At Hospital

Gibbs start regain consciousness. He blink his eyes few times and look around and found himself in the hospital room and laying on the bed. He sighed in frustration and put his head back on the pillow and started staring at ceiling of his room.

"Not again..." Gibbs whispered in frustration.

"Aah... you're awake. How are you feeling, Cowboy?" Sloane asked. She's there, seating on the couch and reading newspaper.

"I am good. Just feeling little dizzy. What happened? How did I get here?" Gibbs was feeling dizzy and confused.

"What? You don't remember?" Sloane put her reading glasses on the table and sit down on the chair next to Gibbs's bed. Gibbs shook his head in answer. He close his eyes and tell her what he remember.

"Not much. Remember that Stephen was going to shoot me but in the next moment he was laying on the ground dead. I don't remember what happened after that. I only remember that someone untie me and then everything is blur." Gibbs replied.

Gibbs tried to rub his face with his hands but he realized that his right arm was in the sling again. He noticed bandages on his both arms and on his head as well.

"Well, we find out it's James who threatened Wayne and he was the one who was holding you hostage. I and McGee went to visit Wayne and he told us everything. So Kaise went through security footage and we saw it was Stephen. The day he met you at the solitary actually he was there to meet Wayne.

He lied to you, Gibbs. He waited for James and then they both went in together, just right after you left. They were working together Gibbs." Sloane explained how they figured it out. About Stephen and James.

"I already figured that out, Jack." Gibbs said in rough voice. Sloane gave him water. After drinking water he was feeling better.

"Well, when we arrived at your cabin James was already dead. And Stephen was going to shoot you. So I shot him dead. But my question is did you killed James?

Because you were tied up and in very bad shape. So if it wasn't you then who killed him?" Jack asked him with curiosity.

"Hey, Gibbs. How are you? And yes, we need some answers for the records, you know. Only if you're ready to give them. Or we can do this later." McGee said as she and Bishop entered in Gibbs room.

"I'm good, McGee. It's okay. Tell me what you want to know?" Gibbs said.

"Umm... well... everything. From the beginning." Bishop said as she shares her look with Sloane. Gibbs take a deep breath and starts to fill them up with details.

"Well... when Jack called me to warn about James. He was already with me in my cabin. He said he's lost in the woods need some help. So I let him in but when I gave him my cellphone to make a call. He called Stephen and after talking with you when I turned around he knocked me out.

When I regain consciousness I was tied up. He said he wants revenge on me for killing Victor. And he's not the only person who want revenge on me. He said he threatened Wayne and killed her wife. No... His wife is dead. He killed Wayne's wife." Gibbs suddenly started freaking out.

"No.. who told you that. Nick and Bishop brought her at the Headquarter. She's fine Gibbs. She's safe." Sloane explained him. She take his hand in her hand.

"Well, James told me that he killed Wayne's wife because he helped me and NCIS. I kicked him out of the cabin and because of that the rope broke up from the loop and I hit the ground. And then I started searching for my weapons and cellphone but found none of them. I searched James and found my knife and cellphone.

Then I cut loose my restraints and called you twice but you didn't pick up. Then James attacked me with an axe and... and we started fighting. And in the end when I was going to shoot him, Stephen hit me on back of my head and take the gun away from me.

He and James started arguing and suddenly Stephen grabbed me and punched me and I fell on the steps then that bastard pressed his foot on my shoulder. He said he was Victor's identical twin brother."

"He was what!" Sloane said in surprise.

"Yeah, I was also shocked, Jack. And then Stephen ordered James to tie me up. Then James tie me up to the tree and Stephen told me that Victor used his ID to kill someone and everyone thought it was him. That's why he did Plastic surgery. And came DC with new identity."

"What! Plastic surgery! C'mon what a dramatic story. I mean, I watch this type of shits in movies. I mean REALLY! " Bishop scoffed.

"I thought the same thing, Bishop. But I didn't say anything. After all I was not the in charge, I was on Stephen's mercy. They both beat the crap on me. When I found trust issue between them I took advantage of it. And tricked them and in the end they both started fighting and Stephen killed James." Gibbs said proudly.

"What? But why and how?" Bishop asked.

