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["Different Language"]


Text/Phone call/Comm-link/Quirk Info/Omnitrix speaking

"Nana speaking"

(Nana Thinking)

'Future Izuku Narration'

"Transformation talking/All Might Hero Form talking/Alien Talking."

'Transformation thinking/All Might Hero/Form thinking/Alien Talking.'

["Super Move Name!/Alien Super Move Name!"]

You can get high or you can get low

You can stay young or you can grow old

Let it go, ooo ooo

'Cause I'mma I'ma go for broke

You could go hard or you could go home

You could live life or you could just fold

Let it go, ooo ooo

'Cause I'ma I'ma go for broke


Boku No Hero Academia and its characters are respectively owned by Kohei Horikoshi and VIZ, Weekly Shonen Jump Manga, Studio Bones

Ben 10 and its characters are respectively owned by Cartoon Network Studios, Man of Action Studios, and Warner Bros. Discovery

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'Beneath our flashy Superhero driven society, laid the dark Underworld. Every time we've driven the villains back, retreating back into the safety of the shadows, regaining their lost strength, planning, scamming for their next move, and waiting for the right moment to strike. And unfortunately for us Heroes…'

'And that time was nearing closer with each passing day…'

[Insert OST: Shuhan from Boku No Hero Academia OST]

[Location: Unknown, Japan.]

[Date: Unknown, July, 2264.]

[Time: Unknown.]

Within the unknown and mainly deserted bar somewhere in Japan. We see Shigaraki at the bar, stacking his playing cards into a tower while Kurogiri was watching him do so.

"The Master is really good at recon." Shigaraki says, placing the last two cards on the top of the card tower and seeing it stabilize. "While I was trying to hack and gather the location of the base where those U.A. brats were going for their camp. He found out in an instant. Guess he really showed me up huh?" He says, seeing that the tower was standing on its own as he admires his handiwork. Kurogiri nods

"It was worth having a team on standby wasn't it? Tomura Shigaraki." Kurogiri says as Shigaraki was looking over his house of cards and nods

"I guess, I mean. I ain't losing any of my EXP over this little raid we're planning on doing later." Shigaraki says as he lets the House of Cards fall

Just then, the door to the bar opens and the two turn and saw no one was entering but a puff of smoke goes through the opening of the door

"I heard back from the Union today. Whispers going around that you and your little pose are going to do the plan against U.A. and the Hero society." The two hear Giran's voice speak from the other side of the door

"Yeah, plans are being reviewed and checked." Shigaraki says. "Are those extras I asked ready?" He asks, looking at the door as he hears a chuckle coming from Giran

"Yeah, and you can expect a delivery coming in on Thursday night. And trust me, while it might to a bit to gather the right good, this is going to make your wait worthwhile." Giran says before he fully opens the door and enters the bar as Kurogiri looks at him

"I do apologize for calling in this request to you at such short notice. Giran." Kurogiri says, bowing a bit to the man who just waves at him

"Nah, it's fine. More money in my pocket." Giran says as he takes a pull from his cigarette and exhales the smoke from his mouth as he looks at the younger man in the room. "So, tell me Shigaraki. You wanna know why the Union even allowed this outlandish order of yours to happen?" He says, causing the Decay Quirk wielder to look at him

"Yeah, tell me. Why?" Shigaraki says, interested in hearing what Giran had to see

"It's because everyone's got high expectations for you and your league. If you want to step into the light and be known as a high threat, then the scum hiding in the shadows will follow suit, under your rule. And if that happens brokers like me will be rolling in hungry new customers. Crime really pays, no matter how many said it doesn't." Giran says, grinning as he flashes his gapped tooth, imagining the revenue he would get from this

"Oh yes. You're going to be so busy that you won't be able to keep up." Shigaraki says with Giran nodding

"And I'm looking forward to that. Very much." Giran says "Anyway, gotta run. Got places to be and money to steal. Thanks. Be seeing you real soon." He says as he turns around and exits the bar. Upon hearing the door closing, Shigaraki looks back down to the bar table and sees his cards as he grins

"The map's been selected, and my team is stacked and ready to battle," Shigaraki says with glee, feeling at the events that were to come. "Finally, time for the next round to start!" He says as the scene shows the cards on the table as they were just photos of the students of both Class 1-A and 1-B with many having black X marks on them, others a green '?' mark on them and only a few of them had red circles on their faces. And Izuku's photo was one of the ones with a red circle. And the total number of those with red circles…was 7…

[End OST]

The Alien Hero: Deku 10!

Chapter 47: Summer Camp, here we come/Enter the Wild Wild Pussycats!

[Location: U.A High School, Musutafu Prefecture-Tokyo, Japan.]

[Date: 13th July, 2264. Monday]

[Time: 08:30 am.]

It had come. The day had finally come. Today was the day that the U.A. Summer Camp training would begin and we see Class 1-A outside the main building with their teacher, Mr. Aizawa standing in front of his students as he gives them a brief

"As you all know by now, you've finished your first semester here at U.A. and summer vacation has officially started." Aizawa says before he gives the students a serious expression. However, don't think it's going to be months of rest for you heroes-in-training. At this training camp, the goal is to break beyond your limits, to reach new heights. You're aiming to be Plus Ultra, understood?" He asks and all most of the students nod

"Yes sir!" The students yell and Aizawa nods

"Good." Aizawa says as he lets the Class interact with each other. Lucy goes to Izuku to discuss stuff about the camp

"So Izzy, you excited for the camp?" Lucy asks and Izuku looks at her and flashes a grin

"Sure I am! It's going to be great seeing how everyone will improve their Quirks and get stronger. And I finally have the chance to write down and analyze all of Class 1-B's Quirks!" Izuku says excitedly as his eyes sparkle at the thought of finally analyzing his sister's class's Quirks. Lucy sees this and just shakes her head while chuckling

"You and Quirks." Lucy says, knowing Izuku's obsess-, I mean, his interest in Quirks

"Hey, you two!" The two turn and sees Ochako, Mina, and Toru running up to them "It's finally time for the forest camp!" She yells, smiling with excitement

"Yeah, are you two excited about it?" Mina asks

"Campfire songs! Spooky storytelling! Swimming in a lake! Fireworks! And maybe a little something special might happen." Toru asks, thinking of all the things at camp and something she wants to do there. She turns to Izuku. "What do you think, Midori?" She asks. Izuku places his hand on his chin and thought about it before he shrugs his shoulders

"Well, yeah, there are so many things we can do at a summer camp and things can happen but I honestly don't care about that really. Just spending time with my friends is enough of me." Izuku says, smiling at the girls, with his eyes closed. The girls blush a little at this as they thought it was sweet for him to think about that for the camp, Mina especially as she smiles

"Aw, you're such a sweetheart Midori! I'm so happy you wanna spend time with me." Mina says as she leaps toward Izuku and wraps her arms and legs around his body in a tight embrace, this catches Izuku off guard, and was about to fall down but he catches himself and looks at Mina in shock

"M-M-Mina, what are you doing?!" Izuku yells, madly blushing at the feeling of Mina's bosom pressing onto his chest

"What? Can't a gal hug her friend?" Mina asks as she tightens the hug. She then looks at him and sees his flushed expression while trying to look around. She grins and leans toward his ear "Or, do you want it privately and somewhere else? I can arrange that~" She gently whispers into Izuku's ear before blowing into it. This causes Izuku to freeze up like a statue as his face lights up like a red traffic light. She

"Ashido…" Mina flinches at that voice. It was deprived of any emotion as she turns around and sees Momo, Kyoka, and Tsu walking up to them, with blank expressions while having a dark aura around them. "What have I told you about invading personal space?" Momo asks, smiling sweetly…a bit too sweetly as an oni mask was forming behind her, it staring at Mina with a glint of death to it. While Mina would be normally scared by this, she was feeling rather confident as she smiles at Momo

"Ah, could you remain me about that later YaoMo, I sort of forgot." Mina says. "Maybe you can tell me about it again after I'm done with Midori." She says as she still holds onto the frozen form of Izuku. Momo drops her smile and gives Mina the blank expression previously as she nods

"I see…Tsuyu, if you would?" Momo asks, Tsu nods

"*Kero* You got it." Tsu says as she shoots out her tongue at the two and makes it wrap around Mina's waist. Once it was wrapped around the pink alien hybrid, Tsu pulls Mina off Izuku and further wraps her tongue around Mina's arms, the pink-skinned girl was surprised by this before she processed what had happened and started moving around

"Hey, let me go!" Mina yells as she moves around trying to escape from Tsu's iron grip tongue. "I'm not done with Midori! I just got started with him!" She yells as she gets reeled into the others so they would punish her for what she did. As this happened, Izuku remained frozen for a bit as his mind was busy processing, and crashing at what he just endured

'…so…soft…smelt like…strawberries and…cream…' Izuku thought, his eyes widen as images of Mina's attics throughout the year came flooding back to his mind with a vengeance

'Midoriya, you're one lucky son of a gun…' That was some of the guys' thoughts after seeing what had happened. While one had other thoughts in mind 'MIDORIYA! You bastard!' Mineta roars in his mind, planning ways in killing Izuku for what he got as he wanted that too.

Ochako was at the far left of the girls as she watches Mina with a pout, she was mad that she got the upper hand with Izuku as she saw him blush.

[Is it because you like him?] Aoyama's voice echoes throughout her mind as she stops her pout and blushes profoundly

Why'd I remember that now of all time?!' Ochako thought, frantically shaking her head, trying to get rid of the memory.

