"Troy," Gabriella paused trying to figure out what her response would be to that. He just asked something Gabriella wished he would've asked ages ago. There has been so much uncertainty in her life. Ultimately, Gabriella was terrified of taking chances. They never really worked out in her favor, and a person can only handle so much disappointment. "I don't know whether I can trust you. It's been such a long time since we, well, whatever we had." Gabriella flinched once she saw Troy's expression of defeat. "You don't know me anymore, you don't know about my life anymore. And I don't know if we can start over, or if it's even worth it to start over."

Troy had taken Gabriella's response to heart. He knew what he was asking her was totally out of line, especially calling her out earlier in the conversation. Gabriella was right on one point though, they didn't know each other anymore. Believe it or not, Troy had gone through something no other person should. But all we can say now, is that Troy was given a second chance. He's spent such a long time trying to figure what that reason was, but nothing came up. He had been on the brink of giving up, but that was before he saw Gabriella, again.

He went home that night and thought really hard about how life had played out for him. He was also very used to being in control, in which he grew up with a father as a coach, who cotninuously reminded Troy to look forward to the future. However, life had become a stand still since the tragedy Troy faced.

Seeing Gabriella, whether this was meant to be his second chance or not, he had to try. Troy didn't want to live a life that didn't seem to have meaning or purpose. However, Troy knew that this could've been his second chance, when his breath was taken away, seeing Gabriella again.

"Yeah, you're right. Also, I shouldn't have called you out on what I said. Especially about Rosie. It was wrong of me, and I aplogize. But Gabriella, tell me the truth. Was seeing me again affect you?"

"Of course it did Troy. It was getting a blast from the past. And I can't tell if it was a bad thing or a good thing" Gabriella admitted.

"Then don't we owe it to ourselves to see what this may bring?" Troy replied pleadingly.

"But that's the thing Troy, having my heart broken because of you destroyed me. I don't know if I can do it again; especially given our history. Feelings and memories can't disappear just like that." Gabriella would be lying to herself if she hadn't admitted that seeing Troy again brought up feelings, and a small part of her thought, what if? "Can I atleast think about it?" Gabriella asked.

Aha, Troy was surprised she wanted to even think about. He was preparing himself for the worst, but this was some mercy he was grateful for. "Of course." Troy responded with a small smile.

"Thank you." Gabriella returned the same soft smile. "Um, I'm gonna go check up on Rosie and put her down."

Troy saw that as a cue to leave. "Yeah, I should get going to. I can see myself out. Thank you again, for considering." Troy said, dismissing himself.

Right before Troy left, both of them heard a piercing cry coming from down the hall.

Gabriella unfroze and sprinted towards the bathroom door. What Gabriella was going to see, would haunt her for the rest of her life. Rosie was about to fall on the floor, before Gabriella protected her small head. Rosie was seizing. Badly. It was at this moment where Gabriella had froze again, not knowing what to do. Gabriella was letting out gasps of air, desperate to understand what was happening to her daughter.

Troy had quickly moved his way into the bathroom and saw the horrific sight. This caused Troy to transform into pilot mode, softly pushing Gabriella away. Gabriella was too shocked to see Troy in her place. Troy had quickly and softly turned Rosie to her side and muttered comforting words to the little girl. "You're gonna be okay Rosie. We're right here." Troy turned to Gabriella who was still frozen, leaning against the tub. She was still zoned out. She was not responding to Troy's instructions. "Gabriella, time the seizure. Now." Troy snapped loudly to Gabriella, who broke out of her trance. Rosie was still seizing when Troy grabbed a small white cloth from the racks to wipe the saliva that Rosie ejected from her mouth, still holding Rosie softly and sturdy.

"Troy it's been three minutes." Gabriella exclaimed with worry and tears suffocating her throat.

Troy kept his attention on Rosie before throwing words across his shoulder. "Gabriella, it's going to be okay. Call 911." Troy said as calmly as he could.

"911?" Gabriella was starting to hypervenalate. She's never had to do anything of this sort.

"Gabriella, you need to calm down, okay? Rosie needs you right now. Call 911." Troy did his best to be calm as he commanded Gabriella.

Rosie's seizure was starting to subside. Rosie was trying to gain control of her breathing. Rosie was letting out soft cries. "You're okay babygirl. You're okay. Just breathe. I'm gonna keep you on your side, okay?" Troy coaxed Rosie.

Gabriella exhaled shakingly, before snatching her phone from her pocket. Gabriella was still unsure what to do and panicked. Troy took this time to grab the phone out of her hands and call 911. Troy knew Gabriella and Rosie needed his help and time was of the essence.

"911, how can we help you?" A calm, almost operated voice spoke out.

"My friend's daughter has been seizing for over 3 minutes now."

"Okay, sir. Continue to time the seizure and make sure to keep her turned she is laying on her side. We will send an ambulance right now. We have located the house. The ambulance will be here shortly. Stay on the line with me." the operator instructed.

"Will do." Troy responded, looking over at Gabriella motioning her to stay by Rosie's side. Gabriella inhaled a shaky breath and stayed beside Rosie, muttering comforting words, with a million thoughts running through her head, ready to break free.

Hi everyone! This chapter hit a little close to home for me. I had my first seizure in 2014, and was then diagnosed with epilepsy. Having epilepsy has continuously challenged me physically and mentally. I have had great support and I am so thankful.

This past summer, an actor I admired and adored, Cameron Boyce, passed away due to SUDEP (sudden unexpected death in epilepsy) This is especially scary because it could happen to anyone who has epilepsy, even if they are healthy. Cameron's death shook me to the core and broke my heart, especially since we were the same age. In honor of him, his family launched a foundation called the cameronboycefoundation. The foundation talks and brings awareness to a multitude of problems around the world such as gun violence, water crisis, and epilepsy. Cameron's 21'st birthday is tomorrow. For his birthday, his family and friends are asking for donations to kickstart more of Cameron's legacy.

I know times are extremely tough right now, but if you are able to get a chance, you can look up the foundation on any site and can learn about the causes Cameron was passionate about. I also wanted to let you know that you can message me on here anytime, and I would be more than glad to offer support.

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