Chapter 7: Mage

14th of March (Rin Side)

The train had stopped. The two young women didn't think much of it at first. Throughout their journey they had their fair share of experiences with public transport. A train stopping for a moment in the middle of the night was nothing out of the ordinary. However, this time the train didn't start again after a few minutes as it usually did.

"Hey..." Tohsaka Rin said as she stood up from her place, looking around at the passengers. The train car they were in was not too crowded, and the lights made it almost impossible to see anything outside. If anything, the windows were more like mirrors.

"I'll go take a look around. You stay here."

Ciel didn't move out of her seat. In fact, Rin wasn't even sure if she heard her. She was still staring into nothingness, seemingly half asleep.

Thinking it'd be better to give her some space, she headed for the exit. The train they were on only had three cars, since there weren't many passengers on night rides, and their seats were in the last one. If anything was wrong, she had to check the two in front.

As she opened the door and looked into the second car the only thing of note were a few men standing up and looking out the windows with tired eyes, while most of the other passengers were sitting calmly in their seats. Not seeing anything important, she headed for the third car, passing some bags that were placed carelessly on the floor next to their owner. He whistled as she passed by.

"Careful, lady." He said to her in a monotone voice.

Rin ignored him and kept moving forward.

Once again, the last car was almost empty but for a few men and women and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Still, she couldn't shake off the feeling that something was off.

Letting out a small sigh, Rin decided that it was probably nothing and the locomotive was having some problems, so she turned around and started walking back towards the car where she and Ciel were supposed to wait for the next eight hours.

Suddenly a thought came to mind.

'What will I do when I get back?'

This journey of hers was meant to be a way for her to deal with the pain Emiya's death caused her and the people who used to know him. Her sister especially hadn't smiled ever since the news were made public. Despite the absurdity of the boy they knew being executed as a terrorist, his death still caused everyone pain.

She kept pondering over what to do next as she passed through the middle car, for some reason calmer than the first time. As she reached for the handle open the door, her eyes widened.


A chill ran down her spine.


The feeling of someone caressing her overcame her body.


Despite her instincts screaming in agony that she should turn around, she couldn't. The reflection on the door's window was more than enough for her to be paralyzed with fear.

Standing right behind her was a tall man with a long black coat and grey hair. She couldn't see his eyes, it was as if a shadow was covering the upper half of his face. Behind him, the passengers were all standing up staring at her with cold eyes.


She could see the man moving his hand through her long hair, holding it close to his face as if smelling it, all while the feeling as if a thousand disembodied fingers were slowly caressing her body.

Rin couldn't understand what was happening. The way the man was moving was like someone was showing her pictures of the scene, as if he was skipping the process of moving, she was only seeing still images. One moment he was standing still, the next her hair was in his hand, then he was still once more.

The man let out a deep breath. The next image he saw was of his hands around her neck, the man's face still expressionless.

Rin could feel the sweat slowly moving down her back. Still struggling to move.

The next image was of his right hand holding her chin to the side, tilting her head, whole the other was on her left shoulder.

The next image, her scarf was gone and her neck was bare as the man's face was directed at it.

The next image, his mouth was open, and Rin's eyes widened as she expected his teeth to sink into her neck.

In one moment, she tried her hardest to move. Legs. Hands. Head. Waist. Hips. Fingers. Neck. Toes. Chest. Elbows. Lips. Her body was paralyzed entirely. No matter what she tried, she was stuck in her own body, unable to do anything but wait for the next image. Struggling and struggling, begging her body to move to the point where her body was covered in cold sweat, she tried again and again and again...

Until the door opened and a familiar face showed up in front of her.