"Hey, Ochako, are you alright?" Ochako stopped shaking her head as Izuku was at her, literally right in front of her face "Your face is red, are you feeling hot or something?" He asks. The sudden near-physical contact and the fact she was staring right into his eyes made Ochako feels more flustered than before

"Uhh…Yeah! Totally fine! Just thinking about…the camp! Right, the camp. Let's hear it for camp!" Ochako yells, moving far away from Izuku

"Yeah, camp! Camp! Camp! Camp!" Ochako starts chanting as Kaminari, Sero, and Mina join in the chants. Mina was sporting a comedic large lump on the top of her head, it was the result of her punishments at the hands of the other girls

'What's wrong with Ohcako? One minute, she's silent and her face is red. The next she gets excited about the camp…' Izuku thought, wondering what caused the sudden change in mood

"I don't believe it!" Upon hearing that voice, Izuku, and the others turn around and see Monoma along with Class 1-B there, as they were waiting for their bus to arrive. "I heard some of Class 1-A are in extra classes during the training camp! Does that mean that they failed their final exam?! That's so embarrassing don't you think?! Especially since you're supposed to be the better class out of the two Heroic classes! All of you must be deep in shame and-" He would have gone on further, if it wasn't for the neck chop done by Itsuka who had appeared behind him. Monoma collapses onto the ground

"Do I seriously have to knock you out every time you get close to Class 1-A?" Itsuka asks while looking disappointed and tired at Monoma as she grabs him by the back of his collar and looks at Class 1-A. "Sorry about his behavior you guys. I've been trying to get him to behave better, but you can tell that it's been an uphill battle. He should be asleep for the rest of the trip." She says, rubbing the back of her head with her other free hand. Izuku

'Should she really be saying that?' Most of Class 1-A thought as they sweatdrop

"Hi, Kendo. It's fine, so don't worry about it." Izuku says, smiling as he looks at the rest of Class 1-B. "It's nice to see Class 1-B all together again." He says

"Heya Class 1-A, nice to see you again outside of school and the Sports Festival. Means we're not rivals at the moment." Setsuna says, smirking at Class A as Yui just nods as she looks at Izuku with her cheeks having a dust of pink to them

"[IZZY!]" A cheerful voice yells in English as a blonde blur rushes over to Izuku and tackles him, which nearly takes him off his feet but he quickly uses Float to stabilize himself and land back on his feet. He looks down to see who was it that almost knocked him off his feet and he sees it was, Pony Tsunotori. She looks at him and brightly smiles at him

"Hi, Izzy!" Pony greets the boy who blushes at how close she was

"H-Hi Pony. H-How are you?" Izuku asks

"I'm fine, thanks for asking." Pony says, she releases him and stands on her hoofs as she looks at him, with her hands behind her. "Oh, I wanted to ask you something. Do you watch anime?" She asks

"Well, I-" Izuku was saying but Pony gets excited and decides to speak

"There's this one anime that's really interesting. It's about this kid from a village that is filled with ninjas and they have a power that they use to perform these awesome moves. He dreams of becoming his village's leader and protecting his precious people. Oh, then there's this one about this guy who enrolls in this school that was only of girls but it became co-ed, he goes to this school and finds out that all the students have this ability that descended from 12 original weapons and he's OP AF, I think you'll like those two. Oh, and there's this other one about this kid who wants to be a pirate king and-" Pony was speaking at a surprisingly fast pace but as she was about to go onto the next anime, someone places their hand on her shoulder, cutting her from her focus as she looks behind and sees Kinoko was the one who was holding onto her shoulder

"T-T-Tsunotori, c-calm down. You're overwhelming I-Izuku." Kinoko says. Pony looks at her as she tiles her head to the side as a question mark appears above her head

"Huh?" Pony says. She turns back to Izuku and sees his eyes were swirls as steam courses off from his head. "[Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry Izzy, I didn't mean to drone on about anime. I'm kind of a nerd of that kind of stuff…]" Pony says, sheepishly rubbing her arm in embarrassment, as Izuku just waves her off after he slightly calms down

"N-No, it's fine really." Izuku says. 'Is this how people see me when I talk about Quirks?' He thought, with a sweatdrop at now seeing something that was similar to his own mutter episodes. Pony lets out a sigh of relief

"Oh, okay." Pony says as she smiles at him and Izuku returns the smiles

"I-Izuku." Izuku turns and sees Kinoko still standing there with her bangs covering her eyes

"Yes, Kinoko?" Izuku says

"I wanted to know. W-W-Why haven't you come to my family's restaurant yet?" Kinoko asks, looking down shyly. Izuku's eyes widen in shock as he remembers that he did get an invitation to her family's restaurant after he saved her from Shigaraki during their encounter with him at the mall weeks prior

"O-Oh, right. That." Izuku says as he rubs his arm, feeling bad for doing that to Kinoko and her family as they showed "I've really hadn't had any free time to go. But I will swing by when the training camp is finished. I promise you that." He says

"T-That would be great." Kinoko says. She then remembers something and she looks back at him, with one of her eyes being seen through her bangs. "And, I w-wanted to ask you something." She says

"What? What is it?" Izuku asks

"W-W-What's your favorite meal?" Kinoko asks, this catches Izuku a bit off guard

"Oh, it's Katsudon," Izuku says "What do you ask?" He asks as Kinoko just looks away from him and blushes

"O-Oh, nothing. Just asking." Kinoko says as she plays with her fingers. Somehow, Monoma had awakened from his sleep and sees Pony and Kinoko standing next to Izuku and he is infuriated by this

"What are you all doing!? Why are you talking with someone from Class A, who are a bunch of exhibitionists who take enjoyment and pleasure by-GAH!" Monoma was shouting, as he raging but he gets knocked out again by Itsuka who had an unamused expression on her face

"It hasn't even been one minute and you're at it again. Geez, just what's with you and Class A?" Itsuka asks Monoma, who only makes a weird sound as he was foaming at the mouth. She shakes her head and grabs the back of his collar again and starts dragging him toward the now-arrived bus. As she was about to board it, she turns back to Izuku "Oh, and Midoriya."

"Yeah?" Izuku says

"I hope we can get to know each other a bit more at the camp. You know, without the whole craziness and the rep thing." Itsuka says while smiling as Izuku does the same and nods

"I expect the same from you guys as well." Izuku says

"You can count on it." Itsuka says. "Okay guys, the bus is here! time to get on it!" She says while getting inside the bus, as the other guys follow her

"Okay! The girls of Class B yell as they start running to the bus but Yui and someone else look at Izuku one more time before they rush to the bus.

"Not only the girls in our class are coming to the camp but also the girls from Class B too!" Mineta yells, placing his forearm to his mouth and drooling on it as he watches the Class B girls with lust in his eyes. "It's a heavenly-made buffet." He says, he was so happy that this was happening

"You really haven't taken that threat Midoriya said to you on that day. Man, that's not manly at all." Kirishima says, shaking his head in disappointment. He looks back and sees Izuku looking at the shorter boy with his eyes glowing a toxic green as an oni-mask was forming behind him. Kirishima sees this and wisely steps away from Mintea who was ignorant of how Izuku was staring at him

"Lucy, Sero. Help me but Mintea on the bus." Izuku says

"You got Izzy!/Sure." The two say with identical smiles as they walk toward Mineta who snaps out of his perverted thoughts and sees them coming

"W-W-Wait, can we talk about this?!" Mineta stutters, taking a step back as the two continue to approach him, Lucy's hand morphs onto a hammer while Sero was slowly pulling out a roll of tape from his elbow, both not dropping their smiles. "Wait, what are you doing with that?! NO!" He says right before screaming as Sero wraps his whole body into the tape and Lucy knocks him out with a bonk to the head from her Sludge Hammer, seeing him knocked out, Izuku walks over to his body and tosses him into their bus at the far back as the others start boarding the bus

With both classes in their respective buses, everyone was already on their way to the camp. Inside of Class A's bus, the girls were planning on sitting next to Izuku but their plans were stopped when they saw Shoto sitting next to Izuku, with the talking. While disappointed with this, they were to be sure that nothing would get in their way of being with the boy.

Mr. Aizawa was in the front of the bus and decide to let his students know what was coming

"Listen up, we'll only be on this bus for an hour before we come to our stop." Aizawa says as he looks back to the students "So, make sure that you're focused and…" He stops talking when he notices that no one was paying any attention to him, and the reason for that is…

"Hey, why aren't we blasting some music!?" Kaminari yells out loud while the other students were saying or doing something at the same time

"No one should be standing on the bus while it's moving! It is a safety hazard! Please stay seated!" Tenya yells that because he sees Aoyama standing from his seat and by the window, just showing off his beauty to everyone

"Then, why are you standing?" Lucy asks, she and Kyoka were sitting next to each other, with both their phones out as they were sharing music

"Man, I think this song would be awesome to play for the trip!" Kirishima yells, showing Kaminari a song on his playlist

"You think so?" Kaminari asks

"So, I was watching this YouTube video on how to cook Soba in 101 different ways," Shoto says as he talks to Izuku. "Did you know that you can deep-fry Soba?" Shoto asks, this causes Izuku to blink, surprised at that

"Interesting. I didn't think you could deep-fry Soba. Do you think that there's a video on how to cook Katsudon differently?" Izuku asks as he was tapping onto the faceplate of the Omnitrix again

"Maybe." Shoto says, as he put his finger on his chin and thinks. Bakugou was seating next to Mineta who was moving around in his trap, trying to break free from it as the blonde was trying to take a nap but couldn't due to the noises the others were making.

