"Hey Mom!", shouted 14-year old AJ.

He opened the door and shut it coming in from school.

"Hey sweetie.", said AJ's mom.

She came up to give him a big kiss on the cheek before talking about how school went.

"Where's Dad?", asked AJ as he looked around the room.

He's working late. He would be back soon.", said AJ's mom.

They sat on the couch in the living room.

"Oh...",answered AJ,disappointed.

He felt sorry for his dad that he has to work late again.

"By the way, Mom, look at what I found in the trash at school.", said AJ.

"What is it?" asked AJ's mom.

AJ picked up a phone that looked familiar to his mom. Her eyebrows started going up in shock. When she laid eyes on it, the phone had a pink case on with diamonds all around.

"Oh no, no, no!",shouted AJ's mom as she got up.

"What, what's wrong?",asked AJ.

" It's just I need for you to go up to your room for a sec. I need to see that phone.", said AJ's mom.

AJ found it a little weird before handing her the phone.

Mom holding the phone wanted to take a good look at it. Lastly, he decided to continue going upstairs to his room.