"Have you told…" I made a gesture with my hand for the girl's name.

"Nyla. She's from here but she's been overseas with her Dad. He's in the military. No. I haven't told her yet. I wanted you to know before I brought someone else into the mix. It's only fair considering I lost all your trust a few weeks ago."

I nodded in understanding and appreciation. We talked more about Nyla as we started working and how he had already started to woo her. It hadn't taken long with Paul's natural good looks and his charms. He'd definitely honed them enough through the years that they were near perfect. I can only sigh in relief that Bella had never fallen for them.

After work, I invited the whole pack over, warning Bella ahead of time so she could prepare, so that we could talk with Paul about his new chosen mate. When bringing another person into the supernatural world, there always had to be a pack meeting. I didn't tolerate just anyone knowing. If Paul felt this woman would be in his life for a very, very long time, then we would bring her in as one of our own.

There had been hints in the legends about some super force bringing two strangers together, creating a false sense of devotion and love and sometimes I worried about that. Worried that it could be true and someday I would lay eyes on some stranger and feel complete. The old journals from previous packs had been worried about the same thing but it had never happened. My wolf was so in love with Bella, I didn't have eyes for anyone else. I knew there was no false sense of anything with her. I didn't believe in that malarkey. Both Bella and I talked about it several times. She didn't feel obligated to love me. She didn't just blindly love me and follow my lead. She doesn't feel the need to be around me constantly. Our relationship is a normal - okay, supernatural - relationship. Proving that the force the journals spoke of were just that. A legend.

Later that evening, holding Bella in my lap with my arms wrapped around her, I looked at my pack. Everyone was smiling and talking a mile a minute, on the couch, at the table, even sitting on the coffee table. The television was on and the radio on the counter is playing country music. Definitely not my taste but I let it slide. This is my family. Bella is my mate and I wouldn't trade any of this for the world.

I pressed a firm, long kiss to Bella's temple, inhaling her sweet scent. "I love you." I said with a soft growl.

Her lips curved up into a seductive smile, a glint in her eye that I knew all too well as she shimmied in my lap. Her voice was pitched low and husky. "I love you too, Alpha."