Seeing that no one was paying attention to him, Mr. Aizawa just sighs and focuses back on the road

'Why do I ever bother…?' Aizawa thought. 'Well, this is the only time that they'll be able to goof around…' He thought as he decides to keep some Zs himself before they arrive at their stop

"Don't open that window!" Tenya's voice could be heard from the bus as it drives along.

Along the way, almost everyone had fun on the bus, like talking to one another, listening to music or just taking in the scenery of the countryside. But at one point, the bus stopped in the middle of the road that went up a mountain, near a cliff. And Aizawa ordered everyone off the bus and so they did.

"Finally, I needed off that bus." Kamianari says as he and the others stretch their arms and legs to get the feeling back in them from all that traveling.

"Move out of the way! I've got to pee!" Mineta yells. He had been freed from his prison by Aizawa and was scrambling around the top of a place to pee since he held it in along the way.

"Wait, is this a rest area?" Sero asks, as he looks around and sees a black car was there at the stop

"And where's Class B?" Kyoka asks as she saw no one from Class B there in the area

"You all really didn't think we'd stop here just to rest?" Aizawa says as the students turn to him in confusion. Mineta runs up to him

"Sensei, please I need the toilet."

'What's going on?' Izuku thought, feeling a pit in his stomach. Nana appears next to him and sees the area

"Don't know, but I think you should be on guard Kiddo. You'd never know what's going to happen next." Nana says as Izuku looks at her and nods

'Right!' Izuku thought as he starts to move his arms and shoulders around, getting them loose and warming them up while he hops on his feet.

Before anyone could say anything else, the black car's doors open

"Heya Erasure! It's been a long time." A female voice speaks from the car

"Yeah, it has been." Aizawa says as he bows to who steps out of the car as he bows

"Your feline fantasies are here. Say Meow~" The person who said that was a young woman with brown eyes and red hair styled into three bangs that went across her face. She wore a red version of the Pussycats' hero costumes, and as a part of her outfit, she had drawn red marks underneath her eyes, which resembles a cat's whiskers.

"Purfectly cute cat-like girls!" Who said this was someone who accompanied the first woman, this was also a woman who had blue eyes and long blonde hair that was combed back, save for her bangs

She wore the same outfit as the first woman was wearing but it was blue. She had two blue dots drawn on her cheeks and she wore a visor.

"You can call us, the Wild Wild Pussycats!" The two say while striking a pose that I really don't what to describe and no, it's not a perverted pose. While they were striking the pose, there was a little boy standing not too far from them, with a height comparable to Mineta's. He was wearing a red cap that had two golden horns on the front of it, a white shirt, black shorts, and black boots that covered the majority of his legs. He had his hands in his pockets and had no emotion in the pose the two Heroines were doing.

Class A, they were…they were…they were just speechless after seeing what they saw. Nana was the same as she had a large comedic sweatdrop running down the side of her head

"Or maybe I was wrong and you had nothing to worry about…" Nana says

"These are two of the four Pro Heroines who'll be training you at the summer camp. They're Mandalay and Pixie-Bob, and as they said, they call themselves…" Aizawa was about to formally introduce the two, but Izuku finally recognizes them

"The Wild Wild Pussycats!" Izuku shouts, excited to see the two heroines. "They are a team of four veterans Pros Heroines who specialize in rescue!" He yells, this causes the others to realize who they were

"Oh yeah, the Pussycats. I heard they've been in the hero business for a long time, since we were kids. I heard that this is their 12th year working as Pro-!" Sero was saying but before he could finish, Pixie-Bob suddenly lunges at him and grabs his face which surprises and confuses him

"I'm pretty sure your math is way off! I'm 18 at heart, got it boy!?" Pixie-Bob sweetly asks, her claws digging into Sero's head, Frightened, Sero nods his head

"Y-Y-Yes Ma'am!" Sero shouts, trying to get her off him

'My mom did say that I should never talk or ask about a woman's age. And now, I can see she was telling the truth…' Izuku thought, getting goosebumps as he sees this and couldn't help but remember the time his mom beat up a guy over he jokes about her age. He never told a joke again…

'That's just sad…' Lucy thought at seeing Pixie-Bob's behavior as the older blonde released Sero's face and walks back to Mandalay and the little boy

"Anyway, everyone, say hello to them." Aizawa says

"Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you!" All the students say as they bow to the two heroines, all while the little boy was just looking at them with a scowl before turning away. Izuku notices him and raises an eyebrow at him

"We own this whole stretch of land you're seeing right now." Mandalay says as she shows the entire forest below them to the students. Until she points to a far part of the forest. "And our camp is right there at the foot of the mountain." She says

"That's far." Most of the class say, seeing just how far they were from the camp, Ochako then realizes something

"But, wait a minute, why'd we stop here then?" Ochako asks as Tsu looks at her

"I think we might know the answer to that question…" Tsu says, this causes some of the others to quickly realize what was happening

"No, that can't be right." Sato says, with a nervous smile as he shakes his head

"You don't think they wouldn't do that to us…right?" Ojiro asks with the same nervous expression

"I think…they would…" Lucy says, she starts taking a few steps back

"Uh, g-guys…how about we get back onto the bus?" Sero asks, pointing back to the bus

"Good idea. Let's load up." Kaminari says and the others agree on the idea

"The time is 09:30 a.m." Mandalay says with a sinister smile "If you're fast, you might make it to the camp by noon." She says with her tail wiggling around

"N-No way…they're going to do it!"

"Holy crap! Run!" Mina shouts as the students turn and rush toward the safe haven that was the bus.

"Kittens who don't make it to camp by 12:30 pm won't get any lunch!" Mandalay yells. The students continue to run to the bus while passing Aizawa who wasn't fazed by this

"If you haven't guessed it by now, students…" Aizawa says, the students were reaching the bus and were about to board it when they were stopped by Pixie-Bob who lands in front of them, blocking the way into the bus as she looks at them and smirks. "The training camp has officially begun." He says right as Pixie-Bob places her hands on the ground and activates her Quirk

When her Quirk activates, the ground pluses and uproots, catching the student in a dirt avalanche and hurling them into the forest below the cliff, and when they land on the earth below, they were dirty as a result of getting covered in earth and dirt. Back on top of the cliff on the roadside, Aizawa and the two Pussycats were walking toward the edge of the cliff as Pixie-Bob pats her hands at a job well done

"Well, that was something." Mandalay says

"Phew, that was a close one!" The three look at the sky as the dust clears and see Izuku floating in the air. He barely escaped the wave of dirt as he was also dirty. This catches the heroes by surprise as they weren't expecting anyone to remain at the top

"Oh…so you can fly." Aizawa says, surprised at finally seeing this new ability from Izuku as his surprise quickly fades away and is replaced by a frown "Well, that just won't do. Midoriya, you're grounded." He says as his eyes flash red

"Wha-AHHHHH!" Iuku could only say before he felt his Quirk suddenly turn off and as a result, he falls down to the forest below

"Seriously Erasure, don't you think that was a bit much?" Mandalay asks, as Aizawa just shrugs as a loud bang was heard from below, as well as a loud scream

"Relax, the kid's tough. He'll survive that." Aizawa says as he looks down to the down of the mountain and sees his students, he looks around and sees where Izuku had landed and could slightly wince as he saw that Izuku had landed on top of Mineta, which could explain the scream "Mineta on the other hand, got unlucky." He says. Mandalay just shakes her head before she looks down at the students

"Oh, and I almost forgot! Since this is private land, you can use your Quirks as much as you want too! You've got three full hours to get to the camp. You should be able to make it here in that time, that is…if you can get through the Beast's forest." Mandalay says

"Huh?" Upon hearing that, the students turn around and see the forest in front of them as it looked dark and gloomy, even in daylight.

"The Beast's forest? Sounds like a name from an RPG!" Kaminari yells

"Why do we keep falling for our teacher's attics?" Kyoka asks, she was getting tired of this routine from her homeroom teacher

"Do we really have to go through that!? We'll be lost in there!" Sero yells, panicking

"Oh, man…maybe I should have eaten like my mom told me to before coming to school…" Ojior says, holding his stomach as it grumbles in hunger. Sero stops panicking as he thought of something. He turns to Izuku who was being helped up by Mina

"Wait, Midoriya, you can turn into anything you want, right? Can you turn it into a form that could help us in this?" Sero asks, once he was back on his feet, Izuku looks at him

"Y-Yeah, I migh-HEY!" Izuku was saying before he gets shoved by Mineta who was running toward the forest

'I held it when we fell down and even when Midoriya landed on me! All that is left is to find a spot to let it out!' Mineta thought, happy that he didn't piss himself as he rushes deep into the forest in search of a spot to relieve himself. Just as he was about to unzip his pants when he found a tree, he and the others hear a loud roar, catching their attention and giving the short teen a fright as a large strange monster emerged from the forest.

