"Rosie! Rosie!" Gabriella's heart starts to race. My baby's the only one I got. How could I be so stupid to let her out of my sight! However, lo and behold there Rosie was standing next to a tall man with brown hair. Oh my god!

"Get the hell away from my daughter!" Gabriella yelled before scooping Rosie up and turning her around so their backs faced the stranger. Gabriella's heart was beating too fast and every one of her senses were tense and heightened. Gabriella was angered that a stranger would come up to a four year old. He could've been a kidnapper or a serial killer! Gabriella was equal parts upset with Rosie and she was with herself for making such a stupid mistake and turning away. Gabriella took her rage to turn her head around and face the abductor. However, she was slammed with the past as she took in the stranger facing her, except he wasn't a stranger at all.

Gabriella was speechless and gawked at the man.

It was Troy. Troy Bolton.

"G-Gabriella?" Troy whispered in shock as he took in the girl who he had known him for most of his life. The girl he kicked out of his life, though he hadn't meant to.

Gabriella stood still for a moment staring in shock. She had left far, far away from him for a reason.

"Troy? What's going on?" Gabriella was truly confused, but in the back corner of her mind, she knew how Troy was going to something unbearable.

"You need to promise me something Gabriella." Troy felt the guilt seeping in with every word that was slipping past his lips.


"You have to promise that you won't hate me. Please don't hate me." Troy bit out the last sentence in a harsh whisper. Troy was being selfish. He didn't want to lose her, even though he didn't want her like she wanted him. She was an amazing girl, kind-hearted, loving, smart, kind, and beautiful, but he wasn't Sharpay. He had lost feelings for Gabriella, he had fallen in love with his best friend, and knew that he could not fully love her until he broke up with Gabriella.

"Why would I hate you?" Gabriella's voice seemed to be caught in her throat as she already knew the inevitable was coming.

"I-We, can't be together anymore."

"W-Why?" Tears started to fill up Gabriella's eyes as she knew the next few words that would come out of his mouth would break her, in every possible way.

"I don't like you anymore, not in the way you like me. It's not right for either one of us."

"But I love you Troy, I told you that." Gabriella's voice was wavering as she was trying so hard to keep herself together.

"I don't love you. I'm sorry, but I don't."

Gabriella couldn't even say a word but turned around instead and speedily walked the opposite direction, taking herself and her daughter away.

"Gabriella! Wait! Just wait, please." Troy had ran to her and was trying to talk to her. What could he possibly say that she even had the nerve to listen. He broke her. She felt unwanted her entire life. Her family and friends never stuck around. Then, came this beautiful boy who swooped her heart away with his charm and his smile. The one person who gave her hope, took it away, just like that. She has not trusted or depended on anyone since. She had to be strong for her and Rosie, the only person in the world Gabriella wanted to give her all to.
However, Gabriella never could resist Troy. Her 17 year old self was dug up and reached for her as Gabriella reluctantly turned around. Gabriella swallowed and waited for Troy to talk.

"I-I didn't know you lived here."
"Well, I do."

"I really didn't mean to scare you, I was just talking to-" Troy paused as he did not know her name.

Gabriella would be lying if she hadn't completely took Troy out of her life. There had been one picture. One of her and Troy that Gabriella had been going through that Rosie had taken sight of.

Gabriella was having a mental conflict as she was scared for 1) She didn't want Rosie to get attached to any men. Rosie's father had left them because he was scared. Gabriella didn't get to be scared. She fought to give Rosie the best and most normal life as possible. However, it was clear that Rosie craved for a male figure in her life, and honestly, she couldn't blame her. 2) Troy had a track record for leaving and disappointing her and she wasn't sure she could let any part of him even touch her heart of mind again. But of course, she caved. Her heart won this battle.

"Can you tell him your name?" Gabriella asked her daughter softly with encouragement.

Rosie lifted her head from the crook of her mother's neck and looked at Troy with a small smile. "Rosie." She smiled once more before finding shelter in her mother's neck again.

Troy felt something in him that he hadn't felt in a long time, welcomed. If not from Gabriella, from Rosie's small gesture.

"-Rosie. Is she?" Troy stopped, realizing he had no right to ask her that. Fuck.

"Yes, Rosie is my daughter." Gabriella clipped. Her defenses were starting to rise.

"She's beautiful." Troy whispered with honesty. Rosie really was beautiful, shy, but kind, like Gabriella.

"Thank you. I-We, better get going. Bye." Gabriella wasn't really sure how to feel as she turned turned around and away from him. A part of her was sad, but another, more empowering part of her felt sad. What we could've been?

"Gabriella, can we talk? Let's talk. Please?" Troy asked carefully and quietly before she had the option of completely walking away from him. It was selfish and he sure as hell didn't deserve to talk to her. But he had to try.