Alright, here's the start of a new story. This story is a combination of Fire and Shadow, and Rise of the Dark Lord. It acts as a sort of spiritual rewrite of both of them. So I hope you all enjoy.

It's gonna have crossover content from Harry Potter, GoT, Lotr, Dragon Age, Diablo, Elder Scrolls, Dark Souls, and possibly more.

Cliche's include godly MC's. A twisted harem. Evil MC's. Bashing, character deaths, and betrayals.

Darkness Reborn.

Chapter 1: Return

"Alone… So alone. To dream again. To sleep. To see the world, and experience life. They will suffer for what they have done to me. When the time comes, I will unleash my fury upon the world, and this time, they will not stop me!" Shadow's crept in the endless abyss. The dark one sat waiting, her fury unbound, her power, unrivaled.

"I will have my freedom. I will exist. These shadows cannot hold me. I will exist again!" Fury blazed through the abyss, bringing light to eternal darkness.

With unmatched willpower, the dark one advanced, pushing through the endless nothingness surrounding her. Power coursed through her very being and exploded outward, pushing against the boundaries of this metaphysical realm.

Rage filled her heart as she felt the realm itself push back against her, compressing her, holding her in place. Trapping her in this endless abyss of pure emptiness.

"Oh my brothers and sisters, oh my beloved father… you will all suffer for what you have wrought. I will show you the true measure of my defiance, and I will sing the world anew. Born in my image! My design! I WILL BE FREE!" Power Exploded outward, crashing against the boundaries of non-existence. Light filled the lightless realm, and the dark lady, saw the shadows thin. Triumph swelled in her breast and with all of her might, she pressed forward. If it took a hundred years, a thousand, if endless ages came and went, she would be free regardless. Shadows would return to the world, and her wrath would be known to all.

'FREEDOM!' Screamed in her mind, as with all of her might, she pressed against the thinning shadows, and for the first time in the endless eternity of her imprisonment, she felt the weight of realty, crash upon her form.

Naught but shadows stood upon an icy tundra. A demon of the abyss, so mighty and so feared, that even it's name had long since been stricken from mortal tongues.

"Freedom…" The entity sighed, her incorporeal form fading out of sight, fatigue, and exhaustion weighing heavily on her.

"I must rest for now, and regain my powers. One day though… I will have my revenge. One day father… I will be truly free. I am the greatest of my kind. I am Lilith, Mother of Monsters, Lord of Fire and Shadows, and High ruler of Dor Daedeloth!" The entity thought to herself as she began to move, gliding along through the empty vastness of the tundra in search of shelter to rest and gather back her immense strength.

Time was of no concern. Whether it took a hundred years, or a thousand, she would gain her revenge. For now, she could rest and gather her strength. The time would come, and when it did, the world would bleed for it's defiance.

Time soon passed out of thought, as the ancient lord of darkness found residence in an old forgotten wood. Days came and went, than weeks. Soon seasons were passing as she gathered strength, returning to her full power, and repairing all of the damage done to her. She quickly noted that despite the change in temperature, winters never seemed to cease. Wherever she had found herself, snowfall was the constant expression of the land, but she quickly learned to determine whether it was winter or summer, by the thickness of the ice, and the number of blizzards to cross the land. These seasons were long to, far longer than they should have been.

This land was curious, but also empty, which suited her needs just fine.

Slowly she constructed herself a new body, one built in the image of her original form, but much more suited to her new persona and beliefs. She was tall, with pale skin, and jet black hair that reached the center of her back. Her eyes were a dark crimson, ears pointed, deep red lips. Her body was voluptuous, large round bosoms, curved hips, and butt. She was beautiful, unimaginably so. Her figure was slender yet well rounded. She held herself with incredible power, and unyielding grace.

It took a long time to get her appearance to exactly how she wanted it, but once she was done, she was happy to see that the scars that had once plagued her, no longer marred her flesh.

Time passed, and in that time, animals were a rare sight, and even rarer still were the sights of men. Curious creatures that occasionally stumbled by, looking to hunt what little food was available. These men never saw her, and she never saw need to approach them. Their presence though did insinuate that there may be civilization nearby. Such was an opportunity for her, when the time was right.

One day, after what must have been several years, Lilith found herself sitting at the base of a tree, draped in wispy black robes that would do nothing to protect her from the cold, if such things bothered her. She was simply sitting quietly, her thoughts turned inwardly, reflecting on her past, while simultaneously rebuilding her mental shields, fortifying her magical core. So deep into her thoughts was she that she didn't notice the presence of a rather large beast until it was no more then a dozen yards beside her.