Upon seeing what had emerged from the forest, Sero and Kaminari yell

"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING?!" The two boys yell in fear while everyone was on guard. The beast, seeing Mintea in front of it, raise up its claw in the air, ready to strike him down

"Please calm down my giant friend! You don't want to hurt them!" Koda yells, using his Quirk to try and calm this beast down but for some reason, his Quirk wasn't responding to the beast. The beast sends its claw down to Mineta and the boy froze in fear and something else, and just as he was about to be hit by it, Izuku rushes in and saves Mineta as they dodge the attack. Izuku slides across the ground and stops at the other side of the beast as he puts Mineta down and looks at the beast

'What the? Koda's Quirk allows him to communicate with various species of animals. So why is this one not responding to him?' Izuku thought as he looks at the beast, he takes a closer look at it and sees a part of it breaking off and saw no skin or muscle, it was dirt. 'I see, this beast isn't alive, it's Pixie-Bob's Quirk! So that means…' Realizing that this beast wasn't real, he jumps toward it and reels his fist back while upping his output from 5% to 15% as he reaches the beast's head and…

"[Smash!]" Throws his attack to its head, connecting it as the head explodes into tiny pieces as the rest of the monster's body crumbles apart and onto the ground

Once he lands, Mineta runs up to him

"Thank you Midoriya! Thank you!" Mineta yells, bowing to the greenlette while holding the front of his pants as he cries. Izuku found this strange behavior weird

"Uh…no problem…" Izuku says, taking a step back from the short boy upon seeing the dark spot on his pants. Izuku then turns to Koda. "Koda, your Quirk isn't going to work on these things, they're not alive. They're made from the dirt and earth under us. Pixie-Bob's controlling them with her Quirk!" He says, causing the others to look at the "carcass" and see it was a pile of dirt, showing that Izuku was right

Back up at the top of the cliff just moments before Izuku destroyed the dirt monster, Pixie-Bob was using her visor to see what was happening below and she saw what Izuku did to her monster

"Whoa! I didn't expect that from one of the kittens! Man, this looks like a lot more fun than I originally thought it'd be. My fur's partially standing on its ends!" Pixie-Bob yells, cracking a grin as she watches the teens talk Mandalay sighs at the sight of her teammate getting excited as she turns to Aizawa

"You've got these kids on a tight schedule. Are you sure that they can handle this?" Mandalay asks and Aizawa shakes his head

"Of course, they can. Those kids are tough. Besides, they need this." Aizawa says as he turns to look at the feline-themed heroine.

[Insert OST: Truly Break Through It All [Ultimate Mix (Remade)] from Sonic Frontiers]

"The plan is to build up an entire semester into them and to do that, it's going to take a lot of work. This is why the camp serves as the perfect opportunity to do just that and the rewards will be all worth it. They'll get Provincial licenses to use their Quirks if there's ever an emergency and work as Heroes, but most importantly, with the increase in villain activity, they need to be able to defend themselves should one come up to them. Which is why they're here and why we have to push them beyond their limits." Aizawa says as Mandalay nods, understanding what was really going on here as he turns to Pixie-Bob. "I trust I can count on you to do just that, Ryuko?" He asks as Pixie-Bob turns to him and smiles enthusiastically.

"Oh, you got it Mr. Grumpypants! I'll push these kittens to the edge!" Pixie-Bob yells as she slams her hands down onto the ground and activates her Quirk

Back into the Beast's Forest, upon hearing and learning of this new information, the students were traversing through the forest and to the camp's location

"So…you think it's over?" Kirishima asks, looking around for anything that was out of the ordinary as Lucy shakes her head

"Not really. You know those old-school disaster movies?" Lucy says "When things are at their quietest, that's when everything goes to hell and back." She says. Bakugou frowns as he spots movement in front of them and he stops

"It's obviously not done! There's more coming!" Bakugou yells, the others stop and look in front of them and see many of the dirt monsters emerging from the earth itself as some were towering the same height as the trees and some were hovering in the air

[OST time: 00:44]

"H-Hey, c'mon! Don't you think that this is a little too much?" Kaminari asks, worry in his tone and expression as he looks at the flying ones flying high in the air, by the tree branches which were preventing them to get a clear look at then

"What now? Do we run to the camp?" Mina asks, looking around

"We have to be there by half past noon or else we won't get anything to eat." Sato says

"He's right! Listen up everyone, we have no choice but to cut through these woods and find the shortest possible route to camp

"Everyone, aim for their heads!" Izuku says, causing the others to look at him with raised eyebrows. "That's how we'll beat these beasts!" He yells

"Are you sure that would work dude?" Sero asks as Izuku nods while looking at the beasts

"When I punched that beast from earlier into its head and destroyed it, its body crumbled apart. If we go for their bodies, it's just going to take longer to take them out. If we're going to cut through them, aiming for their heads is the best option we've got in getting out of these forests fast. So, when you attack them, go for the head. Go it?" Izuku asks as the class looks at him and nod

"Yeah/Yes/Got it." Most of the class says as some just nod or ignore him as he nods

"Alright, then." Izuku says, the familiar vein-line lines of OFA start to appear around his body before disappearing and getting replaced by the green bio-electricity as he shifts onto his fighting stance. "Let's show these beasts just who Class 1-A really is!" He yells

"Yeah!" Almost all of the class yell, with the exception of a few such as Tokoyami and Koda due to their obviously quiet nature but Bakugou was also one who didn't yell since he had other thoughts in mind

'Don't you give me fucking orders you fucking shit.' Bakugou thought as he didn't want to obey Izuku and really wanted to blast him but he'll settle with the dirt monsters

With determination and drive to escape the forest, Izuku and Momo lead their classmates in the charge as the students band together with the ones they worked the best, for example, Shoji and Kyoka were working together in locating the monsters. Shoji was using his Quirk in making numerous eyes and ears from his tentacles and scouted the area.

"I've got three up ahead, and two more flaking on either side." Shoji says, locating some of the monsters. Kyoka was crouching down to a tree and had one of her earphone jacks injected into it as she was listening to the soundwaves of the air to look for the flying ones

"There's three in the air above us, that's eight enemies in total." Kyoka says, just before she picks up sounds for motions heading to them. "They're coming guys, be ready!" She yells.

They see one flying dirt monster soaring down toward them but Sero swings up to it using his tapes as he meets with the monster in mid-air

"I got this one!" Sero yells before using his tape and wrapping it around the wings of the monster, restraining it as it falls and collides with the earth. "Sato, Kirishima! You're up!" He yells as he lands on a tree branch

Down below where the dirt monster had crashed landed, Sato and Kirishima rush, Sato pulls out 10 sugar cubes and quickly devours them, fuelling his Quirk as he gains a burst of strength, Kirishima activates his Quirk and hardens his arms and body as the two leaps in the air and strike the monster's head, delivering a devastating blow onto it which destroys the head and killing the monster

Before they could move on, they were suddenly ambushed by another flying monster that appeared from above the trees. Before it could attack the two, it gets interrupted by Tokoyami who was commanding Dark Shadow to attack it and bring it down to the ground which the Quirk does so with a heavy slam with its claws. Ojiro was ready for it when it crashes down, he uses his tail and smack its head up in the air as he looks to the tree behind the monster

"Aoyama! Now!" Ojiro yells as he rolls out of the way, Aoyama appears on top of a tree that was behind the monster and takes aim

"[Á plus!]" Aoyama yells as he winks and fires a blast of his Navel Laser and shoots the monster's head, destroying it

"Nice one guys! Keep it up!" Izuku yells while running with Tenya and Lucy as they all advance deeper into the forest. As they reach a large part of the forest, one of the monster spring up and was about to attack them surprisingly, Mineta starts ripping and throwing his balls at it

"You damn beasts!" Mineta yells with tears coming out of his eyes. "If it weren't for you, I won't have pissed myself! Damn you, damn you, damn you!" He yells, throwing many of his balls at the monster with them sticking onto various parts of the monster and trees surrounding the monster. The monster roars and grabs onto a tree that had Mintea's balls on its bark and gets stuck, making it unable to move. With quick action, Kaminari rushes to the monster and runs up its back, and climbs up onto its head

"Mineta, get away from here!" Kaminari yells, the short boy listens and runs away as the electric blonde looks down at the beast and places his hands on it. "Let's see how you deal with an electric shock?! [Indiscriminate Shock: 1.3 Million Volts!]" He yells as he starts surging off his stored-up electricity

"Wait! Jamming-Yay, don't!" Kyoka yells, knowing what was coming if he releases that much in one burst, she tries to stop him but it was too late as Kaminari releases his electricity onto the beast, causing it to scream before a flash of light goes off the area and momentarily blinds the students before it dissipates and the students see that the monster was turned into a smoking, smoldering carcass of glass. Kaminari emerges from behind the hot glass monster and was alright but…

"Yay!" He yells as he had in his short-out mode while throwing up two thumbs up.

"Not again…" Kyoka mutters, running her hand down her face

"*Sigh…* Can somebody carry Kaminari for the rest of the journey?" Izuku asks, knowing that this was going to happen to them and knew it's a while before Kamniari would be back to normal

"I got it!" Kirishima yells

But before he could go toward the fired blonde, another one of the monsters appears but before he or Izuku could do a thing, Koda acted fast

-I've been here waiting for the longest time-

-I can't believe it's real-

"Birds for the forest! Please hear me and help us remove this evil beast from this peaceful forest!" Koda yells as he uses his Quirk, and at that moment, a swarm of various species of birds appears and flies around the monster, leaving it constantly distracted as Mina runs below it and sprays its ankles with her Acid, melting it through and making the monster go down to its knees. Before it could do anything else, its head explodes on impact with a cannonball constancy for the cannon Momo made during the time as she stood by it with her shirt open

"That was awesome YaoMomo!" Mina yells

"Oh no!" Everyone turn to the source of the voice and saw Toru running away from another monster that was chasing her. "I've got one chasing after me and it's going to eat! Help!" She yells, the monster was gradually catching you to her. Just before it could grab her, she gets carried by Izuku as he flies away from it

"I got you!" Izuku says to Toru as he lands to the side and looks in the air "Lucy, now!" He shouts and outcomes Lucy from a tree with her arm out and morphed into a large fist

"Ha!" Lucy roars as she swings her fist to the monster and destroys the head its head, she punches through its body and lands on the ground while the body crumbles to pieces. Izuku lets out a sigh of relief as he looks at the invisible girl in his arms

