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Chapter 1:

HPU: 31st July, 2757 AD:

Harry Potter was ready to move on from his life. He had been alive for well over 700 years, out of which he had been hidden for about 600 years.

Harry had found out he was immortal when at the age of 20, he was shot in the chest, during a mugging, and died. But he woke up again, a few hours later, back in Grimmauld Place. Kreacher had felt the bond waver a little and had decided to find Harry and bring him back home.

Harry didn't think much on it, thinking it awizardthing. Don't blame him, he was raised in a cupboard. But then he found out he could not cut himself, even if he tried, except for the sharpest knives.

Later experimentation revealed that he couldn't even get hurt by bullets fired by any pistol, so he thought he'd somehow become bulletproof. But then he got shot by an assault rifle during a terrorist attack, and died. He woke up, again, about 2 hours later in Grimmauld Place. So he deduced that once he dies of a cause, he will never die of a cause similar or weaker than that takes what doesn't kill me makes me stronger to a whole new level,Harry thought, sardonically.

He later found out that when he died and came back this time, the Invisibility Cloak had disappeared from its place in the mokeskin pouch. Which no one else can he assumed that the Wand must have disappeared too, along with the Stone. He did check on the wand and found out it had disappeared too, the protective wards on Dumbledore's grave undisturbed. So he just assumed that Hallows were gone forever.

But.. One day, when he was really cold, and he needed an extra blanket, he accidentally conjured it. Wandlessly. After experimenting a little, he found out that he could performeveryspell he knew, wandlessly now.

Getting a stone in his stomach, he decided to try and become invisible, by willing himself to be. And he became. Trying to call someone's ghost from the past yielded the same result. He could do it by just thinking about it. So he deduced that the Hallows did not disappear, they merged with him.

He thought to himself, "Well, at least they can't be stolen now, can they? Don't know if the immortality is a boon or a curse, yet."

Knowing that he can't just tell the world that he can't stay dead, and was quite possibly an immortal because of the Deathly Hallows, he snuck into Hogwarts and into the Room of Requirements. There he specifically asked for everything the room had about immortality. So it was, that Harry found that any book that has been in Hogwarts at one time or the other, could be found in the Room of Requirements, including a book about horcruxes, of all things, which he threw away as soon as he read the title, and a book explaining Alchemy.

Harry copied each and every book about Alchemy that the RoR provided him with. And they were in hundreds. And it was only Alchemy.

He visited his closest friends, the Ministry 5 along with Andi and Teddy, telling them what had happened and what he had planned. Hermione and Luna agreed instantly, asking for the books when he was done with them. Andi did agree, but made him promise that he won't neglect Teddy. Harry of course agreed, even offering to blood adopt Teddy, so that he'd have at least one parent. Andi happily gave her blessing for the adoption.

Ron was a little sad. Not for the reason you think. He was a chess player, he thought 20 moves ahead. So he already knew that Harry would have to watch them all die off, watch their families die off. So Ron was sad for Harry.

Harry said, "I'm... Touched, Ron. I didn't even think that far ahead, mate. But don't worry. I'll keep an eye on everyone, yeah? But it's not for at least a hundred more years, coz you'll stay with me, won't ya mate? You'll all stay with me, right? For at least a hundred years?"

The group shared a hug at that and cried for a while. Which no one mentioned it again. Ever.

That uncomfortable conversation done, Harry started studying with Alchemy, because that was the subject he wanted to learn the most. Pretending to be an Alchemist, who had developed a Philosopher's Stone was the only thing he could think of to explain his immortality. Plus making Gold out of lead was a happy coincidence.

Harry started learning from the basics of Alchemy, to the Mastery level stuff, occasionally calling up the ghosts of the author of the book he was reading to help him understand the stuff. The authors were more than happy to help a new student reach their potential, being teachers themselves.

So after learning everything he could, about Alchemy, for 10 years, during which he stayed hidden from everyone, excluding Andi, Teddy, and the Ministry 5, Harry came out to the public, looking like he was still 20, making the announcement that he had made a Philosopher's Stone,which he had,and had become immortal because of it.

They all bought the lie, as it also explained his youthful appearance. After that, he received offers from the Department of Mysteries to come work for them, which was obviously a ploy to study the Philosopher's Stone and the effects it had on a human body, so Harry refused, repeatedly.

