Patrol was long and rough today. The nomad leech that we've been trying to eviscerate for the last ten days had darted past us again with a wild grin. Those bright orange curls taunted me nightly. Shifting seamlessly from big black wolf to large Native man, I hiked my cargo shorts up my legs but didn't button the clasp.

It was easier for her this way.

The scents of meatball marinara wafted through the open windows of my small blue cottage and I smirked as I reached the bright white front door. The handle turned easily and I stopped in my tracks at what I saw when I entered the little house I'd built with my own capable hands.

"The fuck are you doing here?" I barked when I laid eyes on Paul petting Bella's head like the dog she is. I knew he hadn't been here long because we had just come off patrol together. How the hell did he manage to get here before I did?

Her tiny pink tongue darted out of the side of her mouth as she kneeled on the shining pine board floors. Her flushed, naked body was angled toward me, but like any good dog, she gave her full attention to my beta.

Paul's smirk widened as he met my dark eyes and I felt my heart clench as his hand moved down my pet's long dark brown hair to cup her chin. Lifting her face toward him, Paul kept his eyes on mine as he leaned down. Bella lapped at her lips and panted eagerly, awaiting the kiss that another man was about to give her. Normally, I'd be all for this display but I wasn't in the mood to share. I wanted her all to myself.

I let Paul's dark lips get a hair's breadth away from hers when I ordered, "Stop!"

The alpha command flowed through from me to him and he paused forcefully. I saw his fingers tighten on Bella's face aggressively as he fought to disobey my order and that made me angry.

She winced and whimpered in pain but the shot of remorse over Paul's face was not enough for me to stifle my anger.

"Get the fuck out of here." I snapped at him as I stepped forward and lifted Bella into my arms gently, cradling her naked form against my taut chest muscles. Running a soothing hand over her shoulders and hair, I cooed at her quietly as Paul let the screen door slam on his way out. "It's okay now, pet. He's gone."