eyes, channeling my considerably weakened powers into my hand.

"Perseus Jackson, I name thee my heir. Should I fade, you shall take the lordship of Time. So I say, so it must be."

A nimbus of golden light surrounds us until it explodes outward, I place my hand on the boy's shoulder and we disappear in the space of a single second but in that second something I can't explain happens… the room flashes a bright green.

We land next to the sea of darkness, my Grandfather. Chaos himself. I feel the pull on my immortal soul but Perseus' reaction is as unexpected as it is queer, the boy turned to face the void as if it was simply the sea itself.

"What is it?"

"Chaos, my child. This is where we shall go, a new beginning awaits us here. Come to me, child. This will not be pleasant, but it will be over quickly," I look at the eternal darkness with more than a little bit of terror.

The boy climbs into my arms, trusting I know what's best for him.

'Oh, my child, if you only knew what was about to happen you would run screaming just as I wish to. No one has willingly entered the eternal darkness and yet here we stand. And with this final step, my oath shall be fulfilled, my vengeance complete.'

With that last thought, I step off the edge of the pit into the unknown. I feel myself fall for all of five seconds before pain, pain unlike anything I've ever felt tears through my body and into my very soul.

"Aberration, what have you done?" the void calls out to me, the pain intensifies with the rage of the pit, "You dare damn a child to this? If your presence did not demand even my attention, or if another had not called on my name to protect this very child, I would have shredded the boy's very essence without thought. You would have condemned an innocent to the eternal suffering of nothing ?"

"No, grandfather. I did not know that you would do such a thing, I thought his death would be painless, he would not know the loss of a mother nor the pain of an abandoned father and, most shamefully, the betrayal of his grandfather. He is my heir and he is the heir of the sea yet he remains mortal, if my oath could have been ignored so easily I would have left him to live in peace and came here myself."

"You utter fool, your oath was to take vengeance upon Lukas Benjamin Castellan, you swore an oath already fulfilled. You damned my descendant for naught!"

The pain, the squeezing, tearing, pulling sensations magnify to a level I never knew possible but it's nothing compared to that heart-shattering instant. I could have left the boy, I should have left him but now?

I scream my rage to the silence of the void, "I see you understand, Aberration. Perhaps you also understand why it is that none come to me. If it is any consolation, the boy is safe. I was unable to return him to his home due to the sheer ineptitude of you being in this timeline and willingly dying, Aberration, while the one true to this time struggles to cling to life. This time is closed to him, anytime you have - no… anytime you have and shall ever live in, is closed to him. I cannot send him to the past nor can I send him to the future…

"You meddled with the very thing you were tasked to guard. The body of your past shall live for another ten thousand millennia, he is destined to rise and fall all the while living those years in a state of non-existence or less than half a life. He that is you shall rise thrice, and thrice alone in the span of ten billion years. In his last ascension, he shall crawl to me once more when time claims the Earth. By then, the mercy of the void will be preferable to living. For the sun shall overtake the Earth and life will be no more."

My heart nearly stops at that news, ' the sun shall consume the Earth? It can't be possible. It simply cannot… but if it is? I doomed the boy to the void for my foolishness.'

"Be still, my grandchild." The voice says in a remarkably calm tone, "You think this is the only world I made habitable amongst the innumerable stars? The cosmos are eternally expanding, yet you are under the delusion that I stopped at one planet? No, this planet is still in her infancy, oh Lord of Time. This planet does not even hold the honor of being the first world I gave the gift of life to."

My mind stops as I process this, the pain in my body, mind, and soul forgotten as sheer hope courses through me, 'You sent him away?'

"Yes, to a time and a world born long before this one. The light from the stars of their galaxy will not reach this world until this world rejoins the cycle of life. They have long discovered how to traverse the Cosmos, but the Wayfinder shall never return to this Earth. Forever destined to be lost among the Stars. Watch, and know the hope you have given."

I give into the pain as visions flash through my mind.




An army of strange grey nonmen marching toward orbs of purple, firearms flashing red as the grey-men look to be struck by lightning.

Men with the same faces armored in white plating spreading through the stars, subjugating worlds in the name of democracy. Men and women with strange swords of light slaughtering men and women by the thousands.




Ships sailing the stars that are larger than cities clash against one another in the realm of the sun and stars, smaller ships screaming while the larger ships attack with rays of light. A planet with no sea but glowing with the luminescence of the moon herself.

One of the starships breaking in half, crashing to the planet's surface.

Battles over thousands of worlds.




The men and women with swords of light being fired on by their own men.

The white armored soldiers marching in perfect formation behind a man in black toward the largest structure I've ever seen.


Tens of Thousands slaughtered in minutes across the stars. One by one, the wielders of the blades fall to blue rays of light.




The Black Cloaked man stands on a platform in his lover's embrace. A man garbed in white and brown stands in the door of the silver ship, the man armored in black raises his hand. His lover crumples to the ground, unconscious.

"I will do what I must."

Cerulean blades slam into each other in a nimbus of light. The duel raging over the rivers of fire is as intense as the heat below the combatants, the skills of each warrior forged by war and sharpened by experience.

The battle moves over the river itself. The man in black faces off against the man in white, both with the swords of light held ready while across the river from the other.

"I have failed you, Anakin. I have failed you."