To make them stop asking, using different kinds of threats in their offers, Harry started teaching at Hogwarts. He taught Alchemy to students who had passed their Potions, Transfiguration and Ancient Runes or Arithmancy OWLs with at least an EE, for 12 years, including his adopted son Teddy Lupin. Teddy went on to become one of the best alchemists in the world, finding all the different uses of Phoenix Ashes, alongside his father, Harry.

After the decrease in the number of students due to World war 3 which started in 2021, Harry stopped teaching Alchemy. He instead taught his next best Subject. DADA. The yearly intake of students had gone down from the average of 40 to 24.

He taught the subject for 30 more years, becoming the Headmaster at the age of 72, replacing Filius Flitwick. Flitwick had become the Headmaster, after Minerva's death when Harry was 47. Surprisingly, Luna decided to teach Charms, while Draco Malfoy took on the post of the Potions Teacher. Neville was already the head of Gryffindor and the Herbology Professor.

Harry stayed as the headmaster for well over 50 more years. Leaving only in the year 2102, when he lost all the Weasley adults as well as Teddy in a bomb blast by some Neo-Nazi group. Losing everyone almost broke Harry. Ginny, Dean, Ron, Hermione, Teddy, George, Bill, Charlie, Percy, all their kids. All dead. Only Fleur, of that generation of Weasely's remained alive. Only the great grandchildren of the Weasely's, and the grandchildren of Teddy and Victoire were alive, which was the only reason Harry didn't completely lose it.

Harry found the group and murdered every last one of them, even the ones who financially supported them, which finally calmed him down, but didn't heal the hurt in his heart.

Harry, along with Fleur and Gabrielle, who stayed single and free, raised all the Weasely kids in The Burrow itself. He only left once the youngest, Lily, the granddaughter of Teddy and Victoire, became 20 and moved out.

Harry once more retreated, this time to a Black Family Island, never to be seen again. He kept an eye on the goings on, as well as Teddy's and his friends' descendants, by having House elves bring him news.

So what else to do with so much time on his hands? He traveled and he learned. He learned everything from mundane subjects like History, Mathematics, programming, to the professional crafts like carpentry, smithing, and ironically, Pottery. All by calling up famous ghosts from the past.

He traveled to different places too, conversing with the local ghosts and learning from them. One magical ghost from Iceland, taught him everything he knew about Nordic runes. And he knew about them a lot, being the foremost expert in Runes of his time, or so he said. Still Harry learned, he had a lot of time in his hands.

After that was done with, Harry called up a few goblins he knew, like Griphook and asked them for the best weapons smiths they knew. Knowing their names, Harry called them to teach him forging weapons like they did. They tried to refuse to teach him, they really did. But, since he was the Master of Death, him asking was equivalent to an order, and they had to teach him.

But, to learn Goblin forging, Harry had to first find some Goblin Silver. That was the easiest part. Two words- Philosopher's Stone.

He already had the Sword of Gryffindor, so he just had to transmutate Normal steel to Goblin Silver. Without the Philosopher's Stone, it would be next to impossible, but with it? Easy.

So Harry learned to forge enchanted weapons which were not much of the standards of Gringotts' goblins, but way better than what humans have ever made. He had nothing to do but learn and forge. So he made a lot of weapons, some swords, axes, hammers, even spears, and kept them in his mokeskin pouch, which was by now his personal Bag of Holding.

He even turned his island into a sanctuary for all kinds of animals. He brought a few pairs of every animal on Earth, both magical as well as mundane and kept them on the Island, though he did refrain from bringing in the Blast-ended Skrewts from Hogwarts. He even brought in a few families of House elves to the island to take care of it, once he was gone, and he knew that he will someday go, either he'll die, or he'll move on.

It was because he knew that someday or the other, the rest of the humans will most definitely destroy the rest of the planet. He did have to magically expand the island, to accommodate all these animals living together, but for him it was child's play.

The island was already protected against detection because of the Fidelius Charm, but it was not protected against area wide attacks like the nuclear bombs. To protect the island against any kind of outside influence, even radiation, Harry made up a ward that he had derived from an ancient Egyptian ward, that only lets purified sunlight into the ward. Not even air could cross the ward. He already had plenty trees on the island for oxygen, so he didn't have to worry about that.

Turned out, he was right to worry. In the start of the 24th century, humans managed to Nuke every city on the planet, in an effort to kill off all the wizards, making it so the whole planet was unliveable for animals and plants alike. Except Harry's island.