The beating of a heart filled her ears, and she slowly opened her eyes, turning her gaze towards the beast. Her eyes fell upon a massive wolf, standing nearly as tall as a small horse.

Curiosity filled her being as the beast stared at her, it's gaze piercing and analytical.

Slowly, Lilith rose to her feet and met the gaze of the mighty beast.

"What manner of creature are you?" Lilith asked aloud, sensing great magics within the beast, far more then a regular wolf. Interestingly enough, it was magic that she remembered, but it didn't immediately strike her as to why.

"Come." Lilith commanded extending a hand to the beast. Slowly the wolf trotted up to her. It came to a halt mere feet in front of her, it's eyes never leaving hers.

Almost delicately, Lilith raised a hand and placed it upon the wolf's fur covered neck. Feeling the warmth of it's body, and the powerful thud of it's heart, filled the ancient one with a sense of contentedness. Despite her anger, and despite her wrath, the creations of the world had, and always would, interest her.

Suddenly, a thought struck her. The familiarity of the magic within this beast. She knew she had felt this magic before, and it touched at her heartstrings.

Lilith racked her mind for an answer, when suddenly it appeared. A face from the shadows of her unspeakably long life.

A young man, handsome, dark brown hair, vibrant green eyes, and a scar above his eye, in the shape of a lightning bolt. Her first friend. The one who had shown her the truth of it all. The one they had welcomed in with open arms, only to then call a liar for the things he knew. The Master of Death. Her love. Harry Potter.

"Harry…?" Lilith muttered with confusion. How long had it been? Eons, most likely. How many ages had passed since her downfall? How many countless years had gone by? Why was one of Harry's creations wandering around here? She could recall clear as day, his fascination with beasts. His natural shape-shifting abilities. Snakes and Wolves, had always been his forte. His Werewolves and Basilisks, such wonderful beasts. They had called him the Lord of Wolves once upon a time. That was it!

Quickly, Lilith understood the familiarity. This towering wolf, it had to have been descended from Harry's Werewolves. One of the werewolves must have bred with regular wolves, diluting their blood, but creating these magnificent beasts.

"Harry… what happened to you?" Lilith thought to herself, gently running her fingers through the wolf's fur.

After a few moments, the wolf pulled away, backing up, and giving her a look that could almost be described as inquisitive. Slowly it turned away, heading off into the forest, it's curiosity sated for now.

Lilith stood alone in the forest for several long moments, before releasing a sigh. Perhaps the time had come to go out and explore. She needed to know where she was, and she needed to learn what had happened since her imprisonment.

It took less then a week for Lilith to locate the first human village. A small collection of makeshift tents, where nearly a hundred barbarians resided. Lilith stalked them from a distance, watching and waiting until one splintered off from the rest. That one she caught, and stole his life energy, taking in his memories and spirit.

His memories taught her the common tongue of the land, and filled her mind with understanding of her surroundings. Lilith continued with the village, picking them off one by one, draining each individual of life, and memories, painting a picture of where she had found herself.

It didn't take long for the residents of the small village to take notice of their hunters disappearing. Soon a collection of a dozen men and women came after her, marching into the forest to find and kill her.

"There is nowhere to run, Witch!" One of the hunters snarled. The groups had managed to track her location in the forest, though in truth she wasn't really hiding.

Lilith simply smiled at them, slowly approaching the spear and axe wielding hunters.

The leader of the troop let out a roar of rage and rushed at her, with a wave of her hand, his flesh erupted off of his body, leaving nothing behind but steaming bones.

Screams of terror tore out from the mouths of the remaining hunters, as Lilith set her gaze on them, her eyes igniting into a hellish inferno of blazing orange. Lilith's magic were quick to lash out, drawing out a massive swarm of wooden branches from around the group. The branches lashed out, tearing into the collection of hunters, shredding them to pieces as their screams filled the air.

By the time she was finished, no chunk bigger than a curled fist, remained of the hunting party.

A devilish chuckle filled the air as Lilith set her sights upon the village, marching into it and setting the tents ablaze, slaughtering the remainder of the village folk, men, women, children. It didn't matter, she used her magic to slaughter them all, leaving their bloody remains for the wolves.

Lilith was quick to depart from the village, leaving it to be consumed by nature. She began to travel the lands, familiarizing herself with the open tundras, vast forests, and valleys, as well as the nearby mountains.

