As soon as Zoey turned on the phone, it flickered on and off for a little. The screen was showing both Zoey and Jackson that the phone was on. This left them to both look at each other.

When Zoey tapped on the phone showing the number of apps it had. Zoey moved her finger to search for the "Listen and Obey" app. As soon as she found it, all she opened it and then looked over at Jackson,

"I guess we need to see if it works.",said Jackson.

He understood the look on his wife's face.

"I guess.",said Zoey.

She agreed with her husband.

"Kiss me.",commanded Zoey.

Jackson go towards his beautiful wife leaning himself towards her to give her a romantic kiss on the cheek. After Jackson kissed his wife on the cheek, the two of them looked at each other. thinking the same thing.

"How do we explain this to our son?",the both of them thought, at the same time.

It wasnt until m they both heard footsteps near them coming from the stairs the both of them looked up to see who it was it turned out to be their own son, AJ, who is already looking down at them.