"I convinced James that Stephen will framed him for my murder and he will get out of it easily. Person who is able to clean his name from murder that was convicted by his twin brother, then he's able to do anything and no one knows that he's Victor's brother. He had money and reputation, so no one will believe James. And then he started yelling at Stephen and attacked him. They both started fighting. And Stephen killed him. The rest you all knows." Gibbs said and winked at Sloane.

"Not bad, Cowboy. Not bad." Sloane was surprised by how Gibbs managed the whole situation he was in, he was not able to fight back and he was physically injured and restrained. But he smartly handled the whole situation. She was totally impressed.

"Wow.. Boss. You are amazing. I mean you just brainwashed them and they started fighting with each other. And Stephen just killed James. " McGee was shocked too.

"Only you can do this, Gibbs. Wow.." Bishop said.

"Nick, will regret for not coming with us. He missed one hell of a story." McGee said.

"Nick missed what, McGee? I was with Jimmy and Kaise and then help them to bring those evidence to the locker. Someone has to work to do. Yo... Gibbs. How are you feeling man. You scared the hell of us, again. Especially Sloane." Nick smile at Jack. Sloane mouthed 'SHUT UP'.. but Nick just laughs at her.

"Really, Jack! Well, how long I have to stay here?" Gibbs turned his face and asked Sloane.

"Well, you have head injury, bruising ribs, broken nose and your shoulder injury. And few scratches on your arms and back. Nothing serious. You can go home after day or two. So just rest, Gibbs." Sloane said.

"C'mon. Not again... I want to go home, Jack. Just want to go home." Gibbs said in frustration.

"Don't behave like child, Gibbs. You need rest Gibbs. Give sometime to your body to heal. End of discussion." Sloane said. McGee and Bishop look at each other with flat expressions. Nick's eyes are wide open as Sloane talk with Gibbs in this bossy tone.

"Okay, but can I get some coffee? MOM." Gibbs asked with childish face.

"Just a little. No arguments on this one too..." Sloane said and left to get some coffee for Gibbs.

After having his coffee he was trying to get some sleep. Gibbs was tired and he wanted to go home. But he has no choice. He closed his eyes and trying to clear his mind and he was feeling relaxed. He saw his room's door was open and McGee entered in his room with a laptop. Sloane was there in Gibbs room. She looks confused when she saw McGee talking about Gibbs with someone on the phone .

"I can't guarantee that he is awake. If he is sleeping I am not going to wake him up. Because I love my wife and my kids, and don't want to die just because I wake up Gibbs." McGee was talking with someone. Gibbs open his eyes and he heard the whispered sound.

"McGee! What are you doing?" Gibbs asked him.

"Hey, Boss. You are awake great and look who wants to talk with you. Okay, make a call. Boss is awake." McGee disconnect the line. And put the laptop in front of him.

"What the hell you are doing McGee? Take this thing away or I will threw it out of the window." Gibbs said in anger. McGee knows Gibbs hates computers but still he dare to convince Gibbs that someone wants to talk with him.

"Just a minute Boss. And here we go." McGee take steps back and saw wide smile on Gibbs's face.

"Hello, Gibbs!"

"Ziver.." Gibbs said.

"How are you?" Ziva asked him.

"I am good. You tell me. How are you? After all these years you reunited with your family. How's DiNozzo and Tali?" Gibbs has tears in his eyes.

"Hey, Boss! I'm good and Tali is playing with Senior. McGoo told us that you were Playing KILLING SEASON with the bad guys at your remote cabin." DiNozzo joined Ziva. Gibbs glare at McGee for telling this to DiNozzo and Ziva.

"Don't kill McGee, Boss. I forced him. But he tell me anyway..." Tony gave big smile at McGee.

"What is killing season?" Gibbs asked in confusion. Jack and McGee both are going told him what killing season is. But Tony was being Tony. He answer first.

"NO WAY... Boss. You don't know about the action movie of The Robert de Niro and Saturday night fever fame The John Travolta. They both are..." before DiNozzo complete his sentence.

"Ziva.." Gibbs just give her a nodd.

"With pleasure,Gibbs." And Ziva head-slapped DiNozzo hard.

"Hey.. that hurts. What was that for?" Tony rubbed his back of the head.

"For not changing at all." Gibbs laughs as he saw DiNozzo's expression.

"Thank you Boss."

"Not your Boss anymore, DiNozzo." Gibbs said.