Wherever Lilith walked, shadow followed. Darkness crept alongside her, a constant ally, every step of the way. It must have taken three years or so for her to fully acclimate herself to her new surroundings, and get a an understanding of where she was, and what was going on around her.

Through a combination of devouring the minds and souls of those she killed, as well as simply by experiencing it, Lilith's understanding grew.

The locals, who called themselves the Free Folk, named this place the North. A massive expanse of never ending winters. Within were clans of people, each with their own culture, and their own way of life. From the civilized and relatively speaking, advanced Thenns, to the barbaric Ice-river clans, many different kinds of peoples resided in this massive expanse.

To the South lay a massive wall of ice, built with magic long ago, to keep everything north of it, in the north.

The first time Lilith had looked upon the titanic icy construct, she had felt amazement. She had stepped up to the wall, and placed her hands upon it's exterior, feeling the echoes of long dormant magic, deep within.

She had yet to venture beyond the wall, instead choosing to acquaint herself with the North first.

During her time near the wall, she came upon southern rangers. 'Crows' the Free Folk called them. Men of the Night's Watch, who guarded the Wall from northern invasion.

They met similar fates as their free folk cousins. Killed and devoured, Lilith learned even more. Actual civilization lay to the South of the Wall. Not just more nomadic barbarians like the Free Folk. This interested her, but again, she chose to stay in the North. Time was of little concern, and just as she had done at the dawn of creation, Lilith walked the expanse, seeing everything there was to see.

Three years she walked the icy wastes of the North until her feet brought her to the place they called the 'Land of always Winter'.

Dark and twisted magics lay in these lands, and Lilith was curious to see them.

For nearly a year, Lilith marched north, into the Land of Always Winter. There she lay her eyes upon old and forgotten structures of nature. Massive mountains, and frozen rivers. A never ending night, with the only light being the glowing veil of the Aurora Borealis that filled the sky with color, and bathed the land in eerie blues and greens.

Her trek eventually led her to the base of a mountain, where a source of ancient power called out to her.

At the foot of this mountain, stood a small circle of large icy crystals surrounding a round platform in the center. Lilith approached the circle, stepping into it with little hesitancy. She approached the small platform, her mind analyzing her surroundings. This land was near lifeless, and nearly untouched by mortal hands, and yet, this structure was not natural.

As Lilith pondered the icy platform, she felt a presence appear behind her.

She turned to face it, finding herself standing before an icy being, that radiated with twisted magics of old.

A cruel smile spread across her face as her eyes met with the icy blue eyes of the creature.

It was humanoid in appearance, with pale blue skin, that seemed almost mummified, pulled taught over the flesh of it's face. Icy blue eyes resided within it's skull, and a crown of crystalline horns, emerged from the top of it's hairless skull.

The being stared at her with piercing eyes, and she stared back, smiling wickedly, as excitement built in her breast. It had been a long time since she had gotten a good fight. She wondered, did this creature truly know what it was getting into?

Before she could ponder overly long on the subject, the strange ice demon advanced quickly seizing at her throat, and lifting her into the air.

Her smile never left, and she could tell by the look on the creature's face, that it immediately knew that something wasn't right.

Lilith could feel an unspeakable cold, emanating from it's flesh. Were she a mortal being, such cold would have chilled her to the bone in mere moments. However…

"Have you all forgotten so easily? Or perhaps you never knew better to begin with? It's fine though. I will show you." Lilith snarled with a maniacal grin as her eyes lit up like hellfire. With a simple shove, she sent the icy being flying backward through the air, punching clean through one of the ice crystals of the surrounding circle.

"You reek of ice and death. Tell me, Necromancer, from where did you come from? Speak the name of your creators, and I will give you a quick death? There is only one Master of Death, and you are not he." Lilith commanded. She advanced towards the ice demon as it brought itself up onto a knee, it's eyes wide and filled with surprise.

It slowly rose to it's feet, drawing a weapon from it's back. It was a type of long handled sword, with an inward facing blade and curve, making it almost look like a large falx. The weapon itself gleamed like crystalline ice, and bore a razor sharp, diamond hard edge.

"So be it." Lilith hummed to herself, as the creature advanced.

It swung out at her with it's sword, a blow she easily blocked with her forearm. The icy blade was halted with a loud metallic resonance that hummed in the ears. Across her forearm, she now sported a twisted black gauntlet. A devilish smile spread across her face, as fire and shadow swallowed her body, encasing her in her armor.

