Vance send Gibbs and Sloane undercover as Navy officer. But oppression went wrong and their covers blown up. they are captured by those arms dealer whom they were working with. will they make out of alive or tragedy strikes. team doing their best to find them. warning violence.

Character 1

Vance office.

"Agent Gibbs and Agent Sloane we may have situation here and secnev requested that you two are doing this job together." Gibbs and Sloane look at each other in surprise.

"Well our intel says there's some group of people were stealing Navy's weapons and sell them to other countries." "What do want from us Leon?" Gibbs asked impatiently. "Well agent Gibbs you and agent Sloane ha to go undercover as Navy couple and find out what's going on." " wait me and Gibbs ? Are you serious leon? I mean I'm not a field agent type leon. can't you send Torres and agent Bishop." " sorry agent Sloane but gou have no choice. because it's SecNav's order."

" Okay then what do we know about them?" Sloane replied. "There's possibility of Navy commandere Waynes involvement in this ring..." "Are you sure? Because he's a hero he saves many people's life in Iraq. you must be mistaken here Leon. I know this guy... I mean I never met him but he's our hero in Corp." Gibbs said with shocked and little bit of ange.

" We know that agent Gibbs but I am telling you what our intelligence said so please stop being emotional here. Here is your new IDs. Retired Gunnery sergeant Steve Steve Gibson and Maria Gibson. Tomorrow you'll leave for your assignment. Your cell phone, car GPS locator will be active 24/7 and we will be in touch with you and there will be two NCIS agents outside for backup JUST IN CASE you need the. Any questions? " Vance knows Gibbs have one. " Yeah, what if we are wrong about this? I mean what if there's no involvement of Wayne? And how will we catch them without blowing our covers?" " I can assure you about your covers will remain because we know how you work agent Gibbs and about Wayne we have to figure it out first then we'll think about it. Now we're clear?" Vance said without breaking eye contact with Gibbs. Gibbs knows Vance was talking to him. "Yeah, we're clear." he replied firmly. " Good then let's get back to work. Jack are you okay with that? I know you're not a field agent..." " It's okay Leon. I am good and I am with Gibbs so I don't have to worry about it. Right Gibbs?" she's smiling with excitment and she's happy because she is going undercover with Gibbs as his wife. She's very happy about that part. " yeah. " Gibbs replied with his trademark smirk and leave Vance office..

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