Harry stayed on the island for 300 more years, after humanity became extinct, terraforming the earth, little by little, gathering magical artefacts which were not destroyed by the nuclear fallout.

When every living being outside Harry's Island was dead, Harry started cleaning up the planet. He sped up the terraforming of the planet Earth and cleaned up the atmosphere. Once that was done, Harry decided that it was time to leave. It was time to move on .

First, he went into his Healing pit to destroy it. It was literally a pit of water that had the philosopher's stone inside it and a few spells cast, that helped the water heal any and all injuries within minutes. The effects were so strong that the more a human used it, the stronger he became. Harry was already about 4 times stronger than an average human. He did not want any one accidentally discovering the pit and using it, so he destroyed the stone and banished the remaining water.

He then went into the Stasis room, which had housed the 735 babies he had found, all abandoned, from all over the world, that he had kept in stasis, for well over 400 years, which was when he first suspected humanity will destroy itself. He wanted these babies to be Humanity's new beginning. A few of them were even the last of the descendants of Teddy and the Weasleys. Though it hurt him to find abandoned children, he brought them in.

"Blinky." Harry called out. A pop signified the appearance of a house elf.

"Yes Harry sir?" Blinky asked, looking at him with the big tennis ball sized eyes that still reminded him of Dobby. Harry had trained the new elves to not call anyone 'Master' ever again, thankfully.

"I'm going to be leaving this world soon." Harry began.

Blinky blinked her eyes once, bewildered and upset. She said, "But.. why?"

Harry smiled at her kindly and said, "It's my time Blinky. I've stayed wayy past my time. I think it's time for me to retire. Completely this time."

Blinky cried a little and said, "Thank you, Sir." She sniffled and said, "What will we do then?"

Harry looked outside the window, towards the beach, and said, "I want you guys to take care of the planet once I'm gone and when it is liveable enough, please release the stasis charm on some of the babies and raise them outside this island, take any books you might need from the library, whenever you need them. Bring a few of the animals and plants outside too. This island now belongs to the House elves of Earth." Harry paused. Letting it sink in.

Continuing, he said, "If, you think it necessary, raise two babies on this island itself. One male and one female. So they can take care of this island, and keep an eye on the world with you. They can have a family here, on this island and make it their home."

Blinky asked, with tears still in her eyes, "Who be giving us orders then Harry sir? If you be gone?"

Harry smiled at her and said, "Did you know when humans first turned the Elves into house elves, they made up a clause in the curse they used? I didn't. A nice guy by the name of Merlin Emrys told this to me. The clause was that, once every adult human in the world agrees that house elves are to be freed from the curse, they will be." Harry nods at her hopeful look and continues, "Blinky, from this day forth, the House elves will forever be known as Elves, the Guardians of Earth, and will be free from any kind of slavery." Saying this, both Harry and Blinky, along with all the Elves on the island, glowed a soft gold. Mother Magic had once more established a direct connection with the Elves, which was disturbed when the first wizards enslaved the Elves.

Blinky immediately jumped on Harry, hugging him very tightly, and cried loudly, feeling the change in her magic immediately. Harry patted her back and continued, "Blinky, I have only one favour to ask of you and the rest of the elves, along with any of your descendents."

Blinky separated herself from Harry and nodded, saying, "Ask away Harry sir. The hou- The Elves be most glad to fulfill it."

Harry became serious again and said, "Protect the planet, teach the new humans right from wrong, and don't let the humans destroy Earth again."

Blinky nodded rapidly, still crying. Harry patted on her back, and left to say his goodbyes to the other Elves.

He had already packed the few necessities he might need, including his full library, the Firebolt which was just for sentimentality, as he could fly on his own, and his full wardrobe. It was as an option if he ended up living but in a different place. So, after saying goodbye to each and every living thing on the island, including the plants, as he had cared for them for so long, Harry went down to the basement, where housed the most hated artefact Harry had collected.

The Veil of Death. The thing that killed his godfather, Sirius Orion Black.

Taking a deep breath, and without any ceremony, Harry simply walked through the Veil. Exactly 777 years after he was born, Harry Potter escaped this life and moved on to the next great adventure.

MCU: Unknown Date, 8th century AD:

For a while, everything was dark, so dark that he couldn't even see his hands. He tried the lumos spell a few times, to bring some light, but it fizzled out before he could see where he was, his magic just dispersing in the space around him. It was like the- void?- didn't have Magic of its own, so it hungrily ate the spells Harry cast. Harry didn't know how long he stayed in the dark place, but it was a long time.

