I walked onto the job site in a daze, completely high with the thoughts running through my head about Bella and our baby. It felt as if everything was finally falling into place for us. The play scenes, the baby, Victoria gone, no sign of the Cullens. Bella eased my worries when I told her that everything seemed too good to be true.

"We've gone through so much, Sam." Her tiny pale hand palmed my cheek as her thumb caressed my bottom lip. I licked her thumb and watched her pupils dilate, grinning. "All of the bad has to be countered with good. This is our 'good'."

Paul was waiting for me, leaning against the picnic table outside the construction trailer, one foot on the seat and his arms crossed over his chest. My mood plummeted as he met my gaze. I really didn't know what to say to him anymore, knowing he admitted to falling in love with my Little Red. It took everything in me not to strangle the fucker. Brother or not, I felt he had crossed a line by saying anything to her.

He held up a hand of surrender as he took in the grimace on my face.

"I'm not here to fight. I'm actually here to tell you some good news." His hair was disheveled as if he'd ran his hand through it multiple times out of nerves.

I set my lunch box next to him on the table and crossed my arms across my chest. I may have flexed my arms as I did so.

Paul rolled his eyes and an easy grin developed on his lips. "Cut it out, Sam. I'm sorry. For real." All jesting emotion left his face as he looked at me seriously.

I tried to relax myself. To calm my muscles and my nerves. I gestured for him to continue, still afraid I might snap at him if I opened my mouth.

"I met someone."

"Someone as in…" I inquired, a little intrigued.

"Sam, she's gorgeous. She's perfect for me and my wolf loves her. Like…" He paused, a loving expression falling over his features and I found myself feeling extremely grateful to this mystery woman.

"You found your mate." I guessed.

"I sure did. I wasn't sure at first but my wolf begged and begged me to sniff her out and talk to her. She's just…"

"Perfect." I finished for him, understanding completely.

"I wanted to apologize for stepping on your toes the way I did. Bella's my best friend and the man in me confused the friendship for something that wasn't there. I think I was just wishing for something as amazing as you've got."