"Nice acting there Toru. Acting as bait for it." Izuku says, waiting for a response from her, but what he didn't expect from her was for her to suddenly hug him

"Oh, thank you for that Midori! Happy to help!" Toru says, happily while clinging onto him. Izuku blushes, not just from her attitude but from also a soft sensation that was pressing onto his chest

"N-No problem." Izuku stutters. He places her on the ground and looks at her as she lets go of the hug. "C'mon, let's go and fight some monsters." He says and Toru nods

"Right!" Toru says as they rush back into the action

The students continue advantaging through the forest. More were working together in teams in taking out the monsters, for example, Tsu and Ochako were working as a team Ochako was behind one of the monsters and places her fingers onto it, taking away its gravity as it floats off the ground

"Tsu, special delivery!" Ochako yells and wasting no time, Tsu, using a vine from one of the trees, swings down to the monster

"*Kero* Got it!" Tsu yells, she wraps her tongue around the monster and tosses it high in the air as she lets go, letting soar

"Release!" Ochako yells placing her fingers together and returning the monster's gravity as it plummets down to the earth and crashes where it was originally as it crumbles away upon impact

"We've got more closing in on us!" Shoji yells as one of his extra eyes spots more movement in the distance and it was coming in on them. One of his ears picked up something behind him and Kyoka and turns to see a rock monster was next to them and was about to slam its fist down onto Kyoka. "Watch out!" He yells, causing Kyoka to look at him before noticing the large fist that loomed over her, just before it could be sent down, Shoji springs into action and turns all of the tentacles on his right arm into fists as he punches the monster's head and destroying it

"Thanks for that." Kyoka says, grateful for him

"No problem," Shoji says before they start running with the others as they advance.

Up ahead, one monster was spotted by Shoto as he traps its' legs and one of its arms with his ice and just as he was about to blast its head with his fire, Bakugou blasted past him and fires an explosion onto the monster's body, completely destroying it as he lands down to the ground and runs alongside Shoto

"Get out of my fucking way Icy-Hot!" Bakugou yells before blasting off to fight more of the monsters

"You were in mine first." Shoto says, shaking his head. Tenya was running toward a monster and leaps up in the air.

"[Recipro Burst!]" Tenya yells, activating his Quirk and pushing it to the max throttle which tears the bottom of his pants as blue flames sprout out from his exhausts and with a heavy kick to the monster's head, he destroys it.

When the students battled against the monsters, it was getting more out of hand as more monsters were emerging

"Izzy! We're going to need Four Arms or Gravattack! Either would work perfectly here, they can send these beasts into orbits!" Lucy yells as she slams two monsters with her hammers. Izuku, who was behind her and using Full Cowl at 15%, kicks away another monster as he turns to her and nods

"You got it!" Izuku yells. he goes to the Omnitrix and places his fingers onto the faceplate and dials up the alien selection holo-wheel, he quickly scrolls through the faces of his aliens before finding one of the two aliens he had in mind, Gravattack. Sliding his fingers off the faceplate, the faceplate pops back and the button pops out, ready for him to slam down onto. Izuku grins and lifts his hand up above the button "Going, Hero!" He yells before slamming his hand down onto the button and disappearing into the familiar green flash as he transforms. Once the flash dissipates, the alien he transformed into it…wasn't Gravattack…or Four Arms. In fact, it wasn't any form that he was familiar with.

This new alien resembled a combination of a rooster and a hawk. He had sharp black claws on his toes and talons on his hands. He had green eyes and a short yellow beak and is covered in brown feathers. He also had a white-brown mohawk and belly. He wore a green mask, a green belt with a white stripe, and black briefs.

This alien wears a strap vest with the Omnitrix on the vest hooker.

Izuku looks down at himself and saw just what he changed into it

"W-What the?" Izuku utters, his voice was the same but a lot deeper than its usual pitch. "Are you kidding me? A new form!? Now for all time!" he yells, glaring down at the Omnitrix in anger, thinking that it was messing with him. He sighs, knowing that he couldn't do anything, especially during the middle of a battle. Suddenly, he gains a lot of information on the alien he was currently and grins

"Okay, I can work with this." Izuku says as he just shrugs his shoulders before turning to a group consisting of eleven dirt monsters charging toward him. He feels a sudden rush of energy course through his body as his grin grew bigger

-So break through it all, and don't look down-

-You won't be here-

-'Cuz the fire in you never dies-

"Oh, yeah!" Izuku yells as he runs toward them. Upon meeting up with one, Izuku reels his fist back before striking it to the head, crushing it. He then delivers three more strikes onto the second one before throwing an uppercut to it, sending it up in the air as the third one leaps toward him but he tosses it over him and to a tree, he then backflips into the fourth one, breaking apart on the landing as he jumps and performs a spinning bird kick onto two more, destroying them. The seventh one rushes at him but he jumps in the air and kicks the air and sends out a shockwave which collides with the monster and sends it as it crashes into the eighth one. The ninth and tenth monsters rush at him as he lands on the ground and clutches his fist as two large talons protrude out from his arms and run to them, performing near-blinding slashes at the two monsters as he stops. He retracts his arm talons to a manageable size as the monsters let out a roar before crumbling into tiny pieces. He then turns to the last and largest dirt monster in his way as it stares him down as it roars, he smirks and rushes to it while it rushes to him and the two meet in the middle.

-Don't stop, we're on a mission-

-Overdrive and overrun the competition-

The eleventh monster roars as it tries to slam Izuku down to the ground with a smash but the unknown alien easily evades the attack by performing incredible flexible bending as he slides under the fist and slides under the monster and kicks the monster with a kip-up, kicking it up into the air as he jumps after it. He quickly reaches the monster in the air and flips backward as he sticks his right leg out and in slow motion, it inches close to the monster's chin

-Counting up the damage when it's done-

"[Soaring Bicycle Kick Smash!]" Izuku yells as the speed returns to normal and the kick connects onto the monster's chin, utterly destroying it, along with its body as a massive shockwave that blows the pieces of its body around the forest and gushes out wind onto the trees surrounding below

"Oh, yeah! This bird can kick and fly too! *KEE-EEEEE-ARR!*" Izuku yells before letting out a cry that was loud enough to echo throughout the entire forest as he lands on the ground and leads his friends in the charge

Class 1-A was a fighting unit, working together as they advance deeper through the forest, battling against and destroying any dirt monster that came in their way as they make their way to the camp. They see light coming up and break for it

-What goes around…-

-Comes back around again!-

And, in slow motion, everyone was in the air, their hair/feathers swaying in the air with sweat flying around them as they all had determined expressions while entering a clearing in the forest as they spot more of the dirt monsters up ahead

-And if we don't come down…-

-We'll be lost in the wind!-

The speed returns to normal as the students land and rushes to the monsters to continue to this battle

Back on top of the cliff where the two Pussycats, the young boy and Aizawa, could hear distant explosions and clouds of dust coming out of various parts of the forest. Pixie-Bob was gasping in shock at what she was seeing from her visor before that gasping expression quickly changes to a big grin

"Oh, you wanna go nuts? Okay little kittens, let's get nuts!" Pixie-Bob yells as she controls more monsters

"C'mon Kota! Time to get going!" Mandalay yells to the small boy who was watching and hearing the battle below as he scoffs and scowls

"What idiots." The boy, now known as Kota, says 'What's the point in becoming a Hero when it's a stupid job that just gets you killed?' he thought as he walked toward the car

[End OST]

[Timeskip: A few hours later. This timeskip is brought to you by…RAID: SHADOW LEGEND!... I'm joking! It's actually brought to you by Chibi Zia watching TV and blushing at what she just saw on the screen. I know y'all hate that game due to the supported videos]

[Time: 16:35 pm]

[Location: Main Lodge, Pussycat's Camp, Japan.]

A few hours had passed since Class A was dumped into the Beast's Forest and had to battle through it and since then, Mandalay, Pixie-Bob, Aizawa, and Kota were outside the main lodge building, waiting for the arrival of the students. Strangely enough, Class B was nowhere to be seen. Pixie-Bob looks ahead and sees something coming up to the lodge

"Hey, the litter is here." Pixie-Bob says, smiling

"That took a bit longer than we thought it would." Mandalay says as Aizawa just yawns and stretches his arms, clearly looking all he had just awoken from a mid-day nap

"Yeah, but at least they're here now." Aizawa says

And at that moment, Class 1-A came out of the forest but there was one burning issue with them all, they were all burnt out. Shoto was taking slow steps out of the forest as he had ice on his right cheek and parts of his right arm. Bakugou was holding one of his hands as it shook slightly, a clear sign that he used a lot of explosions and it hurt from that. Tenya was dragging his left leg across the dirt while black smoke was coming out of the exhausts, indicating that he either ran out of fuel or he cracked the radiator. Izuku was back in his normal, human self as he was heavily panting and sweating, the Omnitrix was red, recharge mode as he transformed into other aliens during their battle through the forest, even going Plus Ultra with Echo-Echo and Swampfire at moments. Lucy was dragging her extended arms across the floor like Tenya was with his leg, feeling their ache. As for the rest of the class, they were equally exhausted and were suffering the backlashes for their Quirks. Koda was holding his throat in pain from all the screaming he did, and Mineta had blood leaking from his head, a sign that he overdid it on his Quirk, Ochako was holding her mouth as she held her puke back as she felt vertigo for her Quirk, Tsu had her tongue out, Kaminari was still in his fired-brain state but was walking calmly, Aoyama was holding his stomach, on the verge of blowing his guts out there and then, Sero was holding his arms, shaking as he walked, Mina was scratching her hands as she felt irritation from the slight acid burns she sustained. All in all, the class wasn't happy with what they had to endure in that forest, they stop in front of the Heroes, some dropping to their butts/knees while others supported one another as they finally catch a breath