"Hah... for me you're always my Boss. I was scared Boss when McGee told us about your undercover mission. And everything what happened with you and Agent Sloane. Well, Ziva told me that she's your new love intrest. Is she there, Boss?" Tony was want to see Jack after Ziva told him about Sloane and Gibbs.

"Yeah, I am here DiNozzo." Sloane joins them.

"Ooh... grrr. You are very hot agent Sloane. I am regretting right now for leaving NCIS.." Tony started flirting with Sloane.

"Ziva..." Gibbs said with smirk.

"Of course Gibbs. Anything for you." She slapped Tony again.

"Hey.. C'mon Boss. That hurts." Tony complains about those head-slapes.

"Then stop flirting with Jack. And shut up." Gibbs said.

"Shuting up, Boss." DiNozzo replied.

"I MISS YOU, Tony. It's good to see you." Gibbs said and tried to control his tears. But one lone drop of tear slide down from his eye.

"I KNOW YOU CARE ABOUT ME." DiNozzo saw the tear but he don't want to make Gibbs uncomfortable.

"I always do. But I never told you. But now I feel that I made a mistake. I should have tell you that you are like SON to me." Gibbs said.

"Thank you Boss. And you don't have to. I already know that. I can see your face McJealous. It's looks like he's going to cry Boss." Tony handle it smoothly.

"Stop it, DiNozzo. And I'm not crying okay." McGee said.

"I miss you too, McGee. By the way is there any name of your undercover mission?" DiNozzo asked curiously.

"NO." Gibbs said.

"I have one. How about Undercover Slibbs? Huh... who's with me on this Slibbs ship? C'mon, McGee? Ziva? Are you sure you are my wife Ziva!" Tony said.

"I am Tony but I'm not going to be part of your childish game. Even Tali behaves mature than you. " Ziva said in her famous tone.

"You didn't change at all my ninja. By the way agent Sloane whenever I come to DC would you like to have some coffee with me?" Before Jack answer his question. Gibbs interrupt them.

"Okay, DiNozzo it's good to see you and Ziver. I will talk to you later, Bye." Gibbs disconnect the call.

"He still likes me." DiNozzo said to Ziva.

"I know, Tony. I know." Ziva replied and patted his back.

"Slibbs! Really?" Sloane was teasing him.

"It's Tony. He never change. But he was the best agent I ever work with. Don't feel sad McGee you are also one of the best agent." Gibbs said.

"I know Boss. You don't have to say that." McGee replied.


After few days Gibbs was discharged from the hospital but again he has to deal with Vance. Gibbs try his best to convince him but still he was forced to take a leave. But Gibbs was agree only on one condition. And Vance was agree on that.

"Hey, Jack. What are you doing here?" Gibbs asked her when she entered in his home.

"I am here for you, Gibbs. I don't want to take any risk this time when you're on leave again." Sloane said as she put her go bag on his sofa.

"So you're here for babysitting. Don't tell me that Vance sent you here." Gibbs asked as he put coffee mug on table. And Sloane take it.

"No. Vance didn't send me. It was my and Ducky's idea. He is also worried about you Gibbs." Sloane said.

"So what are you going to do? Any plans for your... let's call it vacation." Sloane said.

"Well, I am thinking about to go for fishing. So I'm going back to my cabin." Gibbs said.

"Again! Are you sure, Gibbs?" Sloane asked him. After what happened at his cabin last time, she was scared when he said he is going back to his cabin.

"Yes.. Jack. I'm sure and don't forget it's my cabin. So just because of one incident I'm not going to stop visiting my cabin because you and whole team are scared." Gibbs said with irritation.

"Nobody's stopping you Gibbs. But I'm coming with you. Take it or deal with me." Sloane said. Gibbs take one long deep breath and then he was agree with Sloane.

They both leave together for Gibbs's cabin. Sloane asked him on which condition he was ready to take leave. Gibbs told her but he know that it's not gonna be done. She told him miracle happens. And reminds him how she found Phineas's uncle and aunt. Gibbs didn't say anything. After few hours they reached at Gibbs cabin.

"Woah... this place is hard to find in the dark, Gibbs. Let's hope there's no wild animals wants to join us. Because I know I came with you because I don't want to leave you alone. But I am scared now. Just look at the place Gibbs. There's no one is here. How could you spend your time in here,Gibbs? Gibbs wait! HEY..." Sloane watched Gibbs unload his stuff from his truck and started walking toward his cabin.