But then suddenly, there was light, a small crack in the air that was filled with white light. Harry tried walking towards the light, but he could not feel his body. He then tried to will himself to move there, and move there he did. He went closer and closer to the light, floating, slowly but surely. When he finally reached the light and touched it, there was a bright flash in his vision and he was thrown into the ground.

"Ugh." Harry groaned. Just because he didn't get hurt didn't mean he didn't even feel pain. He got up, dusted himself off and took a look around, taking in the sights of where he was. There were trees everywhere around him.

The place did not look familiar to him, but the trees made it at least look like he was on Earth. Though the age? He couldn't tell. It could be 10,000 years before humans began roaming the earth or it could even be 10,000 years after Humans destroyed it. Who knows? He already knew that time travel was a possibility.

Harry took out his Holly wand, which he still used for such delicate tasks and using the Point-me spell, levitated himself into the air, and started flying towards East, searching for civilization. He decided to do the task invisibly, as he did not want to shock any humans with his attire, because he was in the wrong time period, or that he was flying. He also didn't want the residents of this planet to attack him because he was a human, if they weren't humans and this wasn't Earth.

He flew for many hours, finally giving up on flying and started apparating into the direction he wanted to go, a few miles at a time. After a few hours of doing that, Harry finally found a group of humans, thankfully still on Earth. But their clothes were weird. It looked like they were cosplaying about 8th-10th century or something.

Uh oh.

Harry finally got close and listened to them. He could not understand a word they were saying. Finally getting fed up of listening to what sounded to him like garbage, Harry looked into one person's eyes and copied all his knowledge about the language.

Listening to their talk, and deducing that he was way back in time, Harry said just one thing.


And he just flew off, to find some remote island he could hide from the humans on and never be found. He did find an island in what he believed was the Atlantic Ocean, and made it his home. It was reasonably far from the nearest land. As far as he could tell, he was in the past of his own Dimension and he Island was in the North-west Atlantic Ocean.

First, he screamed his throat out, swearing as much as possible, till he couldn't shout anymore. Then he explored the Island. The Island, which would henceforth be called Avalon, was a pretty big Island, the size of Modern day Northern Ireland, with an area of about 15,000 square kilometres. There were no humans on this Island so it was filled with animal and plant life. The nature here sang a beautiful song, according to him. After building a temporary shelter, out of an Expanded tent, Harry started clearing a spot near the beach.

He started building a modest beach house, where he could someday bring someone when he finally decides to come out of hiding. It had two modest bedrooms, for now, a kitchen, bathroom, and a living room. He had brought a lot of technology from the future, but that would only be brought out if he got bored. Sirius's bike was stored in the Garage, and the Goblin Silver weapons that he'd made were kept in the Vault in his basement.

The Vault was the most secure room on the planet. Even if, IF, somehow, someone enters his house, they'll die before they can make it into the Vault.

He stayed on Avalon for many years, making changes to it as he needed. He made another Healing Pit in his basement, next to the Vault, along with a training ground outside the house, so he could continue growing stronger. He liked being physically strong, plus the stronger his hands, the better the Weapons he makes. He also started bringing in wild as well as domestic animals from all over the world to his island, so that he can prevent them from going extinct.

For food, Harry had started farming the few things that could be grown, some in artificial greenhouses, and buying the rest from all over the world. He went to India for spices and most of the grains, like rice. The Kings there were very thankful for the gold bars he gave them. He visited many places for different kinds of vegetables and fruits and some of them he started growing on his island. Magic was a very useful thing for that as he could maintain any temperature necessary for the growth. For clothes, he had brought his full wardrobe with him, so he didn't need to worry, but he did buy clothes from a lot of places to better blend in.

He started visiting the villages, once in a while, never staying in the same place twice and always using protection spells. He really did not want any of his children around in this era. That might have made thingsreallyawkward.

While in one of the African villages, where Harry had come to trade grains, he heard of an animal that looked like a giant cat, with thorns on its neck, rampaging around the lands.

A nundu.

Harry was so excited that he sold his grains for half the normal price in cattle, sent the cattle to Avalon with a Portkey, and started roaming Africa in search of Nundus.

He wanted to capture it. Because the other humans will just indiscriminately kill it. He knew that from experience, as he was alive during the last extinction of Nundus in his time.