The man in black falls onto the platform with the man in white, they cross blades one, twice, thrice and the man in white vaults to the bank of ash. The two face off once more, the man in black leaps over the man in white. With a scream of agony, the man in black is relieved of his sword, his arms, and his legs in one single motion from the man in white.

"You were the chosen one!" I look down at the man in black, his eyes now pulsing a sickly yellow, ringed by red fire, "Bring balance to the Force, not leave it in darkness!"

The man in black bursts into flame as the man in white averts his eyes. He takes the dying man's sword, walking away from the charred husk that was once a man.

"There he is! Still alive…" a man, more decrepit than Ahklys herself, kneels beside the living corpse. Two men in white armor take the man away as my perspective splits.

The living corpse's lover screaming while delivering her child to life. The living corpse being tortured yet healed.

He gains new limbs of metal, screaming in agony while his lover's wails create a haunting harmony. I feel myself frown. The man… he's leaching off her life energy to save himself.

I reach out as if I could save the woman from what's happening to her but it's in vain.

The man in black is now garbed in armor. A mask comes down from the ceiling, his heart stops as the mask locks into place. A strange whir of machinery activates followed by the ominous hiss of breathing regulated by the same machines. With the exhale, the man's heart restarts but her's is not to beat again.

The woman in labor took her son and daughter in her arms moments before the man in black's helmet sealed shut.

"Luke… Leia…"

She whispered the words even as the ominous Hoooh-Burr began.

"Lord Vader…"

Years slip by in the span of a breath. The man in black hunting down his brethren, the man in white watching over the son of this Vader. The daughter being raised a princess of an entire Planet.

A moon made of metal appears in my sight. A city destroyed in a heartbeat, a base of operations annihilated in a flash of green and a ball of fire, a planet shattered in the blink of an eye.

'How is this possible…'

The moon erupts in a ball of fire, the image of a man with a green helmet with a visor in the shape of the cross with armor covered by a cape. The man stands proud with a rifle in his hands at the ready at the side of Vader.

My vision shifts to a man in similar armor colored in grey, black, and navy blue. He stands radiating power amongst others armored similarly to him, a sword of pure darkness in his hand and a firearm in the other standing against the sword wielders and then this Lord Vader.

"See, and know what your grandchild shall change, Lord Kronos. He shall change the fate of an entire Galaxy, know and be proud - for he shall be the greatest warrior his new galaxy will ever know."

"Thank you, grandfather."

There are no more words spoken. My sight darkens and I know no more.


With Poseidon…


"Beloved, what is wrong?" Amphitrite's bare body presses against my back while my eyebrows crunch together as I try to figure out what's wrong.

"I don't know…" I roll over to face my wife, "I have a feeling that something is going to go terribly wrong my lo-" I jerk upright and disappear in a burst of seawater.

'Percy, Sally, something's wrong. Percy, I can barely feel him now. My boy, what has happened to you?'

My body resolidifies in their apartment, I can't feel Sally anywhere nearby but I do feel much worse.

A presence that I haven't felt in millennia.

Rage boils in me as I finally place the ancient power, 'No, he's in Tartarus, we cut him into hundreds of pieces. He shouldn't be able to reform for another century yet!'

I don't even have to open Percy's door, it's already been done. I watch in horror as my darling boy takes the hand of the one Titan I prayed I would never see again, my father.

Without thinking I raise my hand out to my son, 'You are the Son of the Seas, water heeds your command. I grant you powers any natural-born son of mine is entitled to. The power of the sea and earth resides in you, be safe, my Son. May Chaos watch over you,' the though takes less than a fraction of a second to pass through my mind as my eyes meet my sons for the first time in years - only for him to disappear with the last syllable I think.

With relief, I see a blue aura surround him before receding into his eyes, then the fury of the storm ignites within me. I reach out with my senses to find my son, I feel him but just barely…

'No… he couldn't be there, even Kronos couldn't be that - no…' the connection I have with Percy snaps like old twine, ' no… no… no, no, no, NO! He didn't…'

"He did. Your son is safe but he cannot be returned to you, descendant."

The voice of the legion rings through my mind like a gong, the voice of eternity confirming my worst fears.

I break down on the spot.

I bury my face in the carpet that reeks of stale beer, cigar smoke, and faintly of piss but I ignore all of that as I let myself slip into the haze of despair.

'My son is dead…'

"Poseidon?" A startled, scared voice calls from behind me, I stand up with my fist in slamming into the carpet in my rage.

"He's gone, Sally," I whisper in a hoarse voice.

"Who's gone?" Her voice is full of the terror I still feel in my chest.

"Our son, father took him," I meet Sally's eyes streaming tears.

"Your father? Kronos? But how is that possible?"

"It shouldn't be but it happened all the same, Sally… Percy's gone."

"He's dead?" Her voice trembles with the pain only a mother losing her son can feel.

"No, he's not dead, that much I know," the tears are still streaking down my face.

"Then where is he!?" She screams at me.

"A place far away in a time long passed. He had a good life, I am sorry I could not bring him back to you Mrs. Jackson."

She whirls around, hunting for the voice.

"Sally, you won't find him. That was Chaos himself, he hasn't spoken since before the Primordials rose. If he says Percy's gone, he's never coming back to us."

She falls to her knees while I remain standing. "The council must be informed," I place my hand on her shoulder for the briefest second. She says nothing while tears stream down her face.

"I'm so sorry," I whisper while disappearing with the smell of the sea, I never hear the sobs only a mother who lost her child can give.