"Was that a cruel joke or something? You said it'd only take us three hours to get here." Sero says, dropping to his knees as he continues to hold his arms

"I guess we based that time on my team's time when we did that. Sorry about that." Mandalay says, sheepishly smiling as she rubs the back of her head

"Now you wanna brag on how much better you are? That's so mean." Sato says, feeling offended by that

"Well, if it makes you feel any better, you did arrive here before Class B did, even though they had a head start from you all." Mandalay says

"I'm starving here. I'd do anything for food, killing even!" Kirishima yells, holding his aching stomach from how hungry he was. And he wasn't only on that boat as the rest were equally hungry. Pixie-Bob suddenly giggles joyfully as she looks at the confused class

"Hihihihihihi! I thought it'd take you all 'til nighttime to get here but you exceeded my expectations when you dealt with my monsters like you did." Pixie-Bob says. "You guys were seriously great, especially…" She says as she points to Teyna, Shoto, Izuku, Lucy, and Bakugou with the blonde girl retracting her arms back to their correct state. "The five of you! I saw what you did, you all got quite the experience since you didn't hesitant against my monster. Especially you green-haired boy, you surprised me when you suddenly transformed! It was so meow-some!" She says as she licks her lips before smirking "I can't wait to see how you guys will be in three years! I'll groom you all myself!" She yells before leaping toward the five students as they try to avoid the kisses Pixie-Bob was trying to land on them. The class watch on in shock as they didn't expect this from a Vet Heroine

"…Shino, what happened to her? Has Ryuko been always like this?" Aizawa asks as a sweatdrop was falling from the side of his head

"Uh…how do I explain this…she's at that age where she's in search of a desired mate…and she's been getting desperate as of late…" Mandalay or Shino says at the sweatdrop on Aizawa's head enlarges

"I see…just keep her far from my students. I don't want an incident involving her, my student, and a pregnancy test…a positive one at that…" Aizawa says as Shino nods

"I'll try, but she's pretty stubborn on something once she's had up her mind on it." Shino says

"W-Wait! I've got a question that's been bugging me" Izuku says, as he avoids another kiss from the feline-themed Heroine who stops and looks at him

"And what's that dear one?" Pixie-Bob asks as she leans forward to Izuku. "You've considered taking me as your mate?" She asks, batting her eyelashes at him while smiling. Izuku blushes and takes a step back

"N-No! It's about him!" Izuku yells before pointing to Kota who was just staring at them with a serious look. "Who is he? What's he doing here?" He asks

"Oh, this little guy. He's my nephew, Kota. He's my cousin's son. He just lives with us here." Shino says before turning to Kota. "Don't be shy Kota, say hello to them. You're going to be around them a lot of the next week." She says

"…" Kota doesn't say a thing and continues to stare at the students with a serious expression

Wanting to be nice and start a positive impression on the young boy, Izuku walks up to him to greet him formally

"Hi there. I'm Izuku Midoriya frown Class 1-A in U.A.'s Heroics course. How are you-"

Before Izuku could finish his greeting, Kota suddenly reeled his fist back and went for a punch, aiming straight at Izuku's instincts went off and told him to grab Kota's fist before connecting to its target. He quickly lowers his hand and catches the small fist before it landed. In other words, he just saved his future.

'Oh, my God! He went for my nuts! Thank you, instincts!' Izuku thought, letting out a sigh of relief as he was close to experiencing a pain only men truly knew.

"Izuku! Are you alright? I saw he tried to punch you in the scrotum!" Tenya yells as he rushes to Izuku's side

"I'm fine Tenya! I managed to catch his fist before he could hit me." Izuku says. Kota pulls his hand out from Izuku's hand and processed to walk away

"What is your issue, young man? Punching a man's scrotum is wrong on many levels!" Tenya yells at the boy. Kota stops and turns his head at them and the rest and gave them a glare

"Why would I want to waste my time with a bunch of wannabe Heroes?" Kota asks with anger and disgust in his tone. This was unsettling to most of Class A as they'd never seen something like this from a boy this young looking. Bakugou and Mineta were offended by this

"Wanna be Heroes!? Just how old are you kid?" Mineta yells at Kota who turns to him

"Old enough to the point where I can kick your short butt." Kota says

"Okay, that's enough young man!" Shino yells before turning to Kota and giving him a scolding expression. "You can't go and do that to people who only want to greet you. You stand there and keep quiet." She says as she points to a spot that was by the door. Kota clicks his tongue before putting his hands into his pockets and walks over to the spot Shino pointing to as he stands by the door, with his serious expression again

"Kid's got spunk." Bakugou says, smirking a bit as he wanted to laugh

"He kind of remains me of you." Shoto says this causes Bakugou to look annoyed and turn to him

"What was that, you bastard?!" Bakugou yells, obviously not liking that comparison to a child. Shoto looks at him with a bored look

"Did you really ask that?" Shoto asks

"And look here you little-" Bakugou was about to do his usual shouting to the half-n-half Quirk user if he wasn't cut off

"Enough!" Aizawa yells, flashing his Quirk at the students as they shut up and look at him. "Now, all of you go to the bus and grab your things and put them into your rooms. After that, you can rest up until dinner time, after that, you'll shower and then go to sleep. Tomorrow, your training starts in the early hours, so be prepared." He says as he turns around and processes to walk into the lodge. The students sigh and were about to go to the bus when commotion came from the side

"Finally, we made it!" Class A turned and see Class B walking out of the forest at the left side of the lodge, they all looked exhausted as they were. Class B walk up to the lodge before all either drop to their knees and or butts as they sigh

"Ah, good. You all arrived." Vlad says as he exits the lodge and looks at his class. "A bit later than Class A but good enough."

"Mr. Vlad, you guys said it'd take us three hours to get here. Why was it 8 instead?" Itsuka asks, panting as she was holding her knees while her hands were bruised up and shaking

"Yeah, sorry. As we said with Class A, we based that time on our run. Sorry." Pixie-Bob says that this time as she rubs the back of her head and sheepishly smiles. Acie drops to the floor, laying face-first into it

"My legs…my throat…all hurt…" Acie mutters into the dirt

"Acie!" Izuku and Lucy yell before they rush to their friend. "Are you okay?" Izuku asks. Acie turns her head to them and smiles

"H-Hey guys, y-yeah, I'm fine…just…everything aches…" Acie utters, with pain in her tone

"Huh?! What's this?!" A voice shouts, one that caused all the others to mentally groan as Monoma looks at Izuku and Lucy with his crazy expression. "Class A caring for others? That's insane, considering that they only care about themselves since they hog all the attention!" he yells, causing everyone to look at him with confusion while the ones who were near him take a few steps back

'Is there seriously something wrong with this guy?' Most of the students thought. Monoma spots Kota

"Oh, and who's this?" Monoma asks, looking at Kota. "A young child here. perhaps to see what real Heroes look like. And it's us, Class 1-B." He says with a smirk as he walks over to Kota. He stands in front of Kota. "Hello there young child, I am Netio Monoma, the next great Hero and-" Before he could continue, Kota punches Monoma right in the family jewels, causing him to gasp, grab his injured jewels, and collapses onto the floor, all while letting out a silent and visible screech. Kota glares down at Monoma

"Like I already said. I ain't hanging around lame wannabe heroes!" Kota says as he turns around and walks away, as Mandalay gives him a disappointed look but he never paid attention to it as he walks past her.

As Monoma continues to silently screech out, someone falls down to the floor and laughs loudly

"Ahahahahahaha! Okay, now that I wasn't something!" Itsuka yells as she continues to laugh as everyone looks at her with sweatdrops running down the side of their head

[Insert OST: Bright & Cheerful from Boku No Hero Academia OST]

After all that, Izuku unloaded his stuff from the bus so he could store them in his room, for some strange reason he didn't know, Mina, Toru, Tokage, and Yui asked him for some help and of course being the kind person he was, he gladly accepted. While he took their stuff, he could hear giggling coming from Mina and Tokage while whistling from one of them, he couldn't tell who the whistle was from but he made it to their shared room and placed their things down in it as the girls gave their thanks. He did wonder why did they ask him out of all people but he didn't question it as he just glad to help

A little while later and all the students were gathered in a large room, sitting by tables as they ate the big and delicious dinner the Pussycats made for them

"This looks so good." Izuku says as he claps his hands in a prayer before grabbing his chopsticks and begins taking the various dishes that were there

The others were doing the same while chatting with one another

"So, you girls all got stuck in a small room?" Sero asks, talking to Kyoka while having some rice in his mouth still. Kyoka drank some soup from a small bowl and nods

"Yeah, I mean there 15 of us girls together. Why are you asking this? Is the guy's room really that big?" Kyoka asks as Sero nods

"Yeah, it's pretty big." Sero says

"Oh yeah?" The two turned and saw Mina looking at them, she was listening in on their conversation. "Like, can I check it out later?" She asks

"Sure! Sero says.

Kaminari and Kirishima were busy scoffing down their meals at a fast pace, crying as they do so.