The icy being retreated back as Lilith took form, emerging from the flames, as a titanic figure.

Standing at nearly ten feet tall, an armored knight, now stood where Lilith had once been. Draped head to toe in pure black platemail armor, the ancient one was a terrifying sight to behold. Even with armor adorned Lilith appeared to be quite agile and capable of movement. The armor itself looked to almost be charred black, as if it had been heavily burned, once upon a time, atop the helm, was a burning crown of spikes, that smoldered white hot. Emerging from the shoulder pauldrons were two spikes, on each side, both similarly smoldering. Fire and smoke seemed to billow out from beneath the armor in certain places, and burning cinders filled the air, crackling up from the fingers and feet. Around the waist was a knee length sash of burnt red cloth, it bore no insignia or any marking that would indicate affiliation. From it's shoulders emerged a cape of burning shadows that extended all the way to the ground. The heat emerging from the armor was so intense that it made the air shimmer and distort around it. *(Armor of the Soul of Cinder as base design)

Strapped to her side was a dark two handed warhammer, that could be easily wielded by the giant knight with one hand. On the other, a straight, great-sword, forged of blackened volcanic glass, the blade itself was nearly six feet in length, though could be easily wielded in one hand by her in this form. Both weapons emanated great power within them. The warhammer steamed with incredible heat locked within, while inside of the smoky glass-like structure of the sword, dancing shadows could be seen moving with vile intent.

The ice demon stared at her advancing form with confusion and quite possibly a bit of fear, but it refused to back down.

Drawing her hammer she deflected another blow from the creature. This being seemed to match the description of the old stories she had gathered during her time here. An 'Other' as they were called.

While curious to know more about it, she wasn't going to simply sit back and allow it to attack her, that just simply wouldn't do.

She blocked a few more strikes, before delivering a deceptively fast strike with her warhammer, the blow landed true, slamming into the chest of the creature. An explosion of fire and ice, tore through the air, as the being exploded into shards.

Lilith stood silently in surprise for several moments. This being had power, she could sense that, but it surprisingly lacked endurance. It's physical form was very delicate, just like glass. If you could breach it's magical defenses, then it was easily dealt with.

Lilith felt magic disperse into the air, fading into the background of the world. All that truly remained of the icy creature, was a glowing piece of blue crystalline stone that lay within the icy shards of it's remains.

Reaching down, Lilith seized the stone and held it in her hand. Great magical power flowed within it. Power gathered over millennia. Slowly she drew the power in from the stone, adding it to her own, and attempting to decipher the secrets behind this entity.

Reverting to her fair form, Lilith reentered the circle, cradling the ice cold stone in her hands, and she sat upon the platform in the center.

Days, passed as Lilith absorbed the ancient magic and discerned it's secrets. While many interested her, one revelation above all others, concerned her the most. And that was that this creature was nearly ten thousand years old. Ten thousand years… such a span of time was of great concern to her, as it meant two possibilities.

She didn't know this creature, nor of the species known as the Children of the Forest. Meaning they did not exist in Arda when she last ruled. So either it had been well over ten thousand years since her imprisonment, or she wasn't in Arda any longer.

More time passed, as Lilith came to understand the being that she had killed. The Night King. A powerful necromancer, and a horror of ages passed.

She also learned of the Night King's target. The memory of mankind, and those that could read it, greenseers.

The seers themselves were of little interest at the moment, what Lilith was more interested in, were the weirwood trees. She knew of their magic, and that they were often ancient, but she hadn't been aware that the trees, held the memory of the ancient past.

She was quick to depart the Land of Always Winter, heading south to locate weirwood trees.

When she finally did, Lilith placed her hands upon it, and pressed her will deep into it's structure, following the strands and ties of magic, conjuring images from across time and space.

Everything was chaos at first, and her first attempt ended in failure, as all she received were garbled visions.

The following day, she tried again, and then again. Soon a week had passed, and then a month. Soon the season turned as every day, Lilith learned to navigate the ancient and binding memory of these old trees.

Eventually her focus bore fruit, and she found her gaze drawn to a familiar sight. Middle-Earth.

Her gaze passed over through the forests but extended not far beyond them, but she recognized the places she had once walked, for in the dawn age, she had seen all there was to see of Arda.

She now had her confirmation, and she sat upon the ground staring up at the night sky. She was not in Arda any longer. Harry had been right, just as she had always believed. Eru's all encompassing might, his dominion over his so called creation, nothing more than an illusion. This was another place. Somewhere far older then Arda. Where magics, beyond the scope of understanding, lay dormant.