He followed it's trail all over Africa, finally leading him to East Africa, where lived a whole family of them. Quickly using over powered Stunning spells, Harry stunned the entire family of Nundus and sent the family to a remote corner of his island and started looking for more Nundus. One family probably won't save an entire species.

He invisibly flew around looking for any signs of more Nundus, when he found one, and something more.

A tribe of African people had cornered a young Nundu and were about to kill it with some spears. Normally, stone or steel could not pierce the thick skin of a Nundu. Which was why he was shocked that there were already a few spears embedded in the Nundus skin.

That pissed him off, just a little. Here he was, trying to save a species, and the humans were, trying to kill the same. So Harry knocked them all out and took all their weapons from their out cold bodies.

A metal that can pierce Nundu skin? He wanted the obviously magical metal.

He carefully stunned the small Nundu and teleported it to a clearing near his house. Not finding any other Nundus that day, Harry returned home with about 20 spears and 30 daggers made up of the strange metal. The first thing he did, was pour the Healing Pit Water over the small Nundu, while whispering healing spells. It took a few minutes, during which the Nundu woke up, but it was completely healed later. It was still young, about a few months old at most. So it was small.

Harry took it to his home and named it Felix. He was smart, not terribly imaginative.

The next day, Harry studied the metal he took from the tribe and found out that it was really energy absorbent. Even resisting thrown objects easily.

So he went back to East Africa and searched for more of the metal. For the first few days, he didn't find anything, except for another group of Nundus, that he sent to his island. Then on the 17th day of searching, he found a whole Mountain full of the metal. Though there were a few hundred people working on digging it. It looked like the metal was there for millions of years, but they hadn't worked out how to use it well before. Only using it to make spears, daggers and a few swords.

So Harry invisibly went in there, and appropriated a few tons worth of the metal. Directly Teleporting it to his island. He wanted to study this magical metal and find out what else it could do.

Harry spent the next few years just working on the metal, purifying it of all its impurities and melting it down into bricks. Later he started studying the metals properties.

The first and one of the most important things he learned about the metal is that it was completely vibration absorbent. Nothing blunt could ever harm this metal. A sharp enough knife might be able to pierce it, if it is also strong enough, as proved by the Sword of Gryffindor scratching it deeply. But a normal steel knife couldn't do it. So it stayed completely safe.

The second thing he learned was that all this vibrations and kinetic energy it absorbed was stored within the metal, inside the bonds between atom. There was a limited storage capacity though. So he just has to figure out how to release that energy to make a weapon that can first take a hit and then give that hit back.

One downside was that this metal was also radioactive, thanks to all the kinetic energy it had already stored. His theory was that it was from impacting the Earth those few million years ago. Thankfully nothing would ever happen to him, but he still decided not to store the metal anywhere near his house. He didn't want his future kids to be retarded. He stored the metal in a cave he had found in one of the mountains on his island, as it was not being used.

Harry then started on purifying the metal and using it in making a Sword for himself. He made only one, because he didn't exactly need more. But the one he made was made using the methods the Goblins taught him. So the sword was extremely magical, and enchanted to always return to him when called. Nothing could stop the sword from coming to him. Checking the durability of the sword, Harry found that it was now extremely durable and almost indestructible. It was almost equal to the Sword of Gryffindor, but it was only because the Goblin Silver was a superior metal to the other.

He spent the next few years on the island, caring for the animals he'd brought, including the Nundus, who had started to see him as friend as he did not harm them. He still kept Felix with him, as a pet and a friend and introduced the Families of Nundus to him. Harry occasionally went back to Africa to keep an eye on the tribes who were mining the metal.

On one such visit, he got to witness an all out war between the 5 African tribes for the possession of the metal. He watched it happen for over 5 years, when finally something interesting happened.

There was a man, holding a spear, who just went into a trance during the fight. Looking closely, Harry could see that he was seeing something out of this world. Not knowing what it could be, Harry stayed out of the situation. The weird thing was, no one else even tried to attack him during the fight. Like they couldn't even see him.

Finally the man got out of his trance and started running towards a direction, completely ignoring the fighting. Harry followed him, because this was interesting. He followed him to a cave, where the man ducked inside, and Harry followed him inside too.

The man, who Harry found had a little magic, a different kind, but magic nonetheless, approached some purple glowing herbal flowers. Just looking at it Harry could tell that it was radiated because of the metal. The man ate one of the flowers, and again went into a trance and dropped down to the ground. The man's chest and throat area began glowing purple and his muscles began to look more defined.