"Hey, slow down Bear Grylls." She ran after him.

"Who's he?" Gibbs asked her.

"Whom you are talking about?" Sloane said.

"That Bear Grylls guy... Fornell called me Bear Grylls when I was on vacation last year. James mentioned him and now you called me Bear Grylls. Who's he?" Gibbs asked her in frustration. He don't know who is the Bear Grylls and they all called him by his name.

"C'mon Gibbs, you really don't know who is he? He's survival instructor. He has his TV Show named Man VS Wild. And he was honorary lieutenant-colonel. He's..."

"A good man, I get it. Now help me with logs my right shoulder started aching." Gibbs said.

"Oh.. God, Gibbs. I told you let me drive but no. "C'mon, Jack. I will handle it." Now handle it." Sloane said angrily.

"Are you done with taunting me? Now give me your hand. It's getting cold. We need more woods. " Gibbs shouted from outside of the cabin.

"For now. Now tell me what you want me to do?" Sloane came outside and sit down on the steps.

"Get some woods from this pile and take them inside. I'll get some water for us." Gibbs told Sloane and start walking into the forest. Sloane dropped all wood logs and ran after him.

"Hey, stop Gibbs. I won't let you go alone. I'm coming with you." Sloane yelled at Gibbs.

"Hey.. hey... hey. Slow down, Jack. Otherwise you will hurt yourself. Did you bring your torch?" Gibbs asked Sloane.

"Yeah, I bring mine. Where's yours?"

"I don't need torch." Gibbs said in his rough tone.

"Then why did you asked?" Sloane was confused.

"For yourself. I know every single way of this area. But this place is new for you. So just stick together. And follow me. And watch your steps. " Gibbs instructs her.

After bringing water Gibbs and Sloane make coffee. They were enjoying each other's company. Sloane was amazed by knowing that Gibbs built this cabin on his own. Cause of Gibbs shoulder injury Sloane told him that she will sleep on the floor in her sleeping bag Gibbs will sleep on that bed. First Gibbs started arguing with her but in the end he surrendered.

In the morning Gibbs wakes up early and he gets ready for fishing. Sloane was ready to. They grabbed their stuff and walked toward the lake. Gibbs and Sloane were sitting in the small boat and waiting patiently. Sloane got one big fish. She was happy like little girl. It was her first experience in fishing.

They came back at cabin and eat their food. After that Sloane's cellphone started ringing. She saw it was Vance. She picked up and because of weak signal she go outside. When she was done she saw Gibbs was sitting in his rocking chair and he was reading something.

"Hey, Gibbs. Did you take your painkillers?" She asked.

"Yes, mom." Gibbs said without looking at her.

"Who was on the phone?" Gibbs asked.

"It was Vance. He didn't know that I was here. So he called me." Sloane said.

After few hours they heard car's tires noise. Car just stopped in front of his cabin. They both came outside and Gibbs took his weapon with him. But he signed in frustration when he saw Fornell.

"Tobias! What are you doing here? And who told you that I'm here?" Gibbs started yelling at him.

"I DID." Sloane said.

"Why?" Gibbs asked her.

"Because there's something for you that I brings here. So you will feel better. And don't kill me it's Vance's orders." Fornell said. He raised his hands in surrender.

"What's he want from me? First he forced me to take a leave and when I take it, then he was interrupting me. What exactly he wants me to do?" Gibbs started yelling at Sloane and Fornell.

"Hey.. calm down, Jethro. And look what he send for you." Fornell replied.

"Hey, it's time to come out. Otherwise Gibbs will shoot me. So please come out." Fornell shouted at his car.

"What's this all nonsense, Tobias. There's no one..." Gibbs started complaining but he stopped when he saw whom at he was yelling.

One man came outside and started walking toward Gibbs. Gibbs was looking so happy. That man hugged him tightly.

" I am sorry for what I said before, Gibbs. "

"It's okay. I got it why'd you do that."

That man noticed bandages on Gibbs's face, arms and his right shoulder. He feel guilty for that.

"Did that guy do this with you? I'm sorry Gibbs. I should never told your name to James. Then none of this happened. " WAYNE said.

