Hey Everyone! WE'RE NOT DEAD!

Aura here. RGGAM and I wish you all Happy Holidays and WOW It's been a while. Now I know we haven't done much with this story and that's because we have been working on other things here, Even so, we want to wish everyone A Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas! Or whatever you celebrate! No Bias here thank you! Everyone is accepted here in my Opinion!

Happy Holidays and Early New Year everyone!

Stay Hydrated to those in Southern Hemisphere! I Hope Summer is not too bad for you all this 2020 of a year!

Stay Warm to those in the Northern Hemisphere! I Hope Winter isn't too harsh this disaster of a year!

And to everyone. Stay safe, social distance, wash your hands, and stay safe. Even if the Virus has gone down doesn't make it gone.

After all! If you don't keep an eye on you're enemies they'll bite back harder than before!

But none-the-less. Stay safe, This is Aura signing out!