American Dragon Jackie Long Chapter 1 A Bad Day

It was a nice warm day in hong kong as we see our lead character Jackie fed up with her fathers Jake's training and mad about.

" I'm sick and tired of those pointless exercises dad she says angry at him"

" I feel your pain sweetie i wanted the same thing he says to her. "

" Whatever she says walking off mad."

" The next thing we know her father Jake is missing ? "

" Hey where did daddy go she asks Fuu dog and he says he doesn't know he get kicked out by a hunter man go ask your mother Trixie ? "

" Hey mom where is Dad i want to say sorry to him about how I acted. "

" I don't know where he is sweetie she answers."

" Help me help me help me help me help me help me ah help me says hayley screaming for help as Jackie sees her auntie being attacked by a huntsman and notices something on the ground. "

"The letter says if you want to see your dad again meet me at my hangout come alone."

" Jackie beats up a huntsman and asks him where the hangout is for the huntsman ."

" The huntsman says the hideout is in an old warehouse. "

" She goes to the old warehouse and gets attacked by a huntsgirl or someone who looks like her in the warehouse and her father is there chained up with a gag over his mouth. "

" Hey you who are you and where is the leader she yells at her with anger. "

" Oh ha ha ha ha silly girl i'm huntsgirl your father's enemy she says laughing at her. "

" Get her now huntsman soliders. She says. "

All of a sudden Hayley comes in with fuu dog and beats up everyone in the warehouse and saves her brother Jake.

" Hey huntsgirl who are you and who is your leader Hayley asks angry. "

" Ha ha ha ha ha I'm huntsgirl . She says laughing once again. "

Then she disappears in a puff of smoke.

" Dad are you oh says as she looks at him with a smile. "

" Yeah I'm fine i think from now on your aunt Hayley should train you. "

" How about both of you and i was angry i'm very sorry dad I will never do it again put you in danger because i want to become a strong dragon like aunt Hayley here. "

Meanwhile huntsgirl goes to a secret room in the huntsman lair to meet her mother.

" Hey mom i saw her my sister Jackie and Jake. says Rosita "

" Good job Rosita they will meet me soon very soon mwhahahahahahaha. Says Rose laughing. "

" Honey i have to tell you something says Jake with a serious face "

" What is it dad Says Jackie looking at him "

" That hunts girl you fought was my ex girlfriend's daughter and I fear you will come face to face with my ex girlfriend Rose. "

" I guess that gives me more reason to start training to be an american dragon like you grandma and great grandpa then right says Jackie with a smile. "

" Hey Jackie guess who is coming to visit next week your uncle spud and grandma and grandpa and your grandfather says Trixie with a smile. "

" Cool i have more training partners oh and guys the homecoming is next week too. "

Authors Note: American Dragon Jake Long is property of Disney and I don't own Disney and there will be 52 chapters of this fanfic.