'It's so damn good! I can't get enough of this!' Kirishima thought, shoving his rice down his throat

'My stomach is so happy! I'm in heaven!' Kaminari thought, happily eating his meal when an aroma hits his nose and he recognizes it

"Wait, I smell beef." Kaminari says. This causes Kirishima to stop eating and look at him

"Wait, what?! There's meat!" Kirishima yells as he turns to Pixie-Bob. "You've got meat over there?!" he yells as Pixie-Bob looks at him

"Uh…yeah. Geez, it's like you guys haven't eaten in weeks from the look of your eating…" Pixie-Bob says with a sweatdrop running down the side of her head. "Want some?" She asks as she holds a tray of cooked meat

"Yes please!" The two boys yell

"There you go." Pixie-Bob says as she offers the tray of cooked meat to the two as they grab large amounts of meat from it. "Anyway, today and Sunday are the only days we'll be doing this for you. So, make sure you kids enjoy every last bite." She says with a smile as she leaves, heading back to the kitchen

"Well do!" The two yell as they resume their fast pace eating

Izuku takes a bite from his pork-cutlet Katsudon and enjoys the taste of it

'This is so good!' Izuku thought, happily as he had a delighted expression

"I can tell that from in here." Izuku hears Nana as he looks up and sees her appearing above him

'Oh, hi Nana.' Izuku greets the ghost who resides in his mind as she nods to him

"Hi, kiddo." Nana says as she looks at the food and had a sad smile on her face. Izuku notices this.

'Is something wrong?' Izuku asks as Nana shakes her head, not looking at him

"No. Nothing's wrong. I'm just thinking back to the times when I made my son dinner. He'd rate them on how tasty they were and give me a score on how I did. I usually got 5s and 6s at most times while a few and rare times, a perfect ten." Nana says as she laughs to herself at a memory she had. Izuku was surprised by this new information.

'You had a son?' Izuku asks. His question causes Nana to drop her smile as she gains a sad expression with a hint of distant regret and longing with it.

"Yes…I did…" Nana says with a sad tone. This catches Izuku off guard with the tone.

'Do you think he's alive?' Izuku asks.

"…" Nana doesn't speak as she just continues to look sad with the expression growing with every passing moment.

'Nana? Are you alright?' Izuku asks

"…" Nana still doesn't say a thing before she just disappears, leaving Izuku there in confusion about her charge behavior

'What's wrong with her?' Izuku thought, wondering what was wrong with Nana

"Hey, Kota, could you bring me those vegetables?" Shino calls out

Upon hearing the boy's name, Izuku turns around and sees Kota carrying around a box filled with various vegetables and he notices that Kota still had the same expression from earlier

'And what's wrong with Kota? Why is he like that?' Izuku thought as he watches Kota walk away while continuing to eat

[End OST]

[Time: 19:23 pm]

[Location: Outdoor Hot-Springs, Pussycat's Camp, Japan]

And, when dinner was finished, the boys of Class A and B were soaking in the warm, comfortable waters of the camp's hot-springs

"Ah, this really hits the spot. It's making my muscles relax." Testutestu utters as he felt his body just relax at the warmness of the water

"You said it, bro. This is heaven." Kirishima says, equally feeling relaxed and all the other guys could agree…well…except a few

"I don't know why we should share the same hot springs with you Class A scum. We could have it by ourselves without you here." Monoma says. He wasn't in the spring and was sitting outside with a towel wrapped around his waist. He refuses to be in the same water as the ones from Class A were in as in his own words: It'd infect him.

"Dude, could you keep your pie hole shut, we're trying to relax, not listen to your voice." Awase says. Monoma turns at him and glares at him

"Why I-" Monoma was about to go into a rant when he gets cut off

"Shh! Quiet, I'm trying to listen in!" Everyone turns and sees Mineta, leaning against the large wall that separated the two sides of the hot springs

"Mineta…what are you doing?" Kirishima asks

Just then, the boys hear the voices of all the girls on the other side of the wall and knew what was Mineta thinking

"You know what's on the other side of this wall right? It's the woman's side and if all the guys from both classes are here. Then that should mean all the girls are in there as well!" Mineta yells as he places his ear back onto the wall and listens to the moans and giggles coming from the other side. "Oh, babes, my angels. Oh, how stupid of them to put a wall in between us when we could be naked next to one another and bask in one another's bodies. Oh, the thought alone is enough to drive any man insane." He says. This causes the boys to blush as their imaginations were playing against them on the thoughts of their female classmates' nude bodies, and this made most of them feel bad as they felt they were betraying them. (a/n: Okay, reading this back, I see that I may have gone too far in the sexual innuendo but c'mon if you were there, won't you think the same? And this question is to all the male readers)

"Mineta. Don't think of doing anything dumb." Izuku says as he starts making his way to the wall.

"Mineta!" Tenya yells as he stands up from the water "Get away from the wall! I will not allow you to peep into our fellow classmates and friends just so you can satisfy your lust!" He yells. Mineta just had this expression of hunger before he gains this idea.

"Now I know why I have this Quirk." Mineta says. As he starts moving his hand up. "It's just like you said Midoriya back at I-Island. My Quirk is perfect…to climb unclimbable walls!" He shouts before he picks the balls off his hair and uses them to climb the wall

"He's fast!" The other boys yell in surprised fashion at seeing the speed Mineta was going. Tenya makes it out of the water and rushes to the wall to get Mineta down but sees that he was too high up for him to reach

"Get down here this instant!" Tenya yells but Mineta doesn't listen and continues to climb the wall

'I'm coming for you, ladies!' Mineta chants in his mind. 'All the horrible training, near deaths. It all led me down to this one moment! This once-in-a-lifetime moment! This is where boys, become men!' He thought while drool was coming from his mouth. Mineta continues to climb up the wall

Izuku sees this and quickly starts activating Full Cowl and was about to stop Mineta from reaching the other side but before he could go up and stop Mineta, he and the others see Kota standing at the top, looking down at Mineta with disgust as Mineta froze in shock

"Before you even try becoming a Hero. You should first become a decent human being first." Kota says as he shoves the frozen boy off the wall causing him to fall back down on the boys' side

"I'll get you for this!" Mineta yells as he plummets down and hits Tenya in the face as both splash down into the hot springs. Back on top of the wall. Kota scoffs at the idiots down as all the girls had noticed this and while were pissed at Mineta's latest pervert antics, they were grateful for Kota intervening like that.

"That damn perv!" Lucy yells, clenching her fists in anger

"Mineta really is the worst!" Tsuyu yells

"Thanks so much Kota-babe!" Kota hears Mina and turns to them to say whatever, only to stop at what he saw.

[Insert OST: Sexiness from Naruto OST]

It was the girls all bathing together and all were nude, fortunately, most of the girls were in the water or covering themselves with towels and the steam helped cover mainly their parts but some like Mina, Tokage, and Acie chose to lounge on the rocks and while the steam helped cover their bodies, it was still visible to see what was there.

"You rock!" Mina yells, giving him a thumbs-up

It was a sight to behold but it was too much for the poor young boy to handle as he faints at what he saw and falls over the wall. Seeing this, Izuku wasted no time and jumps out of the springs and catches Kota easily

"Got you!" Izuku yells as he uses Float to stabilize in the air, however, he didn't expect was for the wind to blow from his jump, gushing the wind everywhere. Izuku looks down to Kota

"Kota, Kota. Are you okay?" Izuku asks as he sees Kota was out cold while having a bit of blood dripping from his nose. He lands on top of the wall

"I-I-I-I-IZUKU?!" Izuku freezes upon hearing a yelp from a familiar voice behind him. He slowly turns around and saw something that will forever burn into his mind.

He sees all the girls nude as the day they were born as they covered themselves with their arms, and towels or hid in the water as his brain captured everything to great detail. And when I mean everything, I mean EVERYTHING! From their curves to their breasts to their firm/soft butts from those who weren't in the water and even seeing below. Izuku couldn't move, he stood there frozen, holding the fainted Kota in his arms he didn't blink or looked to be breathing as the girls and the guys on the other side got worried about this Lucy stretch up to him and looks at him with concern

"Izzy, are you okay?" Lucy asks, there was no response from him. She taps his shoulder as he moves a bit and this snaps Izuku out of his thoughts as his face suddenly brightens up to a whole new shade of red as blood begins to leak from his nose. Mina and Tokage see this reaction and smirk

"Wow, didn't think you had it in you Midori. Guess I don't know that much about you." Mina says, looking at Izuku and his body and had to admit, she likes what she sees

"Yeah, it makes a gal think. Are you a pervert too?" Tokage says, flashing a fangy grin. Izuku's blush reddens as he realizes where he was and who he was staring

"N-N-N-NO! I'M NOT! REALLY! MY MOM RAISED ME WELL TO RESPECT WOMEN AND I'D RATHER DIE THERE THAN DO SOMETHING…MINETA LIKE! I'M SO SORRY FOR THIS GIRLS. I REALLY AM! I HAVE TO GO AND GE KOTA SOME HELP, BYE!" Izuku shouts before doing an intense yet perfect bow to them and leaps off the wall and lands back to the boys' side.

[End OST]

Tokage and Mina giggle at seeing Izuku's reaction

"Hehehe, guess we might have pushed him a bit too much." Mina says as she and Tokage climb into the springs and felt the warm waters relax their bodies

"Yeah, maybe but it was funny to see his reaction," Tokage says, stretching her arms. The other girls calm down from that incident and start relaxing again. But there was a difference to them that wasn't there in the beginning. A difference in the mood and their thought

'Did he like what he saw?' Most of the girls who harbored a crush on Izuku thought, knowing that he saw them nude and his reaction to that. It made them feel…happy and proud for that. They sat back down in the springs and let the waters comfort them.

Well…all except one girl, she had discreetly left the springs and was in the basket room where their clothes were as she was blushing madly from what just happened.