Curious, Harry took one of the flowers discreetly, to analyse it and then continued watching the show. The man suddenly got up and started running outside, much faster than the speed he had before. Harry could tell that he was at least 10 times stronger than before. And twice as strong as Harry himself.

Harry flew after him, and saw the man defeat, but not kill, just by his fists and legs, each and every single one of the other tribe leaders. Once the fighting paused, the man told them that he received a vision from the Goddess Bast, who named him the King of Wakanda, which was the place's name, and told him to protect it and the Isipho in it, which was the name of the metal. She gave him the way to power and the means to protect Wakanda from the outer world.

4 of the tribes instantly agreed to follow him, but one tribe which believed in the Hindu God Hanuman, refused to follow a King their God did not choose for them. And they returned to their homes in the outskirts of Wakanda, still staying inside, but not following the King's rule. They hashed out a truce and then went out their separate ways.

Excitement over with, Harry returned home. He thought,"So, that metal's name is Isipho. And Isipho radiated the plant, animal life as well as the humans? I'll have to keep an eye then if this Isipho gave the Wakandans magic."

Harry then studied the purple glowing flower he brought with him, finding out that it enhances the human body by first sending it into a trance and then increasing the muscle density, bone density as well as everything that makes a human, human.

Finding out that it was safe to consume, Harry entered his healing pit, just in case, and ate the herbal flower. He immediately felt his eyes close, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

Harry opened his eyes and looked around. There were trees all around him. But they were filled with magic, like it was all just conjured. The skies were a little purple, but it looked like the African skies.

"Harry Potter. Master of Death." A rumbling voice said from behind Harry.

Harry turned around to see a giant black panther. It was at least as big as the Cerberus he encountered in first year, probably bigger.

"Who are you? And where am I?" Harry asked, not showing that he was afraid.

The panther sat down on its giant back paws and said, "My name is Bast. The people of Misr call me the Goddess of Protection. You, Harry Potter are within the Astral Plane in which I reside."

Harry sat down on the ground, this really is the Goddess Bast, and this is Her Astral Plane, then I'm probably in some deep shit and fucked.

He finally spoke, "Why am I here? Is it because I ate the herbal flower?"

Bast rumbled again, from her throat and said, "Yes. I blessed the heart shaped herb for Wakanda's people. You are not Wakandan. Unfortunately, you are also not a mere human, so I cannot even punish you. Which is why I came to talk to you. To give you a warning."

"Bugger me sideways."Harry mumbled to himself and rubbed his head in frustration. "What is the warning, Lady Bast?" Harry asked her.

Bast lowered her head so she was directly in front of Harry and growled out, "Wakanda and her people are under My protection, do not try to harm them. Hard times are coming for Earth and it will need the people of Wakanda to get through those times. This is the only warning I will give you. You are free to keep the things you've stolen from Wakanda, but do not do that again. Master of Death or not, I will destroy you."

Harry nodded his head at that, understanding the sentiment and said, "Very well. I will not harm any Wakandan, unless they try to harm me first. Do you know when that threat will come to Earth?"

Bast simple rumbled out, "Yes. But you are not supposed to know it. Goodbye, Master of Death." And Harry woke up again in his healing pit.

"Bloody all knowing gods that don't even tell anything important." Harry grumbled to himself.

He got out of the pit and went to his training room to test out his strength. Harry found that he was more than thrice as strong as before, physically. And he was even faster than the Nundus in running. His reflexes had improved and he now had a cat like grace in his body, which he didn't mind. Harry immediately started training to get used to this new power.

He could already fight hand to hand, but now that fighting prowess was increased, by a lot. He could now take on Felix, one on one, and win. Not the bigger Nundus though.

Deciding to think about it later, Harry went to bed. The trance had used up a lot of his magic.

A/N: As you can see, he's a little physically weaker. Exactly how strong? He's about as strong as the base Spiderman. Those who think he's too weak, there's still a thousand years till canon. He'll grow to be as strong as Loki, without any special weapons.

And Harry still thinks that he's in his original Universe, just in the past, thanks to the same lands.

For those who recognise it, the Island, Avalon, is located within the Bermuda triangle, and thanks to the Wards that he'll set up, Bermuda Triangle becomes the Bermuda triangle. I had to make Avalon as big as Northern Ireland, or else the different animals might just kill themselves off fighting for territories.

Felix is his Pet Nundu. A Pet Nundu. I'm planning on making it Immortal, so Harry has at least one companion forever.

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