"It's okay, Wayne." Gibbs said.

"No. It's not. Look at yourself. I am sorry, Gibbs. I really am." Wayne said. He noticed bruising on his face and cuts on his right eyebrow and on his lip. He can say that his nose was broken too.

"It's okay. Are you out on parole?" Gibbs was confused because he just talked with Vance yesterday and Wayne was out of the jail in just few hours.

"No, Cowboy. He's freeman now." Sloane said.

"What do you mean? And you know about all this?" Gibbs turned to Sloane and asked her.

"Yes, Vance pull some strings and he convinces all judge and jury members about that Wayne is a good man and he helps NCIS again from inside by informing us about James on time. So we are able to save your life again, Gibbs. We saw all footage to the jury and they all are agreed on release Wayne. So do you like our surprise, Cowboy?" Sloane said in joyful tone.

"So Vance already started working on it before I asked him yesterday?" Gibbs asked her.

"Yes, he's also a human being after all." Sloane tapped on his left shoulder.

"Oh Wait.. it's yours now. Like I promised." Gibbs gave Wayne his daughter's gift.

"Aah.. don't get confused I bring it with me don't know why. But I thought it would be good if I bring it with me." Wayne gave him hug and thanked him for taking care of it.

"Now, c'mon in. Let's have a lunch..." Sloane said.

"Nah.. not gonna happen." Gibbs said in serious tone.

"C'mon, Gibbs..." Sloane said..

"I said NO, Jack. Don't you get it. You give me your keys." Gibbs started walking toward Fornell.

"What? Why?" Fornell get confused why Gibbs want his car keys. He has his truck.

"I said give me your keys, Fornell." Gibbs said firmly.

"You called me Fornell. You only called me Fornell when you are pissed at me. C'mon, I was just doing what Vance asked me to do. C'mon, Jethro. What do you want from me? An apology!" Fornell said. He don't know why he's behaving like this.

"KEYS..." Gibbs yelled at him.

Sloane and Wayne have no idea what is wrong with Gibbs. They both are feeling bad for Fornell. Finally Fornell gave him his car keys.

"Jack get in the car. Wayne you too. C'mon.. NOW." Gibbs started walking toward the car.

"Wait... Gibbs. What happened?" Wayne asked him.

"Yeah, Gibbs what's wrong." Sloane said as she and Wayne followed him. After long pause Gibbs replied.

"Well.. WE DON'T HAVE ENOUGH BOURBON.." Gibbs said and started laughing at Fornell.

"Gibbs you Son of a b *.. STOP THERE YOU BASTARD. You almost gave me heart attack." Fornell started running after Gibbs.

"Go get him Fornell. I'm with you." Sloane ran after him and Gibbs to get him. Wayne grabbed Gibbs and called Fornell.

"Hey.. Fornell, over here I got him." Wayne shouted.

"Gibbs you bastard..." Fornell ran toward them. Gibbs was laughing like the same way when he won in poker. Sloane joined them too.

They all are hitting Gibbs and they all are suddenly stopped and looked at eachother and then they started tickling Gibbs and he was laughing like little boy.

"Hey... stop... it. C'mon guys... please..stop it... You are hurting my ribs.." Gibbs barely said it with laughter. He curled himself and try to protect his ribs.

"Argh..." Gibbs yelled in pain and closed his eyes.

Suddenly they all are stop. And started checking on Gibbs. Just in case he was hurt. They all looked tensed.

"We are sorry Gibbs.. we don't want to hurt you.." Wayne said.

"Yeah, Jethro. I'm sorry, I started all this game. Are you all right, Jethro?" Fornell said.

"Hey.. Gibbs. Are you hurt? C'mon Gibbs say something. We didn't mean to hurt you." Sloane was scared when Gibbs didn't open his eyes.

"Fornell call the ambulance, NOW." Jack yelled at him.

"Yeah, Tobias. Call the ambulance."

"I'm calling but network is weak here, Jethro." Fornell stopped suddenly. He saw Gibbs was laying on the ground and started laughing again.

"Gibbs you... bastard."

"This is not funny, Gibbs." Sloane said angrily.

"You scared the hell out of us.. C'mon guys now he has to pay for it. C'mon.." Wayne tell Sloane and Fornell.

"NO... No guys. No.." Gibbs started laughing as they continued tickling.