'H-H-He saw me…he saw…all of me…' This girl thought as she continues to blush. Her thought went back and she remembered seeing Izuku in the air, floating as the wind blew by and revealing all of him to her, from his wet curly hair to how the water glistened his muscular chest and arms. or how the wind made him look oh so…she lushes further as the dirty thoughts continue to run ramped through her mind. She falls to her knees as she looks up to the ceiling 'Forgive me Father…for I have sinned…' This girl thought as she places her hands together in a pray-like manner and closes her eyes. Praying to her Lord for mercy

[In the administration's office]

Inside the room, Izuku entered into it, finding just the person he was looking for, Shino, and had explained what happened to Kota, in detail, in which she understood. Right now, we see Shino looking at Kota who was lying down on a couch while Izuku stood by with a piece of tissue in his nose to catch his blood

"From what I can understand, the fall caused him to faint. But other than that, he's alright. Thank you for catching him." Shino says as she places a wet towel onto Kota's forehead. "Eraser warned me about one of you boys being girl crazy and said he'd most likely climb the wall, that's why I had Kota up there, to guard just such a thing happen. Guess that's what you get when teaches kids your age." She says

"I'm sorry, as a representative, I should have done something quick in preventing Mineta from doing that." Izuku says as he bows to her. Shino just waves it off

"It's okay, you caught him before he could have gotten hurt. You had to have moved pretty fast to do that." Shino says with a small laugh

"Yeah…" Izuku says. He looks back down to Kota and couldn't help but think about something

["Why would I want to waste my time with a bunch of wannabe Heroes?"] Izuku remembers what Kota said earlier to them when they met. He gains a concerned look as he felt that there was more to this why Kota was like this. He wanted to know the reason. He turns to Shino who was still looking down at Kota

"Ummm…Miss Mandalay, can I ask you something?" Izuku says, gaining the Heroine's attention

"Mmm?" Shino looks at him

"Kota…he doesn't like Heroes at all…does he?" Izuku asks. "It's kind of weird for me to see that since I've always looked up to people who wanted to be Heroes since I can remember. I find it strange for a boy his age doesn't like Heroes. Especially with a family member like you." He says, looking rather conflicted in thinking this. Shino sighs as she leans back on her chair

"You're really observant," Shino says as she looks up at the ceiling. "Of course, he isn't alone regarding that. There are many in our society that don't approve of Heroes. But Kota…if he had a normal childhood like yours, he might like Heroes." She says. Her comment causes Izuku to look at her with a raised eyebrow

"What happened?" Izuku asks

But before Shino could say a thing, the door opens and Ryuko enters the office, carrying a tray of tea.

[Insert OST: Shutting Down Grace's Lab from Avatar]

"It was Mandalay's cousins. Kota's parents. They were Heroes." Ryuko says as she gains a depressed expression. "But…they were murdered…" she says

Hearing this, Izuku was shocked by the information while Shino got sad at remembering the events of that night

"It happened two years ago when Kota was still so young. A villain, a ruthless one, brutally attacked and murdered my cousins while they were protecting civilians from the villain. For a Hero, that's a respectable and honorable death on the lines…but…for a child…" Shino stops speaking as she felt Izuku knew what she meant. She looks back down at Kota and places her hand on his black spiky hair. "How do you even begin to explain to a young child that his parents died in an honorable way? They were his entire world…and that world shattered when they were taken from him. To him, he felt that they left him behind, while they were being praised for their sacrifice. Ever since that moment, he resented everything that was Heroes and that includes us too want nothing to do with them. The only reason why he's even here is because he has no way else to go. To him, he's trapped in a prison." She says, rubbing through Kota's hair.

After learning this new information, Izuku stood there with his bangs shadowing his eyes as he just processes things while thinking back to the incident with Shigaraki, the confrontation with Stain, and all the conversations he had with his friends over the school year so far while clenching his right fist

'I had heard so many different people talk about what is a Hero over those first months in U.A., so many different viewpoints and beliefs, I listened and saw them in person. And I felt that it was wrong to just shrug them off and continue thinking what I thought was true. And yet…for the first time in my life…I had no reply from learning that…'

[End OST]

[Timeskip: The next day. This timeskip was brought to you by Chibi Izuku trying to pry off the Omnitrix's faceplate with a screwdriver.]

[Location: Outside the main Lodge, Pussycat's Camp, Japan.]

[Date: 14th July, 2264. Tuesday.]

[Time: 05:30 am.]

[Training Camp-Day 2]

It was early into the next day and we see all of Class 1-A standing in a field just by the main lodge in their P.E. attire, most of them looked sleepy as some had their bed hair, or were yawning or were feeling back to sleep only to jolts back awake. Aizawa stands in front of them, looking rather awake himself

"Good morning Class. Today, we'll begin the training camp that will increase your strength." Aizawa says. This gains the students' attention as they will themselves awake and listen. "Our goal is to increase your skill tenfold from where they are currently. So, naturally, you all will earn your Provincial licenses. They will legally allow you to face the dangers that continue to fester in the darkness. So process carefully." He says, looking at all of the students. He then turns to Izuku. "Look alive Midoriya. Try throwing this for me." He says before tossing something to Izuku. Who catches it and looks to see what it was? He sees a ball and recognizes it

"Wait…this is-" Izuku was saying but Aizawa cuts him off

"The exact ball you had to throw in the Quirk Assessment test earlier in the year? Yes, yes it is. I want you to throw that ball in the exact way you did back then and in the same form." Aizawa says, looking at Izuku with a stern look, meaning that he was serious about that.

"O-Ok sir!" Izuku yells before stepping forward. He stretches a bit before looking down to his left wrist and at the Omnitrix, the others realize that this was a check to see their progress in their Quirks over the past three months. As Izuku took his position, he lifts up his wrist and looks at the alien device that rested on it. "Alright, Omnitrix. Please don't mess with me today." He whispers to the device before he activates it and dials up the alien selection holo-wheel, he quickly scrolls through the faces of his aliens in search of Humungousaur as he passes Four Arms, Feedback, Kickin' Hawk, and Rath, before he finally finds the dinosaur-like alien's face on the holo-wheel. He slides his fingers off the faceplate and lets it pops back with the button popping out, ready for him to slam down onto. Izuku lets out a shaky sigh as he lifts his hand up above the button before slamming it down onto the button and disappearing into the familiar green flash as he transforms. Once the flash dissipates, the alien he transformed into…

"Yes!" Izuku or rather, Humungousaur yells, seeing that he was in the correct form. Feeling on a roll, he taps the Omnitrix on his chest and feels OFA coursing through his body as he changes into his evolved form: Plus-Ultra Humungousaur. He smirks, feeling that all too familiar rush of power that was there whenever he went to Plus Ultra mode on his aliens. He looks at the ball in his hands, looks to the sky, and points his fist that had the ball in it as it shifts into his missile launcher and fires the ball out of one of its barrels, which resulted in a loud bang and gush of wind as the ball soars high through the air before disappearing over the horizon. PU Humungousaur shifts his missile launcher back to his regular hand and looks at Aizawa.

"How was that sir?" PU Humungousaur asks. Aizawa looks at his phone, waiting for the ball to finally land wherever it was landing and he got the score

"Compared to your previous score of 104 Kilometres, I'd say it's one hell of an improvement." Aizawa says as he turns his phone to the Alien and class to show them what was Izuku's score. 511 Kilometres

"Whoa! That's a huge leap!" Sero yells, shocked at seeing the score Izuku got. It nearly tripled his previous score. The others start talking about the score as the boy of the topic reverts back to his human self and regroups them. Aizawa then clears his throat

"Alright, settle down. We still need to see something." Aizawa says, with the class calming down as he turns to Bakugou. "Bakugou, you're up next." He says, gaining the boy's attention. He pulls out another identical ball from his pocket and tosses it to Bakugou who catches it. "Throw it as hard as you possibly can." He says

"Fine." Bakugou says as he walks over ahead for the field, rolling his arm

"Man, if Midoriya's record got bigger, then maybe Bakugou's will be too." Kirishima says, wanting to see what would be Bakugou's score

"I don't know. I mean, sure we've been through a lot these past three months." Mina says, crossing her arms as Bakugou stops walking and takes his pitcher's stance

"GO TO HELL!" Bakugou yells, reeling back his arm and tossing the ball before letting out a massive explosion with his Quirk, causing the ball to soar high and fast through the air. This causes another gush of wind to blow through the field, making most of the class shield their eyes and ears from the wind and explosion while Izuku and Lucy had blank expressions

'Go to Hell? Seriously?' Izuku thought, with a sweatdrop running down the side of his head

'It's too loud in the morning for this…' Lucy thought. Bakugou stomps his foot back down to the ground and waits for his score, it had to be impressive. Aizawa's phone beeps as the ball lands and he sees his score.

"That was 709.6 meters." Aizawa announces the score, this causes Bakugou's eyes to widen in shock and the others were shocked as well. This wasn't that big of a jump in power as his old score was 705.2 meters

[Insert OST: Tomodachigokko ja Irarenai from Boku No Hero Academia (Start at 00:43)]

"You all had a single semester at U.A., and due to your various experiences. All for you had definitely improved. But those improvements have mostly focused on mental prowess and technique skills, with the slight boost in stamina and Quirk growth thrown in there. It's clear that you haven't improved your Quirk to a higher level with the only exception being Midoriya since he can do more with and without his various forms. For the rest of you, this is why we're here, to focus on improving your powers." Aizawa says as he cracks a grin

"This will be so hard, you'd wish you were dead. Class 1-A, welcome. Welcome to your Hell Week." Aizawa grins, scaring the class as they weren't expecting this. "Let's hope you all survive." He says

[End OST]


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