The Story Begins with Jackie's brother about to lose his very first dragon tooth but since it was a dragon tooth it holds magical powers Dr. Dolly The Tooth fairies Assistant. He seizes her opportunity, Dolly Captures the Tooth Fairy and Steals her magic wand and she goes after Jackie's little brother Hector. However the Long house is protected by a magical shield. The Evil wants outside to make us move.

Jackie: Hey Mom i'm want to go to a concert to see my dad's favorite singers son preform.

Trixie: Jackie did you forget your babysitting your brother sweetie you can't go to the concert tonight.

(Stephanie and Troy show up once after Trixie leaves and Jackie goes to the concert then comes back to babysit her brother for 20 minutes)

Jackie: Hey it's my favorite singer on TV

Troy: we can't watch the little one anymore

Stephanie: yeah

Jackie: we can't live him alone

(Jackie takes him to the concert with her)

(Meanwhile the Tooth fairy comes to Haley and fu dog to explains Dolly's plan to them)

Haley: oh no Hector is in danger

Fu Dog: yeah

When Jackie and her friends take Hector to the concert Dr. Dolly makes her move. Dolly and her tooth minions corner Jackie and her friends.

Jackie: aww man

(Jackie fights the tooth minions)

Dolly: Hello sweetie

Hector: ah help me

(Dolly covers his mouth and takes her to the tooth fairies hideout)

(Jackie Haley and the tooth fairy and in ensuing battle Hector's tooth flies out and lands into Dolly's hand. Dolly takes it and places her hand into a pot of soil causing the tooth power to actieve and turn Dolly into a white-furred monster)

Dolly goes on a rampage and starts stealing money from the kids giving by the tooth fairy. But Jackie stops her by using her dragon powers and taking a billboard sized tv and smashing it over her destroying her for good leaving her glasses on the street.

Jackie returns home with Hector's tooth and the remains of Dr. Dolly and they fly home.

(Jackie and Hector fly home and they are sitting in the dismantled living room from the aftermath of Troy and Stephanie failing to get Hector's tooth out)

Trixie: what happened to the house

Jake: yeah

Hector: mom dad it's my fault Jackie was trying to stop me from destroying the living room.

Trixie: Honey Hector his dragon tooth it's gone

Jake: let's go get the camera

Later that night

(Jackie is tucking Hector into bed and she places the tooth under his pillow)

Hector: Hey Jackie thanks for ditching the concert to save me

Jackie: i'm sure i don't miss much

(The Scene cuts to Troy and Stephanie riding in Shane's limo)

(End of Chapter 4)

Author's Note: American Dragon jake long is property of Disney and sorry for the short chapter i will make the next one longer this episode was based off of the episode where Haley loses her Dragon Tooth.