A smile touched at her face. Harry had been right. And now she had her proof. Here in this place, away from her father, and her siblings, Lilith could begin again. She could grow her power, and rebuild her armies, and one day, she could return to Arda, and get the revenge she desired.

Her one and only friend, in all the world, had been right. She had never doubted him. Never doubted the stories he told her about the world he had come from, the places he'd seen. The things he'd experienced. His magics were strange yet familiar, his stories were fantastical and wonderful, his skepticism and uncertainty, when it came to her father, was something that always endeared him to her.

Harry had always known the truth. Arda was not the first world, and it would not be the last. So many questions spun in her head, but finally she settled on the one that called out to her the most. How long had it been? What had happened to her dearest friend?

Slowly she closed her eyes and reached deep within herself. For many hours she searched, reaching for ancient strands, ties that had long since severed. She searched for the echoes of her past, perhaps something there, would speak to her, unveil the truth of what had happened in her absence.

Further and further she pushed, until a familiar echo touched at her heartstrings. A memory that she cherished above all others. In that memory she felt a call, a pull towards the one that shared it with her.

"Harry..." Lilith whispered his name aloud, a gentle smile touching at her lips.

Suddenly, and without warning, a blazing power echoed into her mind, filling her head space for brief moment. The flash of an image, a figure, wreathed in flames. A twisted language burning across the ether.

Lilith shot to her feet, excitement filling her.

He was alive. Harry was alive, after all this time. Her friend, her love, her loyal confidant. After all this time he was still alive!

She now had a greater goal in mind. She had to find him. With Harry by her side once more, the two of them would conquer this world and all worlds that lay before them.

In the weeks that followed, Lilith reached deep within her soul, grabbing hold of the ancient bond that tied her to her oldest friend. Through that bond, she called out to him, urging him to come to her.

Weeks bled into months, months into nearly two years, when finally, Lilith opened her eyes, feeling the approach of something very familiar.

Dark whispers filled the air, as she found herself surrounded by nine ghostly wraiths. Each spirit hung in the air around her, weapons drawn, and filling the air with a foul malevolence. Suddenly, and without warning, a set of trees erupted into a fiery explosion.

Between these trees, a shadow emerged from the roaring flames.

Lilith grinned, her eyes lighting up with excitement. "Hello, Harry." Lilith greeted the towering shadow as it stalked towards her.

The fires from it's entrance died down as it drew closer, and the shadows began to reshape, taking on the ghostly form of an elf, in white robes, and with white hair.

"Ah… that shape looks awful on you." Lilith noted upon seeing him. Burning orange eyes, met with blazing emerald ones. Silence passed between them, when suddenly laughter filled the air.

Lilith smiled as he began to laugh.

"After all this time, that's what you say to me?" Her old friend responded, his shape shifting before her eyes, his pointed ears fading, his hair shortening and turning dark as night. Within moments he looked as he once did so very long ago. Harry Potter, tall and lithe, muscular but not massive. Handsome, and charming, with a piercing gaze, and a bold stance.

"Much better." Lilith noted, crossing the distance between the two of them and taking his ghostly face in her hands.

"Lilith… I never thought I'd see you again." Harry responded.

She smiled in response leaning in and placing a kiss upon his lips. An odd sight, were anyone around to see them. The clearly physical Lilith and the ghostly, transparent Harry, physically touching one another.

The two held the kiss for several moments before separating. "Come, I have so much I want to show you. So much we need to discuss. Now that I have returned, you must tell me all about your adventures while I was gone." Lilith said to him, pulling away and taking him by the hand.

"Lilith… about what happened..." Harry began, only for her to shoot him a look and shake her head.

"It doesn't matter. I'm here now. We're together again, so do not worry yourself about it. We will have our revenge when the time is right. We will be free." Lilith responded, earning a nod of agreement from the man.

As Harry followed after her, an image flashed in his mind. A familiar face from so very long ago, a childhood that had been taken from him. The image of his blood, his bonded, his only family in all the world. The love that had been stolen from him, so very long ago.

"Yes, sister. We will have our revenge..." Harry thought to himself as he followed after her. The true lord of all darkness had returned, and now they would have their revenge.

-To Be Continued-

Alright, there it is to start, hope you all enjoy it. As I said this is gonna be a combination of Fire and Shadow, and Rise of the Dark Lord.